Obama Perpetuating Fraudulent Climate Data: America’s Children Suffering Sleep Disturbances And Nightmares

This is as vile a propaganda effort as the attempt by world socialists to sow nightmares in the minds of children with the fear of a nuclear winterif the United States didn’t disarm and stand down from confronting Soviet aggression in the 1980’s.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Climategate Stop Organized Crime: CEI…“, posted with vodpod

Obama Organized Crime: Blasted With CEI Suit To Block EPA’s Felonious Endangerment Finding

Climategate Stop Organized Crime: CEI » Policy Peril: Straight Talk About Global Warming Fraud

30,000 Scientist Sue Al Gore For Global Fraud: No Global Warming – NASA: Planet Cooling Since 2003

Scientists: Global Warming Claims Pure Superstition

Cap-and-Trade: Extorting The United States By Bubbles – Pure Hate Of Judeo-Christian Constitution

Obama’s ‘Scaremongering’: Scientists Condemns Obama Climate Report: Another Attempt At Funneling Our Money Overseas – ‘This Is Not A Work Of Science – It ‘Misrepresents The Science’

U.N. Climate Meeting Was Propaganda: Czech President

Senator Harry Kerry Regurgitates Globalist Climate Propaganda – Line By Line On Senate Floor, Inhofe Exposes Kerry’s Misinformation

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