Weekend Reflections: New Hampshire Congressman Names Obama In Commission Of Treason!

Rep. Harry Accornero: “Obama is Destroying the Country”


by Sharon Rondeau

Three men from New Hampshire signed the Declaration of Independence: Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, and Matthew Thornton.

(Sep. 6, 2011) — On September 5, 2011, The Post & Email published an exclusive interview with Rep. Harry Accornero of New Hampshire, who has levied a charge of treason against Barack Hussein Obama.

We ended Part 1 of the interview directly after Rep. Accornero said, in regard to Obama, “I’m still not sure if he’s an American…”

The Post & Email then asked, “Do you think Obama is eligible to serve?” and he answered, “There are a lot of questions about his background, documents that we haven’t seen…it needs to be investigated.”

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In regard to the charge of treason, Accornero told us, “I thought I was all alone in this, like John the Baptist, but now I see that others have been working on this, too…LCDR Fitzpatrick, you, and others…”

We told Rep. Accornero about the citizen initiative of last summer wherein over 3,000 signatures were obtained on a petition naming Obama in treason which were hand-delivered and sent by certified mail to the FBI in Washington, DC.  Arnie Rosner, the author of the petition initiative, is still taking online signatures.  A recent citizen letter can be found here.

We also informed Accornero that Douglas Vogt, one of numerous analysts who declared the birth certificate presented by Barack Hussein Obama on April 27, 2011 a forgery, had filed acriminal complaint with the FBI along with a copy of his report naming Obama in treason.  Rep. Accornero was aware that there are questions about Obama’s use of a social security numberissued in the state of Connecticut and that Obama’s uncle was recently arrested for drunk driving and his illegal-alien status.

Rep. Accornero was the featured guest on Niel Young’s radio program this morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. EDT.  Some of those who called in to the program were Neil TurnerLCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, and Kristy Lonestar, all of whom have spoken out or filed complaints for treason against Obama.  Accornero had publicized the show on his website, stating, “I would like to hear your comments on Obama’s treason.”

We then asked Rep. Accornero, “What can you do with the treason charge?  Can you take it to a grand jury?  Does New Hampshire have grand juries?” he replied, “Yes, we do.  Normally the New Hampshire legislature convenes in January and is in session until June.  However, on September 14, we have a special session to take care of some unfinished business.  The governor vetoed some legislation and we hope to have enough votes to override his veto.  We’ll see.  But I’m going to take this matter to some other members of the legislature and see if anyone will stand with me.  I hope they do.  If not, then I stand alone.”

Accornero also said that Obama “is destroying the country.”  When we asked him why he thought Obama would do that, he said,”There is a push for a one-world currency, and Obama is carrying that out.  This globalist effort has been going on for years, decades…They are tearing down every single thing that made America great.”

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The Post & Email then asked, “What can be done about it?” and he replied, “I think this election coming up is the most important one ever.  It’s time for people to stand up.  If we don’t stand up, we’re finished.  This is our last chance to stop this takeover of our country.  People have to stand up and fight this.”

We asked Rep. Accornero, “Is the “Live Free or Die” spirit still alive in New Hampshire?  Can the courage of Patrick Henry and others like him still be found?” to which he replied, “It’s there, but it’s not as strong as it was.  People are not as attentive to government as they were then.  They need to start paying attention and get involved.”

In regard to those who wish to change New Hampshire’s state motto from “Live Free or Die” to something else, Accornero stated, “I think the measure was introduced last year.  It didn’t pass.  But they don’t care if it passes in any given year.  These progressives will keep trying.  They’ll keep working at it until it does pass.  They figure that the people aren’t watching and they’ll push it through.  That’s how they work.”

Rep. Accornero also told us that he had left the Republican Party “for a while” because “this is not the Republican Party I knew.”  He had considered running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 1991, but decided against it for financial reasons.  However, he is now retired and, while “not a rich man,” he said he is dedicated to serving the people of his district, Laconia.  He carries a cell phone which he keeps on at all times in case one of his constituents needs to reach him.  When we asked if anyone has ever called at 2:00 a.m., he said, “Well, this isn’t a big deal, but yes, once or twice.”

Someone expressed the sentiment on Accornero’s Facebook page, perhaps a relative, that Accornero should run for president.

The Post & Email.