Nullify The $70 Billion UnConstitutional Fed’s Department Of Education: No Constitutional Authority For Fed’s Brain Washing Our Children.

The U.S. Department of Education has swung so far off course every citizen should question why we are spending $70 billion to keep it running. The Constitution provides no authority for the federal government to be involved in education. Most educational problems arise at the local level and can’t be solved by bureaucrats who now are running more than 200 programs in Washington. Questions about the need for a federal Department of Education have been raised for years. Now, at a time when the government has outspent itself by more than $14 trillion, why on Earth should the department be expending money and the time of government officials to brainwash young children on global warming and even the misinterpretation of peace. During a July event at the department, children from District of Columbia schools through the third grade and kids from Washington day care centers were given free books (free, courtesy of  the taxpayers). Included were books from “The Big Green Help” series. One of the books promotes the idea that global warming is totally man-made. A second book tells the children what they can do to save the Earth. This was reported Aug. 2 in a story by

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The Education Department program even featured department officials as well as President Obama’s half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng reading “The Peace Book” by children’s author Todd Parr. “The book features platitudes about peace,” said the story, such as “peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them.” “Peace is keeping the streets clean” and “Peace is everyone having a home.” Is this nonsense what any parents want their child to be taught? As part of the series, the department invited members of the president’s cabinet and other government officials, who apparently have no duties more important than reading man-made global warming propaganda to children too young and gullible to question such fodder. The event was the third such propaganda program this summer. The children are also told such invaluable information as this: “If you have water left in your drinking glass, you can use it to water your house plants.” “We can also turn off lights during the day.” Each book encourages the children to “take the lead in making the world a greener place.” Over the past few years, numerous studies have debunked man-made climate change as junk science. The Climategate Scandal in November 2009 showed how far certain environmentally focused “progressives” are willing to go to get their way.

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Thousands of e-mails and documents were exposed showing how the scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) adjusted data to give the perception that man was the cause of global warming, mainly through the release of carbon dioxide (CO2). The e-mails documented attacks on global warming skeptics and blocked publication of scholarly papers written by skeptics while demonizing the skeptics as kooks. Those who doubt the claimed dire effects of global warming are many and well qualified. Thousands of scientists with outstanding academic credentials have challenged he IPPC conclusions. They have concurred that the Earth has been in a warming trend since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850. The skeptics believe the warming — what little there has been — is natural and certainly not potentially catastrophic, as the hysteria spouted by Al Gore and many leftists in Washington believe: that vast populations are threatened by rising water from melting glaciers.

Now, facing possible extinction themselves, environmental extremists have a new campaign to silence those who disagree with them. The campaign begins with a heart-tugging study. From 2004-2009, the World Wildlife Fundstudied the swimming habits of polar bears, concentrating specifically on those that swim long distances. Operating on the assumption that these bears have to swim farther because climate change is melting the ice, the study found that the mortality rate for polar bear cubs is higher than those who spend less time in the water. The scare tactic features a picture of a polar bear appearing to be tossed about helplessly in rough seas. Bears are capable of swimming a hundred miles or more.

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Two questions were unanswered, however. First, is the ice really melting by the mile, making these swims more treacherous? Second, how does one explain the fact that the polar bear population has been increasing over the last generation? The publication Science notes that Antarctica accounts for 90 percent of the world’s ice. “The ice is 7,000 feet thick and the average temperaure is minus 37 degrees celseus.” At the North Pole, the ice is not as thick. “The ice floats in the Arctic Ocean. If it melts, sea levels would not be affected,” the publication said. In Britain, the BBC has announced that it will restrict the airtime given to climate-change skeptics. The BBC considers climate science to be “settled” and believes that it is therefore under no obligation to present views to the contrary. The BBC obviously has forgotten that once upon a time it was “settled” that the world was flat.

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The scientific journal Remote Sensing found that far less global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted.  “The sensitivity of the climate system … remains the largest source of uncertainty in projections of future anthropogenic climate change….We find that it is not possible to quantify the feedbacks which determine climate sensitivity.” As long as the president of the United States believes in global warming, he and his EPA undoubtedly will keep it in our faces and continue to attempt to lead our children astray. FrontPagemag