Obama Eligibility Moves To The Floor Of Congress! : Congressman Steve King (R – Iowa)

BREAKING : Obama Motorcade Drove Past Electronic Billboard: ‘Where’s The Birth Certificate?’

BREAKING – Senior Hawaii Election Official Released From Confidentiality : I’d Testify Obama Not Born In Hawaii

BREAKING : Obama Passport Witness Fatally Shot Outside Church!

Colonel Terry Lakin Explains Seeking Obama Eligibility Proof!

New Obama Eligibility Lawsuit Filed Against CA Secretary Of State

More Trouble For Barry Soetoro : Two Independent Investigations Shows Connecticut Social Security Number Tied To Obama.

Governor Linda Lingle, R-Hawaii Makes Irrational Statement : Contradicts (Fact #1) Presidential Order And (Fact #2) Over $1.7 Million USD Spent By Obama Keeping Birth Certificate Sealed.

Breaking : New In-Depth Investigation Into Soetoro aka; Obama Spells Trouble Ahead!

U.S. Citizens Have Good Reason To Doubt Putative President Soetoro/obama Was Born In Hawaii.

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