United States Chamber Of Commerce: Investigating Felon George Soros Funding Of Insider Trading Scheme Against America!


Soros & Bernake Methodically Destroying America From The Inside!

The United States Chamber Of Commerce should be releasing a report soon with their information about George Soros.

He is the major funder of a 527 wide range of leftist groups including (MoveOn.Org), influential socialist think tanks like (Center for American Progress),  left-wing politicians (including Barack Obama) and left–wing media outlets (NPR, Media Matters). But his resume does not stop there (see the long list of groups he funds here). He has had a long running role behind the scenes at the Communist United Nations, and recently upped his game and visibility by “serving” on a Communist United Nations Panel that urged a ponzi global Climate Change Tax to fund ponzi green energy schemes (he plans to invest one billion dollars-to start- in renewable energy ventures and thus would be a beneficiary of the subsidies/inside trading scheme and governmental rules/inside trading assuredness panels that these grossly inefficient ventures need to prosper).

Barack Obama and the Democrats practiced the politics of fear (and xenophobia) when they dreamed up the idea of linking the Chamber’s political efforts to foreign funny money (even the New York Times dismissed Obama’s charge) and liberals demonized the Koch brothers for their political activism, George Soros and his role as the sugar daddy of the Democrats still receives hardly a mention. Hopefully, that will change in the days ahead as the chamber releases its report regarding the “one person” funding much of the New World Order montra.

The Democratic Party should be ashamed of its close ties to George Soros.

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Think about it: George Washington was the father of the nation; Abraham Lincoln was basically the father of the Republican Party; and George Soros is the sugar daddy of the Democrats — quite a patrimony.

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