Hungary Demands €1BILLION Refund From Brussel’s European Union

Twenty-five years after helping topple Communism, Prime Minister Victor Orban of Hungary has come to question E.U. values.

HUNGARY’S Prime Minister Viktor Orban has set up a tense showdown with the E.U. elite, after he delivered a fiery speech which included shock demands for a massive refund from the bloc’s coffers.

Viktor Orban, who has long been a critic of the EU establishment, released a set of demands yesterday that are set to put him on a collision course with [deep state] Brussels.

Hungary’s leader said his country has been on the frontlines of defending Europe’s borders and, as a reward, Budapest deserves a massive refund.

In a video posted to his Facebook page ahead of an informal EU summit, Mr Orban detailed why Hungary now deserves at least half of the one billion euros they have spent on border protection to be reimbursed from EU funds.

This would see Brussels hand over more than £450million to Hungary, against the backdrop of concerns surrounding the future sustainability of the EU’s budget.

Mr Orban said: “It’s time to start substantial negotiations on money. We’ve spent over €1 billion on border protection.

“We’re not only protecting ourselves, but Europe as well. At least half of this sum should be reimbursed.”

The controversial prime minister also proposed a bold new scheme to increase role of national parliaments and sovereignty in EU decision-making.

This so-called ‘red card procedure’ proposal would give national parliaments in power to “stop debates in Europe” if they perceive them to be a threat to their national interests.

Mr Orban also shot down the several “completely absurd proposals on the table,” including “taking migrants into consideration during the distribution of parliamentary seats in the European Parliament”.

He said: “The European Union belongs to Europeans and European citizens.”

Sunday Express

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