Remembering CNN’s Axis Sally ‘Roesgen’ Delivering Nazi Hate Speech.

Susan Roesgen
CNN ~ Susan Roesgen

In 2006 CNN Attacked President Bush As A Look Alike To Hitler.

Yesterday At A Tea Party, CNN Said A Poster That Showed Obama As Hitler was of course hateful. CNN Cannot Have Their Cake And Eat It Too! You can write to Ms. Susan Roesgen and express how you feel via her email address here:

And most importantly, let Susan’s boss know how unacceptable it is for a journalist to become a left-wing activist in trying to defame and denounce a legitimate and honest political movement by Americans who are being robbed blind by our government and spent into a debt from which will be unimaginably difficult to ever pay off.


rothschild koolaid 2

CNN Reporter Arrested In Central Park With Rope Around His Neck And Tied To His Penis – While CNN Cafferty Smears The Catholic Church, Using 1930′s Nazi Pedophile Modus Operandi Propaganda! A Dismissed Case From The 1950′s

Roesgen Put To Task:

CNN’s Guest Speaker: Billy Clinton With Playboy Writer Guy Cimbalo’s Top 10 Republican Women He’d like to Hate Fu*k!

Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Turner Broadcasting System.
Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Turner Broadcasting System.

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