Michael E. Mann, Director Of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center In Hot Seat Over Global Warming Emails

Global-warming skeptics say leaked messages show professor Michael E. Mann, distorted facts

Penn State scientist in hot seat over global warming e-mails


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By Editor  Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Penn State University science professor is at the center of the firestorm over an anonymous hacker’s release of more than 1,000 once-private e-mails sent by global warming scientists.

Michael E. Mann, director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center, is marked as author, recipient or subject of several of the e-mails, which skeptics say are proof that Mann and others have been distorting data to make the case for global warming.

Mann has denied any manipulation of facts, but skeptics are pointing to one e-mail in particular as evidence that he and others have engaged in a statistical deception to hide drops in global temperatures and exaggerate warming trends.


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