Maybe We CAN Clean Out Congress NOW, Legally! – By The Regulator

There is a legal procedure that we are free to use that may enable us to get rid of the members of Congress who have chosen to betray our nation and put us in bondage.


On Wickipedia is the outline on the WRIT OF MANDAMUS. I urge everyone who reads this to check it out, there are a number of sites relating to it, the one mentioned is the most basic that I found.

It is a LEGAL action that ANYONE can file that compels a ‘public figure’ , lie a Senator Pelosi , and our local ones, to fulfill their oath of offices! This can be filed as a group effort or a whole batch of us as individuals , either or both is very likely to get the RAPID attention of our creepy crawly members of Congress. Those that are left standing would most likely get the idea that THEY can be dumped , too, unless they abide by what is right .

For those who do not have the money to file a law suit it is not difficult to file IFP PR SE, for those w ho have lost jobs, etc , this a MARVELOUS vehicle That would bring the plight of the jobless home REAL fast! With IFP PR SE an ‘indigent’ citizen may file without court cost in the federal court , without a lawyer; I did this when I was mutilated after I blew the whistle at the army facility in EL Paso / that is a story that must be told ! I had hired a lawayer and 2 fed agents went to his office and confiscated my files!!!!! I was left with NO legal training and NO money; My case was orchestrated by and from the BUSH White House [ illegally!} and was the catalyst for Sen Strom thurmond endorsing Bob Dole vs G W H Bush for president ; G W Bush and Lee Atwater went after him with a vengence.} / out of my experience I did learn HOW we can file on our own: After a court order was generated at the White House on Presidential seal water marked paper and I objected the judge ruled ALL FILES SEALED and that I am not allowed to EVER file in any court again.

This is not the place to go into all of that now, it is related only to serve to make the point WE CAN file , and I am more than willing to assist anyone who would like it, I am NOT a lawyer, in fact I overheard the one clerk of Courts refer tome as a quasi-literate hillbilly housewife” , so I used that to MY advantage. One Fed atty told me that she would rather come up against 10 Harvard educated attys than me as I actually knew more than she did! We learn when we must.

With the WRITE of MANDAMUS we can FORCE the members of Congress to ‘HEAR US NOW” , loud and clear. It needs to be used all across the nation, and certainly in LA ! Perhaps Jay Sekolov would consider helping with this? A stack of congress members with ‘ their feet in the fires of the legal process ” could immediately end the Death care Bill,( I am old, and when you get 80 one does become a bit sensitive about that!) AND ‘encourage ‘ members of Congress to STOP FUNDING THE CZARS that circumvent congress and every thing we hold dear.

I suspect a few ‘chats’ with one’s representative / senator that t is’ EITHER -OR ‘ most would prefer the EITHER ! For the truly reprehensible ones just filing the Writ could send shock waves heard through out the halls of Congress!

My direct email is I welcome direct response as well as any posted ones.

One thisn is essential, we HAVE to get clear on hte fact BOTH parties are polluted and it is clean up time or we WILL go down as a nation; PLEASE go to the site for ted Gunderson, a wonderful retired FBI field director; ‘ educate-yourself’ has the data that explains WHY so many REPUBLICANS CAN NOT VOTE TO REPRESENT US! THEY MOLESTED CHILDREN FLOWN IN FROM BOY’S TOWN ,NE. BY LARRY KING FOR THE DC CONVENTION for BUSH SR. … and they are soooo compromised they are blackmailed! This is not the raving of an old woman, it is for real! I personally took the videos of THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE and the file of THE FINDERS GROUP ( a CIA GROUP ) to Rep John Duncan, Bill FRIST ( who resigned) and Lamar Alexander/ THEY KNOW! They have done nothing to correct this cesspool. that is tooo corrupted to be of any value to us. ted has posted it all for anyone to read. My Jesus said if we do it to the LEAST of ONE OF THESE , HIS CHILDREN we do it unto HIM! Would you still stand by and allow these kids to be raped, bones broken and burned, given drugs , etc with out a word of protest against the criminals in HIGH places who did this?? Can we expect a just God to bless a nation who ALLOWS such things ? When we do allow it we enable it. We share the guilt.

WE have the weapons and if you will read the web sites you may find both the REASON and the weapon to bring this criminal cabal in the White House and the enablers in Congress to the dumping ground for such refuse .

Agape, Roberta Hamlin


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