Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Essay: ‘The Church and the scandal of sexual abuse’

A new essay from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI explores the nature of the Church’s current sexual abuse crisis. Here is the full text.

Source: Full text of Benedict XVI essay: ‘The Church and the scandal of sexual abuse’

  1. CDC Executive Summary: Homosexuality High Risk Life Style
  2. Homosexuality “An Addiction” Not Genetic: Concludes Head of The Human Genome Project
  3. Taiwan Blocked Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ And Sexual Depravity Being Taught In Schools
  4. Russian Parliament Passes Bill 436-0 — Banning Homosexual Propaganda From Younger Citizens.
  5. Homosexuality Kills More Than Double The People Than Do Cars, Suicide, Violence By Guns & War Combined: 617,000 Dead In U.S. From AIDS ~ Lead Cause Same Sex:
  6. Statement From Archbishop For U.S. Military Services On Same-Sex Relationships: No Authority May Force A Catholic Priest To Witness Or Bless Union Of Same Sex Couples
  7. Facts Expose New York Times Buffoonery With Wisconsin Homosexual Case : Roman Catholic Church Largest Religious In The World, Is Bottom Of The List Statistically In Relation To Sexual Scandal!

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