5th. Wall Street Banker Suicided: Taken Out To Prevent Forex Fraud Transparency ~ U.S. Being Drained.


Yesterday we reported that Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” has informed him that the recent rash of banker “suicides” are part of a hit list that includes dozens of bankers including warnings of a high level Citi executive.

Today, none other than Jim Willie himself has provided SD readers with an exclusive report on the banker deaths, which has now increased to 5 in the past week with American Title CEO Richard Tulley found dead of “self-inflicted nail gun wounds“. The Golden Jackass states that the suicided bankers had flipped during prosecution investigations, and were assassinated to prevent insider testimony of bank fraud from reaching the prosecution.

Willie, who recently sat down with The Doc for an exclusive interview revealing the “Smoking Gun” proving gold rehypothecation by US officials,  emphasizes that we are NOT seeing bad bankers removed, we are witnessing bankers taken out who are on the verge of revealing BIG DATA details.


The practice by banks and brokers of using, for their own purposes, assets that have been posted as collateral by their clients.

Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold
Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold

Willie’s full alert on Wall Street banker suicides is below:

The banker hits are being done by the bad guys to keep men from singing after they flipped during prosecution investigation.

  1. All have been working with police teams and continental cops like Interpol.
  2. The STL Fed guy discovered some Bush giant multi-$B fraud and was ready to report it.
  3. The STL Fed economist was hit by the Bush gang, before he sang against them.
  4. The London bankers had begun to sing to Interpol on Mafia Vatican connections on massive FOREX fraud thefts.
  5. It is unclear which is bigger:  Vatican links to narco money, or links to FOREX fraud theft, or their control room for Nazis.


The Doc began by asking Willie what the implications are that the US was only able to repatriate 5 tons of the Bundesbank’s gold reserves in year 1, and his overall view on the importance of the German gold repatriation request made a year ago, and Willie responded:

  1. – an entire process was triggered, to drain gold, to slam markets, with publicity given
  2. – it means the USFed and London and Paris were caught red-handed stealing German gold
  3. – the NYFed told German Parliament leaders to get lost, when they requested to inspect their own gold
  4. – it revealed the USGovt banker officials as running a crime syndicate
  5. – to return only 5 tons of their 300 from the NYFed is a travesty
  6. – A high level contact at one of the world’s leading private refineries provided me with the USDept Treasury Status Report Owned Gold data:
  7. 31 Aug 2000 — 54.097 moz West Point NY Gold Bullion Reserve (1681 mtons)
  8. 30 Sept 2000 — 54.067 moz West Point NY Custodian Gold Bullion
  9. 30 Sept 2002 — 54.067 moz West Point NY Deep Storage Gold

big foot walking gif

This is the  SMOKING GUN on the gold hypothecation seizure heist con game:

  1. – the German demand started a severe process of mass drainage for NY vaults, ETFunds
  2. – Germans are turning Eastward as a result, to Russia & China in forged alliances
  3. – COMEX gold inventory & JPM eligible gold inventory both show 50% or more declines
  4. – GLD ETFund gold inventory down to over 35% from peak, now at 2008 level
  5. – The German repatriation request spawned a new war in Mali whose gold output matches the pace of promised returned gold from France!
  6. – It started scrutiny over Swiss Allocated Gold Accounts, new demands to redeem
  7. – Strange connection to Panama private gold depository for European private clients

The Doc then asked Willie his thoughts on Bafin’s investigation of PM manipulation, considering the fact that Elke Koenig, the president of Germany’s top financial regulator, claimed last week that precious metals manipulation “is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal“  and his view on the significance German manipulation probe as well as Deutsche Bank exiting the PM fixing business:

  1. -Unlike the SEC & CFTC, German BAFIN is not run by banker harlots and placed insiders, rather reputable
  2. -BAFIN has a history of not dropping an investigation once begun, and seeing it to end
  3. -German financial legal authorities are working closely with Interpol Serious Fraud Division
  4. -Germany is prosecuting Western bankers, while turning alliances East to Russia & China
  5. -The London LIBOR fraud has finally reached both the FOREX and Gold markets
  6. -Entire high level markets on cash, currency, gold are all hopelessly corrupted
  7. -Deutsche Bank has been exposed for massive sovereign accounting fraud related to EMU Maastricht
  8. -Several nations falsified their debt accounting with DBank collusion, for common Euro entry
  9. -Risk DBank to start a strict accounting, legal scrutiny, and possible sequence of bank failures
  10. -My German banker source indicates DBank will be broken up into about five parts
  11. -Impact of DBank breakup cannot be accurately gauged or anticipated, except disruptions

The Doc then asked the Golden Jackass whether his sources could validate rumors of London gold being drained Eastward:

  1. -My sources confirmed that from April to July 2013, a ripe 1000 tons per month was drained from London to East
  2. -Word came in November 2013 that the 1000 ton per month pace never stopped
  3. -Do the math and you arrive at 20,000 metric tons approximately have moved out of London & Switzerland
  4. -The entire Swiss refiner story overlaps and coincides with the massive drainage
  5. -My source has advised me that legacy Asian gold was improperly used in Southern European sovereign bond derivatives upon the origination of the European Union
  6. – There are now widespread stories of official London gold vaults being emptied
  7. -Compliance with Chinese bar standards is part of process, in kg bars with 9999 purity
  8. -This implies China is preparing for a gold-backed trade settlement system, even Yuan currency
  9. -The BRICS conversion of USTBonds to Gold Bullion is already well along
  10. -Always the migration trends are reported after the fact

The Doc noted that the largest English-language portal in East China, Shanghai Daily, stated this month that the Chinese central bank is on the verge of announcing its gold holdings have nearly tripled from 1054 tons to 2710 tons, and asked Willie whether he believed the Chinese announcing they have tripled their gold reserves will shake the market:

  1. -The Chinese will not yet reveal the extent of their gold reserves, and the market will likely yawn at their report
  2. – Syria, Iran Pipelines, Chinese military protection, & peace talks with Tehran, are all tied together
  3. -Watch Iran to become the stable axis with China in the Persian Gulf
  4. – Petro$ Demise is tied to Saudi instability, while Petro-Yuan birth tied to Iran revival
  5. – It is clear as a church bell that US, Saudis, Al-Qaeda all from the same camp alignment
  6. -My source claims that the MENA disruptions on Arab Spring are to steal central bank gold
  7. – The same source claims the Saudi gold is being hypothecated out of London & Switzerland
  8. -The transition in Paradigm Shift from Petro$ to Petro-Yuan is manifested in gold movement

Silver Doctors

Bitcoin 2014: Get Out Of The Rothschild Matrix And Into The Citizen’s Medium Of Exchange!

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