Netanyahu Using UN To Deceive World: Renders Aid To ISIS ~ An Israeli U.S. Proxy Army

Netanyahu has the audacity to sell Murdoch & Rothschild Syria's Oil
Netanyahu has the audacity to sell Murdoch & Rothschild Syria’s Oil

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s First Counsellor and Alternative Representative to the United Nations Hossein Maleki blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for using the UN as a tool for deceiving the world, and said that Tel Aviv continues to admit injured terrorists to its hospitals.

“Israel accepts the terrorists at their hospitals and claim that they provide such services for the sake of loving the mankind,” Maleki said, addressing the 71st meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York.

He said that contrary to what Netanyahu said at the UN General Assembly meeting Israel is keeping on its support for the ISIS terrorists in Syria.

  1. Spain Issues Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu And Senior Israeli Officials!
  2. Syria Praises Iran, Russia, Hezbollah for Non-Stop Aid to Syria in War against Israeli U.S. Terrorism
  3. Congressional Bill Introduced To Stop Obama Committing Our Troops In An Illegal War In Syria & CIA Collusion With ISIS

Netanyahu Crimes Against Humanity
Netanyahu ~ Crimes Against Humanity

“Israel is using the UN General Assembly as a tool to deceive the world,” Maleki added.

  1. Russia To End Netanyahu’s Colonization In Syria’s Golan Heights.
  2. Syrian Army Kills Over 30+ Proxy Israeli Terrorists In Golan Heights
  3. ISIS aka Al-Nusra aka Fatah Al-Sham, Transfers Injured Mercs From Daraa, Syria To Israeli & Jordanian Hospitals

The Iranian envoy reiterated that the Palestinians will continue their war against usurpers as long as the occupation goes on.

“Netanyahu also tried to cover up the fact that the regime’s actions have caused a lot of suffering and plight for a people who are living under occupation,” Maleki said.

Gaza Palestine
Gaza Palestine

Israeli Football Logo Featuring ‘Fightin’ Palestinians’

The Iranian diplomat also said that Netanyahu tried to divert the public attention from Zionist regime’s stockpiles of nuclear bombs, chemical weapons and militarism which has been going on for several decades.

Israel Sends Ukraine Nazis Assault Weapons After Obama Sends Netanyahu $40 Billion For Military Armament.

“The Zionist official continued to level baseless allegations against Iran and unfoundedly accused Iran of leading the trend of terrorism in the world without offering any proofs and clues to his claim,” he added.

Maleki said that this is despite the fact that Iran has been in the frontline of the fight against terrorism in the region.

“The present isolation of Israel indicates the unwillingness of world leaders and nations to approve Israel’s lies against Iran,” he added.

Italian Warship Docks in Southern Iran in support of military ties

Last Saturday, several Israeli ambulances entered Syria’s Southern province of Quneitra and transferred those terrorists injured in clashes with Syrian Army troops to their hospitals in the occupied part of the Golan Heights, media sources said.

“First, Israeli warplanes bombed Syrian government’s positions near Quneitra to back the [U.S. Israeli proxy] terrorists of Fatah al-Sham (the newly-formed [CIA/Mossad] al-Qaeda-linked terrorists group previously known as the [McCain] al-Nusra Front) who had attacked the Syrian army positions to prevail over the government’s position,” the Arabic service of RT reported.

“After Fatah al-Sham’s attacks were repelled by the Syrian soldiers, seven Israeli ambulances entered the battlefield and transferred a number of wounded terrorists to Israeli hospitals in the occupied Golan Heights,” RT added.



Exodus Out Of Rothschild’s State Of Israel: Israeli Daily Haaretz 37 Percent Nationals Leaving Zionist State Of Israel

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