Obama Unaccustomed To Having His Lies Challenged.

Obama Drill

Barack Obama is one of the most spoiled politicians ever to capture the imagination of a nation. He has enjoyed what author and newsman Bernard Goldberg has described as “a slobbering love affair” with the American media.

So many members of the Fourth Estate in this country have so thoroughly compromised themselves to sell his radical agenda that the American people no longer trust them even to report the news. And now, as the president and his toadies in Congress run into a brick wall in their efforts to take over the American health care system, they are shocked to discover that many of the same people who put them in office last year are outraged at their lies.

American citizens have been vilified, marginalized, lied about and smeared by these Washington hucksters. Good people, frustrated at the arrogance of their government, are being called names like a mob, Nazis, evil-mongers, terrorists, etc. Meanwhile, the president and the Congress are watching the poll numbers they live by fall into the basement. I wonder why. Most of us learned in kindergarten that when you call other people names, they are not likely to react kindly. And they certainly are not likely to vote for you again.

It is almost axiomatic that people tend to project their own motives onto their fellow citizens. With that in mind, think of the deceit of this president. He speaks of doctors who remove tonsils for the sheer greed and profit motive. Is that what is in his heart? Does he really believe that a doctor would remove a child’s tonsils just to make money?

Recently, he went a step further and suggested that physicians sometimes look at the profit contrast between administering oral diabetes medication or other treatment with “a $30,000 or $40,000 leg amputation.” This statement is so despicable on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin!

Let’s start with the fact that he was once again shooting from the lip with no earthly idea what he was talking about. There is no scenario where a doctor makes $30,000 or $40,000 for a leg amputation. Their compensation generally is between $900 and $6,000 depending on the complications. Therefore, it is tempting simply to dismiss Obama’s ignorance and not comment further; but he is, after all, the President of the United States, so further comment seems essential.

The Real Reason The Banking Cabalists Want A “NEW WAR”  With Iran ~ To Rocket Barrel Oil Past $220!

When you watch this video, it is my opinion that it is Rothschild’s design NOT Iran’s. Also, this video is a marketing ploy, but the information about tactics is why I posted it for my viewers. If this Geologist knows this ~ rest assured Rothschild’s Cabal does too.


Does this president really have so little regard for the medical practitioners of this country that he believes an American physician would cut off a limb just to put money in his/her pocket? Is this how his mind works? Does he have no shame? Does he actually know of such a doctor? Does he have evidence of such a contemptible act? If so, why is he not reporting it? We all know the answer to that. He is simply a liar who will say or do anything to drive home his agenda.

U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, R-IN, recently referred to the health care bill as “regrettable.” As a good friend of mine pointed out recently, “Regrettable is when I leave my car out in the rain with the windows down. This is an outrage!”

My friend is right, and one of the few people in public life with the guts to tell the American people the truth is Sarah Palin, who has described the health care bill as “evil.” She is right, of course, which is why Barack Obama’s political hit squads are working overtime to kill her chances of ever being anything more than the former governor of Alaska.

This White House and its goons in the media can tell lies until hell freezes over, but they will not stifle the American people’s thirst for the truth, especially about something as personal as their health care. We will not stand for this tyranny. We will hold Barack Obama and his accomplices accountable for their lies.

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and GOPUSA.com, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at dougpatton@cox.net.

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