Deep State Drug Protecting Military Gone To Hell.

( – The average monthly casualty rate for U.S. military forces serving in Afghanistan has increased 5-fold since President Barack Obama was inaugurated.

( Pentagon‘s top officer said Thursday that service members will likely see cuts in pay and benefits as the military plumbs its budget for nearly half a trillion dollars in savings over the next 12 years.


– Provide 57.5 Million Children With Low-Income Health Care For
– Provide 23 Million People With Low-Income Health Coverage
– Give 20.2 Million $5,500 Pell Grants To Students
– Provide 14.35 million Military Veterans With VA Medical Care
– Give 14.7 million Children Head Start Funding
– Give 14.26 Million Scholarships To University Students
– Employ 1.93 million Firefighters
– Hire 1.75 Million Elementary School Teachers – Hire 1.65


On July 10th, 1832 President Jackson said the following about the danger of a Rothschild Central Bank aka; Rothschild Federal Reserve:

“It is not our own citizens only who are to receive the bounty of our government. More than eight millions of the stock of this bank are held by foreigners… is there no danger to our liberty and independence in a bank that in its nature has so little to bind it to our country? … Controlling our currency, receiving our public moneys, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence… would be more formidable and dangerous than a military power of the enemy.”

  1. I Killed The Bank ~ President Andrew Jackson: U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr Shoots A Rothschild Czar ~ Rothschild’s Czar Alexander Hamilton!
  2. The World Gears Up While U.S. Dumbs Down – Obama & McCain Terminate F-22 Stealth Raptor Program For Inferior F-35: McCain Gates Agree Sodomy Shower Policy!


1. Finance both, or all, sides in war for enormous profits.
2. Profit from the selling of arms through their Military Industrial Complex.
3. Make loans for the rebuilding of countries after the destruction.
4. Get countries under control through debt.
5. Take control of countries by installing puppet regimes, corporate-friendly dictators, or bought-off politicians
6. Take over a country’s resources by military intervention,  or  take control when a country defaults on its war debts.
7. To eliminate (kill) specific citizens who do not wish their country to be under the control of International Banking privateers….in short, to remove any and all resistance to global, private-banking fraud.

  1. Top US Marine Rejects Obama’s Plan To Have Normal Marines Shower With Perverts.
  2. Piece Of Shit Gates: Condoning Moral Corruption Of U.S. Military – Forcing Moral Military Men To Shower With Addicted Perverts.
Gaddafi stopped using the corrupt Kissinger U.S. petrodollar and was employing the gold standard.  So Rothschild had him murdered through a CIA covert coup like in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Kosovo. Rothschild family are the creators of mafia.
Gaddafi stopped using the corrupt Kissinger U.S. petrodollar and was employing the gold standard.
So Rothschild had him murdered through a CIA covert coup like in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Kosovo.
Rothschild family are the creators of mafia.


The “War On Terror” Is A $6 Trillion Racket, With $1 Trillion In Interest Alone, Exceeding The Total Cost Of World War II

When Obama launched his re-election propaganda campaign to trick the American public into thinking that he intends to end the Af-Pak War, he said that the “War on Terror” has cost $1 trillion over the past decade. While that is a staggering amount of money, he was being deceitful once again.

As you may have heard, a newly released study by the Eisenhower Research Project at Brown University revealed that the cost of the War on Terror is significantly greater than Obama has said.

The little passing coverage the study received in the mainstream press cited $3.7 trillion as the total cost, which was the most conservative estimate. The moderate estimate, which the mainstream media ignored, was $4.4 trillion. In addition, interest payments on these costs will most likely exceed $1 trillion, which brings the total cost up to at least $5.4 trillion.


The report also states that the following costs are not even included in this total:

“THESE TOTALS DO NOT INCLUDE: Medicare costs for injured veterans after age 65; Expenses for veterans paid for by state and local government budgets; Promised $5.3 billion reconstruction aid for Afghanistan; Additional macroeconomic consequences of war spending including infrastructure and jobs.”

David Callahan, reporting for The Policy Shop, summed up the report’s cost estimates:

“… the total direct and indirect costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may exceed $6 trillion…. That figure comes from combining congressional appropriations for the wars over the past decade ($1.3 trillion), additional spending by the Pentagon related to the wars ($326 – $652 billion), interest so far on Pentagon war appropriations, all of which was borrowed ($185 billion), immediate medical costs for veterans ($32 billion), war related foreign aid ($74 billion), homeland security spending ($401 billion), projected medical costs for veterans through 2051 ($589 – $934 billion), social costs to military families ($295 – $400 billion), projected Pentagon war spending and foreign aid as troops wind down in the two war zones ($453 billion); and interest payments on all this spending through 2020 ($1 trillion).”

Once you add up all these costs, and also consider the fact that these wars are not ending anytime soon, the War on Terror will easily cost us well over $6 trillion. To put the War on Terror’s cost in context, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the total cost of World War II, adjusted for inflation, was $4.1 trillion.

Another major deception is the reported annual military budget: The FY 2012 military budget is often cited as being $690 billion. Again, that is a huge sum of money for one year. However, when you add up all the other military expenditures not included in this budget, you find that our true total annual budget “likely exceeds $1.5 trillion.

To put this cost in perspective, as the average American has little understanding of how much money this is, one trillion is equal to 1000 billion. If you took all the state budget deficits and combined them, which are leading to cuts in vital social programs that will negatively impact the lives of millions of Americans, you would need a small fraction of one trillion, $140 billion (roughly equivalent to the annual military interest payment), to balance every state budget and avoid cuts to all programs.

Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In Fraud And Waste:

When you breakdown the spending on the War on Terror, you see hundreds of billions of dollars in shocking fraud and waste across the board. When it comes to fraud, a Defense Department report revealed:

“The military paid a total of $285 billion to more than 100 contractors between 2007 and ’09, even though those same companies were defrauding taxpayers in the same period… What’s perhaps most shocking is that billions of dollars went to contractors who had been either suspended or debarred for misusing taxpayer funds. The Pentagon also spent $270 billion on 91 contractors involved in civil fraud cases… Another $682 million went to 30 contractors convicted of criminal fraud.”

There have also been several cases where billions of dollars have gone missing. To name one recent revelation, the Federal Reserve shipped between $6.6 billion to $18.7 billion to Iraq for reconstruction that was stolen.

The reason there is such discrepancy in the amount stolen in this case is due to the fact that the New York Federal Reserve is refusing to disclose the total amount. This is just one of several cases where billions of dollars in aide to Iraq and Afghanistan have gone missing.

You Don't Mind Dying For The Rothschild Mafia Do You?
You Don’t Mind Dying For The Rothschild Mafia Do You?

Homosexual pResident Obama’s Criticism Of Russia Getting More And More Ridiculous!

China Warns Kerry: Sanctions Will Bring “Retaliatory Action” Which This Time Kerry Will Loose!

Not to mention the obscene and exorbitant fees charged by many private military companies. Earlier this year, the Congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting revealed that “tens of billions of dollars” have been wasted on private military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan – and the amount spent on private contracting has dramatically increased during the Obama Administration.

When it comes to shocking examples of waste, it costs the military in Afghanistan $400 for a gallon gas, and the Marines alone use 800,000 gallons a day. Another report reveals that the military spends $20.2 billion a year on air conditioning. That’s $20.2 billion a year on AC. There are more absurdities in military spending than you can imagine. The list goes on and on.

Let’s also not forget that the Pentagon’s “own auditors admit the military cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.” By these measures, the estimated overall total of $1.5 trillion in annual military spending would mean that $375 billion goes unaccounted for, per year.

War Is A Racket

For anyone who researches this, it is easy to see that the primary goal is not our safety, it is huge profits for military companies and global banking interests. As famed two-time Congressional Medal of Honor Award winner Major General Butler said:

“War is a racket… easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious… It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives….

It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes….

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.

In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”

End Rothschild

The global financial elite profit off of the war, while the American public bares the severe financial costs. In this regard, not to mention the loss of life and civil liberties, the War on Terror is a war against the American people. As President Eisenhower said, every dollar spent on war is a dollar not spent on education, food, health care, etc:

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”

Spiraling Toward World War III:

When you research the geopolitical environment, as scary as it sounds, you will conclude that if we stay on our present course, we are headed for an escalation in wars. As we spiral toward World War III, with collapsing economies, increasingly extreme weather conditions, limited resources and rising demand, the US military machine is on steroids, creating enemies and arming brutal regimes all over the world.

The pivotal US relationship with Pakistan is going from bad to worse. Leading American adversaries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Iraq, Syria and Iran have all been building strong alliances with China. Obama continues to support the US-NATO war with Libya and the Saudi Arabian led military crackdown on popular uprisings in many countries throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.


In this region, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Somalia and Ivory Coast, to name a few countries, are all flaring up in armed conflict. Not to mention Israel’s escalating conflicts with Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. The highly under-reported international drug war is also becoming much more violent, with private military contractors once again reaping huge profits.

Mix all these increasing tensions with runaway military spending and war profiteering, and you have Eisenhower’s worst fears realized, a world dominated by out of control military companies.


The outgoing US defense secretary, Robert Gates, berated Europe’s “failure of political will” in not maintaining defense spending. He said Nato had declined into a “two-tier alliance” between those willing to wage war and those “who specialize in ‘soft’ humanitarian, development, peacekeeping and talking tasks”.
Peace, he implied, is for wimps. Real men buy bombs, and drop them. This call was echoed by Nato’s chief, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who pointed out how unfair it was that US defense investment r…

So When Our Soldiers Come Home They See This!

Average Americans continue to be looted by this bank-controlled economic system through taxation and other more subtle ways:

1. Bailouts/TARP — The major banks warned in 2008 that their massively over-leveraged Ponzi scheme was about to take down the world financial system, and demanded a taxpayer bailout or else the sky would fall. Well, they got their bailout which may be upwards of $23 trillion between direct cash infusions and accounting write-downs, which amounts to around $76,667 for every citizen. The Federal Reserve also secretly bailed out foreign economies to at least the tune of $500 billion.

2. Predatory Lending — The banks have long practiced predatory lending to Third World countries, private businesses, and individuals. This strategic over-lending creates a situation where banks anticipate and manufacture default to obtain real assets. Since banks lend money they don’t have by making accounting adjustments, private bankers and their cohorts could conceivably, over time, own everything “real” in the world from money they created out of thin air.

3. Credit Cards — From marketing to teenagers with “Happy Meal-style” gifts and toys at sign-up, to Mafia-style loansharking with usury interest rates, banks use credit cards to further enslave the public. According to the credit card repayment calculator, if you owe $6,000 on a credit card with a 20 percent interest rate and only pay the minimum payment each time, it will take you 54 years to pay off that credit card. During those 54 years you will pay $26,168 in interest rate charges in addition to the $6,000 in principal that you are required to pay back. (Source)

4. Stock Market — The Goldman Sachs-dominated scheme called “front running” is where brokers use computer programs with intricate algorithms to buy or sell nanoseconds before large orders from the public. Originally designed to prevent this activity, these programs have been hijacked to “Beat the Street.” It’s the ultimate in insider trading, likened to a poker player being able to see his opponent’s cards. Is it any wonder why four of the largest U.S. banks (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup) had zero days of trading losses during the first quarter of 2010?

5. Pensions/401(k) — Although severely weakened by stock market manipulation and other fraudulent behavior, Pensions and 401(k) retirement savings plans still represent a large portion of the people’s remaining liquid wealth — and the banks want it. Nearly $4 trillion worth of retirement savings was wiped out in the first weeks of 2008, where half of the losses were traditional pension plans, while another 46 million people were riding the stock market with 401(k). It was estimated in 2009 that two-thirds of public sector pension plans were underfunded to the tune of $430 billion. Long term, these public pensions are reportedly underfunded by $3.5 trillion due to banks using the contributions to prop up toxic junk.

6. Social Security — Social Security represents a $40 trillion unfunded liability. It is estimated that taxes must be raised substantially and benefits must be slashed to cover this gap. Through no fault of Social Security contributors and recipients, the government has completely mismanaged the program while other debts eat up any chance of actually making good on the entitlements promised to the working public. According to their “austerity” playbook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommends that the U.S. squeeze Social Security to cover their ever-growing debts to banks.

7. Inflation — The Federal Reserve’s shadowy printing presses have created an estimated $23.7 trillion in credits, grants, loans and guarantees, and that is just the paper backed by taxpayers. The fractional reserve banking system is one where banks can create loans (money) based on a fraction of their reserves, which inherently weakens the strength of the dollar. Inflation ends up being a hidden tax on those who worked hard, played by the rules, and saved their pennies. You have been paying for this hidden tax ever since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, coincidentally the same year the income tax was passed. To make matters worse, many experts now predict that America is headed toward hyperinflation. For an in-depth education on how money creation creates a tax on every dollar printed please watch The Money Masters and Money as Debt.

8. Commodity Prices — Banks use the commodity casino to manipulate food prices as another way to line their pockets and starve the public. There is a direct correlation between food costs and oil prices, so when they drive up oil on speculation, food tends to follow suit. During oil’s record run up to $147 per barrel in 2008, the price of rice tripled in six months. Between the ominous signs of food shortages and predictions of $200/bbl oil in the near future, you can expect to pay much more of your hard-earned crippled dollars to eat. Obviously, inflation — especially hyperinflation — also causes commodity prices to spike, since they trade in U.S. dollars.

9. Debt and Deficits — Banks make it easy for politicians to love credit as much as everyone else, only their shiny new toys are things like pork projects for their states, wars, and mandated private healthcare. You can almost see the commercial: “You can have all this today, get re-elected tomorrow, and in a decade your successor can figure out how to pay for it.” Recent reports show continued record deficits, while total debt and unfunded liabilities are figured to be $138 trillion — around ten times annual GDP. Furthermore, the U.S. national debt has already surpassed the IMF default threshold of 90% GDP which will trigger austerity measures on the American public.

10. Wars — When the original reasons for wars don’t pan out, and the secondary reasons don’t add up, you can bet the real reason in the first place was money. Indeed, wars are the biggest moneymakers for the banks and the fastest way for them to imprison countries with debt. Wars have historically been manipulated by the banks funding both sides, much like they fund both political parties. In fact, some historians suggest that the American Civil War was actually a battle between Lincoln’s Greenback vs. the “oligarchy of high finance.” Ultimately, Lincoln was killed along with his Greenback and the private banking cartel ruled America once more.

All of this is leading to a loss of financial independence — The masters of manipulation — the money changers — have rigged the system from every angle and continue to loot all of us. We would be wise to learn about the history of money and banking in our economy, which is a compendium of booms and busts orchestrated by private banks. Wars, fiat currencies that lead to inflation, and obscure financial instruments are their tools of the trade to consolidate wealth at the top, while the foundation of the pyramid scheme — the hardworking taxpayers — are fleeced again and again.

Article kindly supplied by Activist Post. You can find the original article here.

So Who In The Hell Is Protecting The United States Constitution?

We All Know Obama HAD To Take The Oath Over Again.

WASHINGTON – JANUARY 21: Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. administers the oath of office to President Barack Obama a second time in the Map Room of the White House Without The Bible Of Jesus Christ This Time.  January 21, 2009 in Washington, DC. Rothschild looks on from the portrait.

Remove Obama From Office Now!

 Perjury (18 U.S.C. 1621).  From the memorandum : “Mr. Obama has taken the oath of office of POTUS, in front of Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, in which he promises to “defend the Constitution”. As an illegal alien, or even a non-natural born citizen, he would be acting as an ineligible President. Furthermore, as an attorney, and a former professor of Constitutional law, Barack Obama would have full knowledge of the requirements for an eligible candidate for the office of  POTUS. This shows that he has willfully stated that he will and is acting contrary to his Presidential oath.”

Obama forgets God in citing the Declaration of Independence … Hmmmm, just words!

‘Obama ‘Under God’ now dropped from Gettysburg Address! Hmmmm, just words!

I guess this is all just suppose to be a coincidence.

Lets Go Back To April 30, 1789

Inauguration Day was clear and cool when it finally arrived. Foreign ambassadors and statesmen alike jammed their way into Federal Hall. Townspeople mingled with their neighbors from other states to crowd the roads leading to Federal Hall and Wall Street itself.

Historians tell us that at precisely 11:00 a.m., the Senate door swung open and the House Speaker, escorted by three Senators and Representatives from the House, went downstairs to a waiting carriage. Suddenly, it is said that Washington himself appeared at the door, exchanged nervous greetings with fellow statesmen, paused only a moment to acknowledge the cheers from his countrymen, and entered the Hall for the swearing in.

Once inside Federal Hall, we are told that the President-elect, standing regally and tall, accepted the applause of the joint Congress. He glanced around for his Vice President, John Adams, sat down on a beautiful crimson chair and said simply, “I am ready to proceed.” Tension wasn’t in the air . . . it was the air!

However, there was an awkward pause and then there was confusion! Though reports are sketchy at best regarding how long of a period of time confusion reigned, we know that the cause of the confusion was the missing Bible.

What a scene it must have been as members of the first Congress, with ashen faces, searched through the building in consternation and without success. Perhaps many of those present felt that without a Bible the oath could not be administered nor Washington even proclaimed our first President! Soon, however, New York State Chancellor, Robert R. Livingston, a fellow Mason, remembered that his local meeting house, St. John’s Lodge, housed a beautiful altar Bible and, importantly, that Bible was a short few hundred feet down the block.

After a quick trip down the street, the historic Bible was provided and, in fact, carefully placed upon a red velvet cushion. Everyone relaxed, calm prevailed, and the stage was set.

Immediately, Chancellor Livingston administered the Oath of Office to Washington. When the oath was completed, Washington added the phrase, “I swear, so help me God!” and, bending down, kissed the open Book. While Chancellor Livingston loudly and joyously proclaimed Washington our nation’s first President, one Joseph Morton, Master of St. John’s Lodge, stepped forward and carefully folded down a corner of the open page, thus preserving a record of the random Bible opening where Washington had rested his left hand.

Interestingly, fate sometimes does funny things, for the random selection fell open to Chapter 49 of the Book of Genesis, the book that Biblical scholars remind us that literally means “the book of new beginnings.”

The scene that ensued was bedlam as the crowd broke into a storm of cheers. Livingston reportedly said, “It is done.” and then turned to the crowd and shouted, “Long live George Washington, President of the United States!” Grown men cried and shouted and joyous celebration was the order of the day. Thursday, April 30, 1789, had been a great day, indeed, and a great era was born.

However, one must wonder whether or not the day would have ended on such a high note had it not been discovered, at the very last minute, that the ornate Bible — now known as President George Washington’s inaugural Bible — rested in a small room at St. John’s Lodge, No. 1, a few short yards from Federal Hall.

Is a Bible required? The Constitution of the United States makes no mention of the use of a Bible in the taking of the oath, nor is it even required that the ceremony be public. Yet from Washington’s first Inauguration in 1789 to the present, almost every President in a very public manner has placed his hand upon a Bible and, while raising his other hand towards the heavens, repeats the Oath of Office.

And . . . before the eyes of a world that watches the ceremony unfold . . . the President-elect becomes the leader of the free world. Thus, though the use of a Bible is certainly not constitutionally required, it has become the focal point of every presidential Inauguration and the image of the taking of the presidential oath is certainly incomplete without it.

  1. House Whore Nancy Pelosi – Obama Eligibility: Caught In Conspiracy And Treason – Supplying Altered Congressional Records To The Election Commission!

Paul Silver Fed

“Our fighting men and women take an oath to protect America, defend our Constitution and defend our borders,” Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton said. “They look at Ron Paul and see a leader who takes their oath seriously, and who will fight to ensure that we don’t misrepresent that oath by sending them off to police the world, instead of defending our country.”

Daily Paul

When He Thought It Was Going To Get Better.

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