100,000 Syrians Killed By Deep State Fomented Violence 2011 – 2013

Ultimately the US has decided the rebels must win, that means this is pretty much an opened ended commitment.

Putin Revolution
Putin Revolution

Vladimir Putin:

“The US is a democratic state, there’s no doubt about that, and it has originally developed as a democratic state. When the first settlers set their foot on this continent, life forced them to forge a relationship and maintain a dialogue with each other to survive. That’s why America was initially conceived as a fundamental democracy. With that in mind, we should not forget that America’s development began with a large-scale ethnic cleansing, unprecedented in human history. I wouldn’t like to delve so deeply into it, but you are forcing me to do it.

When Europeans arrived in America, that was the first thing they did. And you have to be honest about it. There are not so many stories like that in human history. Take the destruction of Carthage by the Roman Empire. The legend has it that Romans plowed over and sowed the city with salt so that nothing will ever grow there. Europeans didn’t use the salt because they used the land for agriculture but they wiped out the indigenous population. Then there was slavery, and that’s something that is deeply ingrained in America. In his memoirs, US Secretary of State Colin Powell revealed how hard it was for him as a black man to grow his way up, how hard it was to live with other people staring at you. It means this mentality has taken root in the hearts and minds of the people, and is likely to be still there.

Now take the Soviet Union. We know a lot about Stalin now. We know him as a dictator and a tyrant. But still I don’t think that in the spring of 1945 Stalin would have used a nuclear bomb against Germany, if he had had one. He could have done it in 1941 or 1942 when it was a matter of life or death.

But I really doubt that he would have done it in 1945 when the enemy had almost given up and had absolutely no chance to reverse the trend. I don’t think he would. Now look at the US. They dropped the bomb on Japan, a country that was a non-nuclear state and was very close to defeat.

So there are big differences between us. But it’s quite natural that people with such differences are determined to finding ways to understand each other better. I don’t think there is an alternative. Moreover, it’s not by chance that Russia and the US forged an alliance in the most critical moments of modern history – that was the case in WW1 and WW2.

Even if there was fierce confrontation, our countries united in the face of a common threat, which means there is something that unites us.

There must be some fundamental interests that bring us together. That’s something we need to focus on first. We need to be aware of our differences but focus on a positive agenda that can improve our cooperation.”  RT


Sarin Gas

red flagFalse Flag!  red flag

Experts Don’t See Evidence!

Ronald Maddison, killed by Sarin experimentation in England.

Sarin Gas was first synthesized during the 30’s before the Second World War.

The case of Ronald Maddison is an infamous one. In 1953, Ronald Maddison volunteered for what he was told was a cure for the common cold. In fact, he was put in an isolated room and was treated with Sarin. He died. This was done in a research lab in the UK. It is reported that up to 20,000 servicemen in the UK volunteered for these kinds of tests, though as far as deaths go, I only know of the Ronald Maddison one. And it seems that people may have been coerced into these tests by the Ministry of Defense.

Sarin, is a colorless and odorless gas, has a lethal dose of 0.5 milligram for an adult. It is 26 times more deadly than cyanide gas and is 20 times more lethal than potassium cyanide. Just 0.01 milligram per kilogram of body weight a pinprick sized droplet will kill a human.

The vapor is slightly heavier than air, so it hovers close to the ground. Under wet and humid weather conditions Sarin degrades swiftly, but as the temperature rises up to a certain point, sarin’s lethal duration increases, despite humidity. Final agony of RAF Ronald Maddison killed by Sarin – in Britain

Auschwitz FEMA Death Camp
Auschwitz FEMA Death Camp

After developing Sarin, the Nazis used it experimentally in death camps during World War II but did not use it against Allied troops. — New York Times

Newly released documents disclose how American Fascists empowered Hitler and guaranteed his success propr to WWII. One of the most notable is Prescott Bush of the three generations of the Bush Crime Family . Prescott Bush was involved in treason in attempted coup to overthrow the US and later supported Nazi Germany and providing deadly sarin gas to Hitler’s death camps. — Veterans Today

red flag
By Matthew Schofield 
McClatchy Washington Bureau

June 15, 2013 – —– WASHINGTON — Chemical weapons experts voiced skepticism Friday about U.S. claims that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad had used the nerve agent sarin against rebels on at least four occasions this spring, saying that while the use of such a weapons is always possible, they’ve yet to see the telltale signs of a sarin gas attack, despite months of scrutiny.

“It’s not unlike Sherlock Holmes and the dog that didn’t bark,” said Jean Pascal Zanders, a leading expert on chemical weapons who until recently was a senior research fellow at the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies. “It’s not just that we can’t prove a sarin attack; it’s that we’re not seeing what we would expect to see from a sarin attack.”

Foremost among those missing items, Zanders said, are cellphone photos and videos of the attacks or the immediate aftermath.

“In a world where even the secret execution of Saddam Hussein was taped by someone, it doesn’t make sense that we don’t see videos, that we don’t see photos, showing bodies of the dead, and the reddened faces and the bluish extremities of the affected,” he said.

Other experts said that while they were willing to give the U.S. intelligence community the benefit of the doubt, the Obama administration has yet to offer details of what evidence it has and how it obtained it.


FYI – Rothschild Islam Matrix.

  1. The Sunnis are the largest denomination of The Muslims.
  2. Saudi Arabian Oil is controlled by the Sunnis.
  3. Rothschild does not want anyone getting too big, especially with Iraq’s huge supply of oil.
  4. Therefore, they are backing the Shiites(minority) in Iraq – thus the current unrest in Iraq fomented by the CIA.
  5. Iran is mostly a shiite country and are being used as a patsy enemy to this end. (Diverts attention away from the global scheme of power bases.)
  6. Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Never Said, “Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Map”.
  7. State of Israel [aka; Rothschildism/Zionism] is helping towards this diversion. Rothschild bought Palestinian land and named/founded it as Israel in 1948.
  8. Israel in The Bible are a ‘People’ and NOT a State – It is here that Rothschild usurps/inverts the meaning of Israel.
  9. Rothschild has leached onto the good name of Israel to hide behind but makes the State do his bidding ~ just like in America.
  10. Americans Suffer Economically As Their Rothschild Zionist U.S. Masters Send Billions to Rothschild’s Israel Ploy!
  11. India was fortunate enough to have kicked him out just prior to the Israel takeover scheme ~ same with Russia in 2006, and Iceland.
  12. BREAKING => 2013 CNN Goldman Sachs & The Rothschild Zionist Matrix: Landmark Case ~ Rothschildism Delineated From Abrahamic Judaism!!


White House foreign policy adviser Benjamin Rhodes gave dates and places for the alleged attacks — March 19 in the Aleppo suburb of

Khan al-Assal; April 13 in the Aleppo neighborhood of Shaykh Maqsud; May 14 in Qasr Abu Samrah in Homs province, and May 23 in Adra, east of Damascus. But he provided no details of the fighting that was taking place or the number of dead.

“Ultimately, without more information, we are left with the need to trust the integrity of the U.S. intelligence community in arriving at its ‘high confidence’ judgment,” Greg Thielmann, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Arms Control Association, said in an email. While he said that “my guess is they have it right,” he also noted that the White House statement was “carefully and prudentially worded” and acknowledged the lack of a “continuous chain of custody for the physiological samples from those exposed to sarin.”

“It does not eliminate all doubt in my mind,” he said.

Philip Coyle, a senior scientist at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington, said that without hard, public evidence, it’s difficult for experts to assess the validity of the administration’s statement. He added that from what is known, what happened doesn’t look like a series of sarin attacks to him.

“Without blood samples, it’s hard to know,” he said. “But I admit I hope there isn’t a blood sample, because I’m still hopeful that sarin has not been used.”

Even a proponent of the United States providing military assistance to the rebels raised doubts about the possible motive for announcing the chemical weapons conclusion.

In a passionate argument for U.S. involvement in Syria, Anthony Cordesman, a security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, wrote Friday that “the ‘discovery’ that Syria used chemical weapons might be a political ploy.” The phrase was in an article that described strong strategic and humanitarian reasons for involvement in the crisis, particularly the recent involvement of the Lebanese group Hezbollah on the side of Assad.

Chemical weapons have been a focus of discussion in Syria ever since the day in August 2012 when President Barack Obama announced that the use of such weapons was a “red line” that would trigger possible U.S. military involvement. Since then, rebels have reported the likely use of chemical agents on dozens of occasions with varying degrees of credibility.

Only one detailed independent report of a chemical attack has surfaced in that time, however — a lengthy report in the French newspaper Le Monde last month that triggered both French and British letters to the United Nations.

Zanders, however, said that much about that report bears questioning. Photos and a video accompanying the report showed rebel fighters preparing for chemical attacks by wearing gas masks. Sarin is absorbed through the skin, and even small amounts can kill within minutes.

He also expressed skepticism about the article’s description of the lengthy route victims of chemical attacks had to travel to get to treatment, winding through holes in buildings, down streets under heavy fire, before arriving at remote buildings hiding hospitals.

Zanders, who also has headed the Chemical and Biological Warfare Project at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and was director of the Geneva-based BioWeapons Prevention Project, noted that had sarin been the chemical agent in use, the victims would have been dead long before they reached doctors for treatment.

Zanders also said he’s skeptical of sarin use because there have been no reports of medical personnel or rescuers dying from contact with victims. Residue from sarin gas would be expected to linger on victims and would infect those helping, who often are shown in rebel video wearing no more protection than paper masks.

Le Monde reported that one doctor treated a victim with atropine, which is appropriate for sarin poisoning. But that doctor said he gave his patient 15 shots of atropine in quick succession, which Zanders said could have killed him almost as surely as sarin.

(c)2013 McClatchy Washington Bureau

Rothschild Czar Obama Manufactured False Intel On Chemical Weapons In Syria.

Rothschildism Is Spreading All Over Syria: Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad Speech!

Jordan to Head Syria Rebel Arms Program: Following Obama/Kerry Visit ~ Jordan Promised 1,056 Double Oil Pipe Line from Iraq ~ Jordan Now Helps Rothschilds Tumble Syria’s Central Bank!

Rothschild Has + $300 Trillion This Is Your Hour Judas, The Hour Of Shadows! Luke 22:53
Rothschild Cabal Has + $300 Trillion
This Is Your Hour Judas, The Hour Of Shadows!
Luke 22:53

Rothschild IS Zionism

PRETENTIOUS STAR OF DAVID AL-ROY         a looser Khazar.

King David Of The Bible Had No Star.

Rothschild Czar ~ Benjamin Netanyahu
Rothschild Czar ~ Benjamin Netanyahu

Rothschild Owns Israel [THE STATE]

OBAMA COMMUNISM rothschildism


BREAKING => 2013 CNN Goldman Sachs & The Rothschild Zionist Matrix: Landmark Case ~ Rothschildism Delineated From Abrahamic Judaism!!


Rothschild Does NOT Own Israel [THE PEOPLE ~ THE JEWS OF THE BIBLE]


Why are Jews On Rothschild Boulevard In Upscale Tel Aviv Burning The Flag Of Israel?

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