U.S. Military Brass Defies Obama’s Zionist Scheme For Bloodshed In The Middle East!


United States

4 Star General Martin E. Dempsey

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Truth is stranger than fiction, indeed, is the case of US Military Brass now opposing Jewry’s agenda to set ablaze the entire Middle East with interminable wars.

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel recently tried to stir the pot in the US, his activities, e-mails, phone calls etc. were all monitored after which an official from the pentagon warned Netanyahu “If you try to send off a cruise missile we will blow it out of the water and then come for you.”

Understanding the difference between Hebrew Jewry & Rothschild ‘Banking’ Khazar Jewry.



But easily stated ‘truth’ can just as easily turn to fiction…with a very unhappy ending.

In three very recent back-to-back statements, General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has defied American Jewry’s clamour for bloodshed in the Middle East where only the Goys die young:

• August 30, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against a No-Fly Zone in Syria.

• August 31, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against Joining Israel’s Pending Attack On Iran.

• August 31, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against An Enlarged Joint Military Exercise With


The anti-Zionist position of the upper echelons of the US military gets even stranger. And the timing appears to be very well planned.

In an interview with CNN on August 26, 2012, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, defied Jewry’s push to fully arm the ‘rebels’ in Syria by saying: “We’re not entirely sure who the rebels are, what they are, and what they represent.”

Powell, like Dempsey, is also against a no-fly zone in Syria, mocking the Jewish warmongers with his retort: “You don’t just grab slogans and run with it.”

Potent statements coming from the lips of military brass like Powell’s and Dempsey’s zinger: “I don’t want to be complicit in an Israeli attack on Iran” is sure to upset the Jewish neocons—like


Cohen, Kagan, and Zakheim in Romney’s war cabinet

—which Powell trashed in his CNN interview.

The Israelis are already taking pot shots at Dempsey by saying that his statement “undermines Israel’s push for war on Iran” and that his use of the term “complicit” has “criminal connotations.”

Khazars aka; Ashkenazi Turk/Jew were ‘not’ true Hebrews, but instead Turks who had converted to Judaism. Ashkenazi Turk/Jews are over 90 percent of those who claim to be Jews today– but who are actuallyTurks that wrongly believe to be Jews. The conspiracy to control the world by international bankers is not a Jewish plot, but a Turkish plot. Hitler sent ‘mainly’ Turks to concentration camps! And Turks now run the ‘State’ of Israel!! In short: most of today’s Jews are not the real descendants of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah.

Why of course! Israel is a “criminal” state ~ from start to finish. Just ask countless Palestinians whose land has been stolen and its people murdered.

Rothschild Has An Idea And Picks Up The Flag Of Zionism To Pose The Continuation Of The Khazar Crusade For [The State] of Israel, But For The Banks.

McCain, Lieberman, & Graham are all Rothschild Agents Within The United States Congress.

BUT WHETHER OR NOT it will ignite the ire of Senator Joseph Lieberman, the leader of the pack of blood-thirsty Jews—who recently (along with homosexual arm-chair general, Lindsey Graham, and the senile Jewish-shill, John McCain), demanded a Syrianno-fly zone “like in Libya”—it will surely boil the blood of Amerika’s wanna be commander in chief, Bibi Netanyahu.

In February 2012, in response to General Dempsey styling an Israeli-led attack on Iran as “foolish,” Netanyahu lashed back by calling Dempsey, “a servant of Iran.”

Now, Netanyahu can get away with these kinds of attacks on people like Obama—Jewry’s Shwartza in the White House—or on the Jewish-shills on Capitol Hill, if any of them should get out of line.


But to target US military brass with verbal assaults—especially coming from Jews whose chemistry sets off an automatic aversion in the Gentile blood of US military commanders—is to tread on volatile ground.

To put it bluntly, (for I grew up as a Jew), tough Gentile Generals don’t like taking orders from Jews.

But, let’s wait and see.

Perhaps the military, evil as it is, and in spite of its war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, will finally say to Lieberman and the rest of the bloodthirsty Jews: “Shove it up your Zionist rear ends!”

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