Ex-P.M. Of Iraq Nouri Maliki: Charges Of Genocide By The ICC.

NWO's Obama & Maliki
Deep State Obama & Maliki

ICC – The International Criminal Court’s decision to refer the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and aides to court on charges of genocide.


The International Criminal Court decided to refer the Chief burden of Nouri al-Maliki and senior aides to court on charges of genocide. Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, spokesperson for the Tribunal for the region of the Middle East, stated that among the agents of Maliki who have been charged by the Court are:

  1. Lt. General Farouk Al-araji, Director of the Office of Al-Maliki’s military,
  2. Lt. Gen. Ali ghaidan land forces Commander and
  3. Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi and
  4. Adnan Al-Assadi agency Senior Deputy to Interior Ministry and
  5. Intelligence chief Zuhair al-Gharbawi, Atta Group Director of operations and
  6. Intelligence group Student Chagatai counter-terrorism Chief.
U.S. ISIS Mosul helicopter
Photos Of U.S. Forces Assisting ISIS Terrorists ~ A U.S. Israeli Mercenary Proxy Army

3/2017 ~ U.S. Helicopters Rescued ISIS Commanders In Mosul

He disclosed that the Court has full files of the crimes committed by Al-Maliki and his associates, including genocide in Anbar, Kirkuk and the flagrant violation of human rights and brutal methods of torture and breaches of fundamental freedoms for citizens in contravention of the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter and international law.


NWO Bush & Maliki
NWO Bush & Maliki ~ Iraq Being Suicided By Rothschild’s IMF & J.P. Morgan

Genocide in Mosul: The Repercussions of Targeting Civilians

APRIL 04, 2017

Iraqis recall a similar visit to Washington in 2011 by the then-prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, which ended with the targeting of Sunni Arabs, beginning with the former Vice President Tariq al-Al-Hashimi, the most senior Sunni Arab figure in the Iraqi government.

This led to the curbing of peaceful Sunni demonstrations and sit-ins in the Iraqi cities of Hawija, Mosul, and Ramadi.

The major outcome of this repression has been that ISIL secured the chance to gain control over about two-thirds of Iraq using a large quantity of arms and ammunitions, an act that some observers described as conspiratorial on the part of al-Maliki.

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