Petition: Save The U.S. Middle Class: Tell The Obama Administration Not To Block Our Own Oil!

Fonda: Obama is a ‘F–king Traitor’.

Given Americans’ pain at the pump and our country’s stagnant economy, you’d expect the Obama administration to do everything in its power to secure vital resources and spur economic growth. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Renewable Energy Rasmussen Poll: 72% Of American Citizens Want Off Shore Drilling By Americans For America!

Hillary Clinton’s State Department is holding up the Canadian-American Keystone XL pipeline—a construction project that would transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada to Oklahoma and Texas oil refiners. Not only would the Keystone pipeline secure vital resources from a trusted ally, it would provide an economic boon for struggling Midwestern states.

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Unnecessarily inhibiting billions in economic activity and hundreds of thousands of jobs from being created, the State Department is preventing a much-needed regional stimulus.

Click here to tell the State Department to get out of the way of America’s job creators and issue the Keystone XL pipeline building permit!


Grover Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform


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