Jimbo McDermott: Obama Bailout For World’s Richest 1% ~ While National Unemployment Is Near 17%

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Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) said Friday that the first bill that should come out of Congress is an extension of unemployment benefits…

The Hill

Democrat Robert Reich Admits Money Is Being Funneled Out Of The USA

However, this little Napoleon (Robert Reich), is simply using his disarming oratory skills to bolster Obama’s platform for socialism.

Flashback: Clinton Repeals Glass-Steagall

IOWs, he is repeating the lie that  USA’s ‘Productivity Echelon’ is to blame ~ when in reality it is Obama bailing out (via stimulus ploy) the World’s Richest 1% – aka; British Monarchy‘s International Banking Cartel. He bailed out no one ~ this was simple pilfering of America’s wealth ~ exactly like giving the cartel ‘bonds’ to be paid off by American sweat for generations to come. He enslaved the American economy to the British Monarchy. The Glass Steagall Act will instantaneously destroy this manufactured debt ~ in fact, The Monarchy threatened War when it was brought up for a vote, which was a farce anyways because of the way The Glass Steagall Act was presented to Congress in 2009

America Nulls & Voids Obama’s Counterfeit Debt With The Glass Steagall Act : Britain Threatens War!

Iceland Takes The Lead In Checkmating The Queen’s New World Order Ponzi Scheme.

“…the British Foreign Office has communicated direct threats to the U.S. Department of State, warning, in effect, that any move to reinstate Glass Steagall will be considered an act of agression against the British government, by which they mean the British Monarchy and the City of London financiers.”

Socialism has universal disdain toward the middle class – the bourgeoisie – by elitists with cosmic visions can be more readily understood in light of the role of such visions, as personal gratification and personal license. The middle classes have been classically people of production,  rules, traditions, and self-discipline

Britain Caught Absconding America’s Wealth : ‘Their Spin’ Britain Threatens War – British Foreign Office Has Communicated Direct Threats To Sovereign U.S. Department Of State : Passage Of McCain/Cantwell Glass Steagall Amendment Will Be An Act Of War Against The British/Rothschild Government!


Jacob Rothschild – British Banking Cartel Crashing : Only America’s Glass Steagall Act Can Save USA

Congress Under White House Pressure To Vote Against Glass-Steagall

September 30, 2010 • 10:05AM

Under growing popular pressure from the LaRouche PAC mobilization, “Don’t go home without passing Glass-Steagall,” Congress is nervously approaching the time when President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want it to adjourn, suicidally for the nation, until mid-November.

Over the past two weeks of intense mobilization, the Congressional sponsors of the existing bills to restore Glass-Steagall have avoided substantive discussions with LPAC organizers on Capitol Hill, and have not moved any action to raise Glass-Steagall on the House or Senate floor. This, although LPAC has clearly been generating additional support for such action; House members have joined the existing bills as co-sponsors, and one has put LPAC’s famous “Glass-Steagall or Die” poster on the wall of his main Congressional office.

These sponsors, as Lyndon LaRouche noted yesterday, are under intense pressure from the Obama White House with its British controllers, NOT to make any move toward a fight for Glass-Steagall — legislation which British representatives have made clear they would view as an American act of hostility to the Empire.

In an interesting sign of the Congress’ fears of adjourning without doing anything about the crash, and having to face their enraged constituents until Election Day, came in the House on Wednesday. Republican leader John Boehner made a motion that the House should not adjourn, basing this on inaction on the issue of tax cuts. To both Pelosi’s and Boehner’s great surprise, 39 Democrats voted with the Republicans not to adjourn. “Democrats Rebuke Leaders on Adjournment Vote,” headlined Politico, after it took Pelosi’s rare personal vote to defeat Boehner’s motion 210-209. The Democrats who did not want to adjourn included many in close re-election races, many relatively conservative Democrats, and half a dozen known supporters of Glass-Steagall.


True unemployment still Near 17%

The government reports that the unemployment rate remained stuck at 9.6 percent in October.

The government’s broader measure of unemployment, sometimes referred to “true unemployment,” is still at 17 percent. There was drop of 318,000 in the number of people employed part time but who would prefer full-time work. The drop resulted in a slight decrease in true unemployment from 17.1 to 17.0 percent.

The higher, more inclusive, unemployment number is buried in the government’s monthly report as “U6 Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force” in “Table A-15. Alternative measures of labor underutilization.” Unlike the “official” unemployment rate, the U6 number includes both marginal and part-time workers as the “true” or “real” unemployment level.

As explained earlier, the number of people underemployed is equivalent to:

  • The 50 largest U.S. companies (by number of employees) laying off all of their workers, hiring new workers, and then laying them off too.
  • More than all of the employees in the U.S. manufacturing and retail industries.
  • Everyone who currently has a job in these twenty-seven states: Alabama, S. Carolina, Kentucky, Connecticut, Oregon, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Utah, Arkansas, Nevada, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, W. Virginia, New Hampshire, Idaho, Maine, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming.

As we said last month, this is once again a good time to recall President Obama’s promises about his failed so-called stimulus boondoggle.


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