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What you didn’t hear:  Acorn leader convicted of Vote Fraud!

While the news cycle has been dominated for the last four days with the aftermath of the Tuscon shooting, one very important story is not out there, or at least not out there with significant coverage.

An executive with ACORN has been convicted of voter fraud in Nevada.   Amy Adele Busefink was convicted of voter fraud in Las Vegas.  She was given a two year sentence, which was regrettably, suspended.

In 2008, Busefink ran Acorn’s voter registration drive in Nevada.  Nevada officials threw out an amazing 400,000  bogus registrations ACORN had submitted.  To put this into perspective, the 2009 population of Nevada, was 2.6 million!  Those kind of numbers can mean a huge impact in an election.  ACORN darling Harry Reid barely won reelection and you have to wonder how many fraudulent ACORN votes were delivered for Reid and if those votes were his margin of victory.

This type of electoral fraud and the absolute scale of it scream that all involved should be put in jail.  However, ACORN voter fraud is always to the benefit of Democrats and Busefink was lucky enough to be in front of a, you guessed it, Democrat Judge for sentencing.   Judge Donald Mosley is a member of the Clark County Democratic Party. He has also had his own ethical campaign issues.

What is even more shocking is that Busefink, after being charged with voter fraud for her activities in 2008, then in 2010, she ran the national vote drive for Project Vote, which is an alter ego of ACORN.   Guess who else used to work for Project Vote?  None other than Barack Obama.

Busefink is not the first ACORN employee to be convicted.  The Las Vegas field director was and ACORN itself, even though it has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will be tried on these charges in April.   Do not expect a lot of media coverage on that one either.

There are two real scandals here.  The first is why a group like ACORN has continued to be able to receive tax dollars for anything. ACORN’s antics have been well known, yet over the last two decades, under both Republican and Democrat administrations, they have continued to feed at the tax payer trough.

The second and biggest scandal here is why groups like ACORN and Project Vote are allowed to do voter registrations at all.   Leftist groups have developed a strategy of filing massive numbers of voter registrations at the last minute, overwhelming the ability of local election boards to verify the applications.  Last year, in both Colorado and Arizona, election offices were bombarded last minute registrations.  In Arizona, at least one in four was fraudulent and probably would have found more if they had time.

As conservatives fight back and take the country back from the Socialists, one of the our top agenda items needs to be repeal of the laws that enable these liberal groups to engage in massive voter fraud.

The question will be, will our newly elected leaders have the backbone for the fight?

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