United States Militia Warns Obama & Congress To Back Off!

Notice the camera pans from Arlen Spectre to Fred Thomson who is part of the Hidden Government (A Member of The Council On Foreign RelationsGo Here and do a search for Fred Thompson.

This video is from senate hearings taken just after the Oklahoma City bombing under Clinton’s administration.  This gives us a reference point in time with the attitudes that have been espoused by Americans over the last 20 or so years.

So looking back at what took place with Janet Reno under Bill Clinton we had a growth in the militia membership across the country.  Even in 2009 the Racist SPLC reported that a resurgence in militias was taking place.  So recalling the Clinton era and Obama production of False Flag Terror  events since that SPLC report, one can see that this unease in the citizens hearts is growing again?

The unease expressed is about where Barack Obama and the Communist, Marxist and Progressives that he has conspired with are taking us.  You may find some insight  in section 1031 of the NDAA bill passed just this week.  Even the military in the 2011 era are starting to show outward concern for the growing tyranny seen in our Executive and legislative branches of the government.

Even the Judicial branch has stuck its usurped power into the eye of the US Military and even the average -citizen with many of its “Hyper-PC”  decisions  that have no basis what so ever in “Constitutional Law”.

The unease in America is growing at an alarming rate.  Gun sales are reaching never before seen peaks as more and more Americans arm themselves against not only crime but an overbearing tyrannical Big Brother as well.

Yes “Real Americans”, ones that respect and honor the US Constitution are growing wary of those that are working at a fevered pitch to destroy its every fiber, The left wing media with its Anti-God Anti-Christian, Jew hating agenda and the brainwashed voting left that live off the blood and sweet of the job creators and workers.

We see the treason of Obama’s unconstitutional czar administration The blatant disregard for the law by his DoJ leader Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder.  America is done with Obama’s leftist destructive policies enforced by his personal mafia  and the increasing arrogance that is mirrored only by its gross  incompetence.

No one has read this bill, a $trillion Omnibus Spending bill and no one reads it?

See, this is whats on parade daily by the elected leaders that we have.

They have lost their collective souls in a sea of corruption and insider trading.  For the sake of  ’Transparency‘, “Screw the little guy!” should be the public mantra spoken aloud in Washington DC!

A man joins a protest organized by a group called “Moratorium Now” in front of the Bank of America building in downtown Detroit…A man holds a sign during a protest organized by a group called “Moratorium Now” in front of the Bank of America building in downtown Detroit, Michigan December 10, 2008. The protest is in support of Lorene Parker, a woman from Detroit who fell behind on her mortgage with Bank of America. Parker’s home is scheduled for sheriff sale on Thursday. REUTERS/Carlos Barria (UNITED STATES)

Oh yes, the actions of  our corrupt elitist leaders speak out loud and we the people hear the disdain for us echoed in ever actionevery memoevery unread tyrannical law that has been authored by some unaccountable, un-elected NGO third party with extreme political agendasdeemed passedreconciled and Slaughtered.  Just like our sacred Constitution.

Senate Goes At It With Militia Leaders PT1

Senate Goes At It With Militia Leaders PT2

Fred Thompson is part of THE HIDDEN GOVERNMENT -> MCCAIN’S CFR!

Open the above article and SEARCH -> Fred Thompson, his name will show up on The Council On Foreign Relations roster.

Senate Goes At It With Militia Leaders PT3

Open the link again that was given for Fred Thompson and do a SEARCH for  Dianne Feinstein , her name will show up on The CFR roster.



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