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The Road to Roota or The Implementation of a New Gold Standard?

Bix Weir

The following Road to Roota Letter was written in January 2007 and lays the foundation for understanding the Gold Manipulation Conspiracy. The events that have transpired in the global economy and the “credit crisis” have all confirmed the original thesis of this document…that there is a group of people that were secretly rigging the gold markets for decades. This process was taken over by the Banking Cabal but now the original system riggers are dedicated to destroying the banking cabal, destroying the fiat monetary system and installing the old US Constitutional Gold Standard.

What follows will shatter your understanding of how the world works!

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This Article Sounded The Warnings In January 2007.

Did the 1981 Gold Commission begin the implementation of the gold standard and not tell anyone?

My latest adventure into uncovering “TRUTH” started when I found the very cryptic Federal Reserve Board COMIC on their educational website called “Wishes and Rainbows” as well as the teachers guide called “The Road to Roota”. Both of these were originally issued back in 1981 when Reagan‘s Gold Commission was meeting to find a way to a gold standard. This comic had not been seen since…until it was re-posted and updated on the Federal Reserve website on January 1, 2007 in the electronic version.

(2007 Version)
(2007 Version)
(1981 Version)
(1981 Version)

1981 Version:

2007 Version:


The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston originally released this Fed comic back in 1981. As of today there have been many comics released but “Wishes and Rainbows” is the only one that was updated, re-released and is the only one with a teachers guide (The Road to Roota). Clearly there was/is something special about this comic. First, note the emphasis added to important words in the comic including BOLD type, underlining and “quotations”. It is my intention to prove that this comic is more than just a children’s learning tool designed to teach kids about scarcity, but a window into the secretive world of the Federal Reserve Bank and monetary policy.

First a little fun, read the comic and the teachers guide (without any of my suggestive hints) and get a first impression. Fairly strange even cryptic comic isn’t it? If you don’t think so read the other ones which are fairly straight forward and you’ll see that it’s easy to grasp the teaching concepts behind them. Now, here is a list of words to substitute into the comic to find another meaning for what the Fed is trying to tell us:

Colorland = Gold Standard (or commodity based currency)

Boulder Ridge = Canada

Gopher Junction = Mexico

Pebbleton = USA

Pebblepeople = US Citizens

Grey Flowers = Fiat Currency

World of No Color = Fiat Money System

Color Flowers = Commodity Backed Treasury Notes

Cobblestone Canyon = (Secret Gold Mine in the Grand Canyon

The Mayor = President Ford or Reagan

Golden Sunlight = Gold Reserves

Black Tears = Oil Backed Currency (

A new meaning jumps out doesn’t it? Now walk with me down this “yellow brick road” of monetary policy and let’s see what else we can discover!


Add these tidbits to your understanding of the gold standard:

1) In 1981 Greenspan (and/or others) developed a plan to return to the gold standard…the question was implementation.

Time Magazine, October 1981,9171,921073,00.html?promoid=googlep

2) Stephen Devaux, the person who “adapted” the cartoon “Wishes and Rainbows”, worked for the Federal Reserve in Boston…Mr. Devaux is now a world renowned author and trainer on “Project Management and Implementation” There is NO information about him available on the internet until the release of his Total Project Control concept.

3) Stephen Devaux would have been the perfect person to implement the Greenspan plan. His teachings talk about long implementation time frames, and the necessity of profit enhancement during the process of change.

4) The main character of the story “Roota” struck me as a very odd name until I understood this:

“ROOTA” or “rootA” was one of the key programming concepts in financial computing using the computer programming language called “BASIC” in the 1960’s. Let’s put a few more things together – BASIC was invented by a man named John Kemeny who was a childhood friend of none other than Alan Greenspan! I find it interesting that Alan Greenspan was one of the few people at the time who knew this computer programming language and it was Greenspan who actually INVENTED financial computing! For further info on Greenspan’s role read “Greenspan’s Golden Secret”:

RootA could also be understood as the ultimate basis for a backed currency (such as the “golden light” in the comic).

Moving on…

5) Mr. Devaux worked for the Federal Reserve Bank for 9 years during the Gold Commission crisis. The 1980’s is when many gold bugs believe that Citicorp and Goldman Sachs (and friends…see Devaux’s resume) implemented the trading programs for “managing” the markets (search “Mike Bolser” on for further analysis.)

Devaux went to work for Citicorp right after his stint at The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. His job at Citi was described as: “Developed and taught customer seminars in the implementation and use of Citicorp banking software.” Oil and Gold were just the beginning. Then he went on to Fidelity to train them how to use his software in the share market.

His last job before moving on to his own consulting firm was for Project Software and Development Inc or PSDI (supplied the software Maximo to the US Mint and almost every other high value asset business).

“Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations use PSDI’s products across their enterprise to assist them in the management of their high-value capital assets, such as plants, facilities, and production equipment, to cut inventories and supply chain costs, control maintenance expenses, reduce downtime, and more effectively deploy productive assets, personnel and other resources.”

PSDI software is now owned by IBM and is embedded in asset control software throughout the world (…now is that “Total Project Control” or what?!).

6) Look at Stephen Devaux’s resume:

Convenient that he left off his little stint at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston after college! Why did Citi hire him if he didn’t have a job for 9 years (other than comic book writer…ha!)

Citicorp Information Resources
Instructional Designer and Trainer
Developed and taught customer seminars in the implementation and use of Citicorp banking software.

Fidelity Investments
Curriculum Manager, Brokerage Training
Managed projects to develop the curriculum to train Fidelity’s discount brokers in Fidelity products and NASDAQ procedures.

Project Software & Development, Inc.
Training Services Manager
Supervised development of training seminars for PSDI’s project management software, and delivered seminars on project management theory.

Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary School Teacher Certification in English and social studies, 1976, University of Massachusetts at Boston.

7) Stephen Devaux’s “best friend” is Harold J. Sullivan. This I found in the Preface portion of his book “Civil Rights and Liberties” (

“I cannot acknowledge family support, however, without acknowledging my unofficial family, my closest friend for over 30 years, Stephen Devaux…”

It is not hard to draw a connection between Devaux and Sullivan’s interest in high level government. It is clear from his bio that he is an expert on governmental law. ( There is also a huge gap in information available about Harold J. Sullivan until the release of his book. The highest award for US Assistant District Attorney’s is called the “Harold J. Sullivan Award” but I have not found any information about the award or the person it was named for.

8) Sullivan also mentions what he calls “the Group” in the Preface of his book:

“Finally, I acknowledge two very different contributors to all of my work, my close friends over three decades in “the Group” and my students at John Jay College. I have maintained very strong friendships over three decades with a collection of University of Massachusetts at Boston classmates, known collectively as “the Group”; they, together with their spouses, friends, and significant others, as well as other friends in Boston and New York have helped make life fun as well as intellectually stimulating. With a little help from the U.S. Supreme Court (see p. 65), Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square has often served as our preferred rendezvous for nearly two decades.”

9) George Goodwin, Jr. was Sullivan’s mentor at University of Massachusetts. Goodwin wrote a book called The Little Legislatures: Committees of Congress about the power and autonomy of sub-committees in Congress.( This would be essential if a secret committee was set up to fix the markets.


So, why did the Boston Fed release “Wishes and Rainbows” now? Is it that the rest of the world had figured out that the “strong dollar” policy was a scam? Is it that other countries have figured out the ruse and are now buying up undervalued physical assets? Is it that the flooding of the world with US Dollars has finally capped out, and that everyone wants to trade-in their “treasure trove” of US Dollars for real assets? Is it that the “strong dollar”, fiat money policy ignites hatred of the west around the world? All of the above or maybe something else….

There was a significant change made to the new version of “Wishes and Rainbows” posted 1/07 that should not be ignored. The content of the 2007 revision is almost exactly the same as the 1981 version except for a few exceptions. On page 15 “Roota” is drawing numbers in the dust to determine who will get allocated flowers.

1981 Version
1981 Version
2007 Version
2007 Version

In the 1981 version she writes various asset allocation formulas including a formula very similar to Bertil Naslund’s conclusion in “On The Road to the Golden Age”

This theory dealt with Nobel Prize winner E. Phelps’s Golden Rule theory of equal capital accumulation. In the 60’s and early 70’s these were leading edge theories on monetary policy. Naslund’s theory concluded the optimal path time frame (T) would be best if it went to infinity (See the symbol T and infinity in the sand?). It’s not hard to conjecture that, applied to the implementation of the gold standard, the best strategy would be to first totally devalue the currency (sending gold to infinity in dollar terms) increasing GNP and hording physical gold (and other commodities) before introducing the discipline of the Gold Standard.

But notice in the 2007 version of the comic, the equations are not there but there is something else written in it’s place: 11+ 9 or even 911…which I believe to be the reason they are cutting short their original plan of long term implementation and preparing to go on the Gold Standard as soon as possible. Can you see the Islamic crescent moon inside the flower? By now EVERYONE should know that 911 was NOT caused by a handful of terrorists holding box cutters. Here’s a “not so secret” 3 part analysis of what really happened on 911 which I think was released by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI):




It is important to note that there are very “BIG” players who do not want to go to the gold standard and the Federal Reserve was aware of that fact in 1981 as well as today. This is clearly stated on page 4 of “Wishes and Rainbows”.

It is also less well known (or at least not often discussed in the media) that the US Government operates on many secret and powerful levels, and there may be some serious competing factions within the US “Shadow Government”. For background you can start here:

Could these “BIG” players have been behind 911? If you haven’t done proper research into the tragedy of 9-11 you are not fulfilling your duty as a Citizen of the United States of America. Clearly there was a lot more to 911 than Bin Ladin and friends. Start here:

Yes, I know this is a little “conspiratorial” but without at least some background into this world you will be lead blindly by the current powers in office. Consult the US Constitution for your obligations as an American citizen!


Stephen Devaux “adopted” Wishes and Rainbows with a full understanding of the dilemma of the implementation of the Gold Standard.

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that “Wishes and Rainbows” and “The Road To Roota” were released again in January 2007. I think the Gold Commission DID enact the “Gold Standard” in 1981 but the implementation process, designed and coordinated by Stephen Devaux, continues to this day, but the end game is close at hand due to the “BIG” players within the US government and the 911 tragedy.

As the final summary of the cartoon “Wishes and Rainbows” states:

“But the townspeople are still not content. Many want two, three, and even four flowers of their own. Since Roota cannot grow that many in only two sunlit caves, she and Rockie still search for another opening to Colorland. So don’t be surprised if some summer day when you’re lying on the green grass and looking at the blue sky, you hear voices coming from underground. It could be Rockie and Roota searching for the entrance to Colorland.”

These are my thoughts and I KNOW there is a lot more than what was presented here but it’s quite enlightening.

Remaining questions I can’t quite get my hands around:

1) Who/what is Roota? (Greenspan or Devaux?)

2) Who/what is Rockie? (Devaux, John Kemeny, someone else?)

3) Who/what is Grandma? (Arthur Burns?)

4) The pebblepeople are afraid of the BIG people of Colorland because they might get stepped on…Is the Federal Reserve on the side of the US Citizen? (wouldn’t that be a shocker!)…Who are these BIG people (shadow gov’t? Rothschilds? illuminati? The Banking Cabal? Etc… Was it the same group that took out Kennedy and tried to take out Reagan?


5) How did the Devaux implementation plan go astray? Did Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. divest the peoples gold to stay in power?

6) Why did the original “Wishes and Rainbows” depict the characters as Asian? Why was it updated to a more “muddled” ethnicity?

7) What did Roota “find” behind the large bolder in the caves near Cobblestone Canyon? What was the “rockslide” that cut off the canyon?

Bix Weir

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