Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Calls Out The Banksters Fraudulent Money Circulation.

We can take the state conventions on June 2nd if we are organized. We have to start working and we have to start NOW. On June 5th we need the focus to be on delegates! We need poll volunteers to blanket the states. Dress nice and politely ask poll goers to please support the “whatever slate.” Tell them we are for smaller government and less spending and would like their support. Oh and please keep this post bumped for awareness and share your thoughts.

June 2nd – Louisiana State convention – 46 delegates at stake
June 2nd – Washington State Convention – 43 delegates at stake
June 2nd – Missouri State Convention – 52 delegates at stake

June 3rd – North Carolina State Convention – 55 delegates delegates at stake

June 5th – California closed primary – 172 delegates awarded by slate ***
June 5th – South Dakota closed primary – 28 delegates awarded by slate ***
June 5th – New Jersey semi-closed primary – 50 delegates awarded by direct election ***

Total 446 delegates up for grabs. Lets shock and awe the establishment!

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