Russian Warplanes Target U.S. Israeli Proxy Terrorists In Syria With Relay Bombings Over East Damascus

Ghouta, Syria

With the arrival of the Su-57s (and additional warplanes in general), it appears that Moscow is expecting major escalations in Syria during 2018

Russian warplanes have gone all-out over the skies of Damascus’ East Ghouta region for another night, carrying out consecutive relay bombings against militant targets for hours on end.

According to military-affiliated sources, Russian airpower conducted a general strike mission across all of militant-held East Ghouta, targeting rebel tactical positions, movements and gathering points with precision weapons.

The night operation saw four to six warplanes – all airborne at the same time – deliver at least 30 strikes in relay to one another in a ‘scout-designate-attack’ fashion similar to how US airpower conducts itself.

The up-scaled Russian bombardment effort over East Ghouta follows the very recent reinforcement of its air group in Syria represented by the arrival of ten new warplanes (as far as visual confirmation confirms) among which are two Su-57 stealth fighters.

Russia News Now

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