Interview With Former Soviet Propaganda Artist Oleg Atbashian: Shakedown Socialism.

Red Square,
People’s Director, Department of Unanimity and Visual Agitation

This Friday was the taping of the premiere episode of GBTV‘s new comedy show The B.S. of A. hosted by Brian Sack in New York. I was the featured guest, answering Brian’s questions about Shakedown Socialism. Judging by the feedback from the audience it went well, even though I didn’t get the chance to say any of the prepared jokes and my time ended faster than I could say “The People’s Cube.”

My segment was the last one; I watched the other segments from the corner and I could tell it was all nicely done – funny, fast-paced, and professional. So you’re in for a treat.

Afterwards we also taped our after-hours conversation with Brian while drinking beer; it may be posted as a separate segment. Brian Sack and his producers were all friendly and intelligent; it was a pleasure to work with them all.

The show will air Friday (11/11/11) at 7:00 PM on GBTV to 300,000 Internet subscribers, but you don’t have to subscribe – there’s a 14-day free trial. Besides, given that it’s a premiere, it may later appear on YouTube.

The announcement of the show appeared today on Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze, using the picture that I made above: