Obama’s Media Eligibility Circus: White House: No More Photo Re-enactments ~ Latest Birth Certificate Stunt Doesn’t Meet Hawaii Standards


Birth certificate doesn’t meet Hawaii standards

Image White House released ‘may not be a certified copy

Posted: May 14, 2011

By Drew Zahn

A previously unexplained anomaly in the Obama long-form birth certificate released by the White House has now become even more suspicious, as WND has learned the online image of the document does not conform toHawaii’sstandard practice for issuing certified copies of birth certificates.While the governor’s office maintains Obama was given a certified copy of his birth certificate, and while Hawaii – WND has learned – includes an embossed seal to complete the certification, the raised seal on the image posted by the WhiteHouse… is missing.Furthermore, an official with the Vital Statistics Section of Hawaii’s Department of Health told WND, a document without the seal “may not be a certified copy.”Jerome Corsi’s new book,  “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”, is now available for immediate shipping, autographed by the author, only from the WND SuperstoreHere is the president’s long-form birth certificate as released by the White House:

In contrast, long-form birth certificate copies issued by the Hawaii DOH had clearly identifiable raised seal markings, as seen here:

And even if the seal is placed on the backside of a document, the embossing process creates an impression that can be seen on the front. In the following long-form birth certificate copy issued by the Hawaii DOH on March 12, 2011, markings from a raised seal are visible with magnification, as seen here:

No similar embossed seal markings are discernable on the White House-released birth-certificate image, even under magnification.
According toa press release issued by Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, President Obama requested and was granted two certified copies of his original, long-form birth certificate, which were hand-delivered to Obama’s personalattorney, Judith Corley.The governor’s office, however, did not respond to WND requests to clarify whether the certified copies given to Corley were somehow exempted from the embossing, or to explain how the seal may have “vanished” between the time it was given to Corley and the time the purported same document was posted online.The White House-released Obama birth certificatehas the same deficiency that plagued the short-form certification of live birth when it was first displayed to the public by DailyKos.com on June 12, 2008: Neither document, when made available in digitized form, have contained evidence of the raised impression of the Hawaii state seal.Here is the short-form certification of live birth as it initially appeared:With the short-form birth record, the controversy that developed was not resolved untilFactCheck.org produced another version on Aug. 21, 2008,more than two months after the first appearance on the Internet, that clearly showed both embossed seal markings and paper folds.Update:While no seal can be seen in the image of the purported birth certificate released by the White House, MSNBC reporter Savannah Guthrie tweeted that she was given access to the actual paper document andthat she has seen and felt the seal.Guthrie further posteda photograph of the document, in which a raised seal can seen but not clearly read.

COLB image released by Obama campaign June 2008
Close-up of FactCheck.org document

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