International Criminal Court Proceeds On Charges Of Genocide Against Iraqi Ex-P.M. Nouri Maliki.

NWO's Obama & Maliki
NWO’s Obama & Maliki

ICC – The International Criminal Court’s decision to refer the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and aides to court on charges of genocide.

CITY OF LONDON'S BANKING STOOGE OBAMA ~  barry, blair, lizz, & phil
barry, blair, lizz, & phil


The International Criminal Court decided to refer the Chief burden of Nouri al-Maliki and senior aides to court on charges of genocide. Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, spokesperson for the Tribunal for the region of the Middle East, stated that among the agents of Maliki who have been charged by the Court are:

  1. Lt. General Farouk Al-araji, Director of the Office of Al-Maliki’s military,
  2. Lt. Gen. Ali ghaidan land forces Commander and
  3. Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi and
  4. Adnan Al-Assadi agency Senior Deputy to Interior Ministry and
  5. Intelligence chief Zuhair al-Gharbawi, Atta Group Director of operations and
  6. Intelligence group Student Chagatai counter-terrorism Chief.

He disclosed that the Court has full files of the crimes committed by Al-Maliki and his associates, including genocide in Anbar, Kirkuk and the flagrant violation of human rights and brutal methods of torture and breaches of fundamental freedoms for citizens in contravention of the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter and international law.

NWO Bush & Maliki
NWO Bush & Maliki

Nouri Al-Maliki’s Curriculum Vitae.

dumb carey


NWO Attempting To Funnel Iraq’s Oil Into Muslim Brotherhood Strongholds Of Turkey & Jordan. This Oil Would Empower The “Terrorist” Countries To Help Control The M.E. With Israel For The NWO Banking Petrodollar Cartel.

The NWO’s Petrodollar Cannot Allow An Independent Powerful Iraq [Which The Sunni Majority Want] Who Has The 3rd. Largest Oil Reserves In The World, A Sunni Majority, Who Are Strongly Aligned With An Almost 100% Sunni Saudi Arabia To Become An Independent Sovereign Nation. Iraq Has Not Been Allowed To Even Release Their Currency Since 2003 On The International Stage.

Ex-P.M. Of Iraq Nouri Maliki Facing Charges Of Genocide By The ICC.
Ex-P.M. Of Iraq Nouri Maliki Facing Charges Of Genocide By The ICC.
Ex-President Of Egypt Mohammed Morsi  Sentenced To Death.
Ex-President Of Egypt Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To Death By The People’s Military.

Maliki & Morsi look quite similar.

Erdogan of Turkey is very fearful now and loosing his balance, [cracks down on free press] as his Egyptian compadre Mohammed Morsi [another muslim brotherhood puppet president has now recently been sentenced to death]. Further, Russia has been approved to cross Turkey with their pipeline to feed Athens, Greece as the Oil Hub for Europe. Russia Further Has Invited Greece To Join BRICS As A 6th. Member State. This throws wrenches into NWO designs to control the M.E.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Knows The NWO terrorist mercenaries tried to take down S. Arabia in January 2011. NWO is also trying today to take down Saudi Arabia by fomenting trouble in Yemen. This is why the Egyptian Air Force Is Helping Saudi Arabia eradicate NWO mercenaries [ISIS, CIA’s al-Qaeda in Yemen] ~ these are just monikers of the NWO political group Muslim Brotherhood.

Back To Iraq:


Majority Sunni Minority Shiite
Majority Sunni Minority Shiite
Israel's Shin Bet ISIS
Israel’s Shin Bet ISIS

Israel’s ISIS Focused Strictly In Sunni Territory

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