We Kill Each Other For Paper

2016 Silver Liberty
2016 Silver Liberty

Record silver open interest [paper derivatives that have not fulfilled their promise to provide Physical Silver at the end of the trading day], despite Price not even close to Record highs [meaning because of low price, this indicates that Physical Silver should be plentiful and one could also easily purchase Physical Silver and thus fulfill their contract]. [Because there are Record unfulfilled ‘open interest’ promissory notes ~ this shows Fraud inherent in the derivative ‘promissory notes’ and scarce Physical Silver.]

  1. This Is The Financial Peak: Futile War On Gold & Silver Creates Opportunities For The Astute Buyer

[Bottom line ~ The Banking Cabal Is Illegally “PAINTING” the price charts to represent a low price per ounce which would be normal if the economy was growing and silver mines were in surplus mining.]

[Yet The Opposite Is True]

  • April Alone Sends A Soaring 562,000 Americans Missing From Obama’s Employment Calculations: The Final Silver & Gold Showdown!

[Silver & gold mines are being closed down due to the banking cabal suppression of the Physical Silver & Gold Prices by fraudulently writing counterfeit Paper Sells of precious metals to the Comex and are permanently unable to supply the Physical Precious Metals when it comes to the end of the “trading day”.]

[Thus] Metals markets are behaving unusually compared to what they’ve done over the past 6 yrs.

  1. Usually signals an exhaustive high and coming cascading collapse of open interest. We’ve been seeing mini-beatdowns in silver but no collapse exhaustion of longs.
  2. US Banks excluded from accounting if “in the national interest” No naming of US banks from the Deutsche Bank investigation – protected?
  3. Foreign Banks subject to different regulatory regimes than US banks Long side appears have to have new players
  4. Players have drained the [Silver] cupboards bare.
  5. Little metal [physical silver] left to justify the False paper price setting.
  6. When Western banks run out of physical metal to feed into the market. Calls into question what is really going on when the US needs to import tons of gold from Switzerland for the first time in decades, when we supposedly have huge reserves on the books. (Not audited!)

Rob Kirby ~ Silver Buyers Forcing The Endgame

[Cabal’s] manipulations are about to collapse.


  • Reluctance of longs to capitulate on their silver
  • [Cabal] importing gold from Switzerland
  • Policies being pursued by Western central banking authorities [keynesian] are failing policies
  • Negative interest rates, paper massaging to contain physical precious metal
  • Sociopath globalists will eventually reach the point where they stop digging
  • Ultimately [Sociopath globalists] want to win the game – before cupboards completely bare aka; if they are able to before the implosion of id and are able to see through their raving self sabotage.
  • COMEX and futures markets will be so discredited, settle everyone in fiat money or book entries.
  • Fiat currency won’t be able to buy metals
  • Seize up of the credit markets

Silver Certificate Fiat Dollar

  • Keynesians [Sociopath globalists] will finally get their way – [fiat] currencies [means unbacked by silver or gold] will revert to true value (zero.) [We can all thank Richard Nixon for succumbing to the pressures of the Rothschild oligarchs to untag our Dollar USD from being backed by gold/silver.]
  • Breakdowns in supply chains, [stock up on groceries] all confidence lost in dollar.
  • People will want to buy anything of real value.
  • Would you rather have no food when the supply chains break down?
  • In Europe 12-13 Trillion sovereign government bonds trading at Negative interest rates [Extreme Usury].
  • Insurance companies required by law [LOL] [Fed Over-Reach] to hold govt bonds on fixed income funds.
  • Poison pill will destroy insurance industry
  • Global capitalist system requires insurance, but we are on a path [Cabal’s Keynesianism] guaranteeing the destruction of the insurance industry.
  • Globalists – Sociopathic and anti-human, promoted by the mainstream media, supporting Hillary Clinton as the establishment candidate for president, vs.
  • Rise of nationalism & populism defying the globalists and groundswell of support for Trump.
  • Given the current sea change in gold & silver movement, negative interest rates poised to kill the insurance industry and seize up credit markets, is there any way we can make it through the next 2 years without a CATASTROPHIC COLLAPSE?

Rob Kirby

People Of Italy Fought Back Against Fascist Mussolini's Coup And Won!
People Of Italy Fought Back Against Fascist Rothschild Mussolini Coup And Won!

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