Astrophysicist..Global Warming Fears Are False: Heads Will Roll!

Astrophysicist: ‘Case for climate fear is blown to smithereens…whole theory destroyed and discarded and U.N. Should Be Brought Up On Charges Of Crimes Against Humanity!

‘The end to this anti-scientific nonsense is now’

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, of the long range solar forecast group Weather Action, declared the Climate Gate revelations have rendered the marketing of global warming fears “false.”

“The case is blown to smithereens and this whole theory should be destroyed and discarded and Copenhagen conference should be closed,” Corbyn said in a contentious on air television exchange with an environmental activist with Russia’s WWF. The live TV debate with Corbyn appeared on Moscow’s RT TV. The RT TV’s segment was titled “Heating Cheating.” See Full Video of Debate here.

“The world is cooling and has been cooling for 7 years and the leading scientists, so-called ‘scientists’ have been trying to hide that evidence,” Corbyn said in reference to hacked emails showing top UN IPCC scientists apparently conspiring to manipulate temperature data and exclude scientific studies from peer-review that they did not agree with.

“We should end this anti-scientific nonsense now,” Corbyn said.

“The data, real data, over the last one thousand, ten thousand or million years, shows there is no relationship between carbon dioxide and world temperatures or climate extremes. Now we can see that actually the people in charge of data have been fiddling it, and they have been hiding the real decline in world temperatures in an attempt to keep their so called moral high ground,” Corbyn told host Bill Dod and Aleksey Kokorin, the Climate Program Coordinator for WWF in Russia.

The upcoming UN global warming summit in Copenhagen is a “complete waste of time,” according to Corbyn.

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‘A scandal’

“The Copenhagen jamboree is a scandal and it must be stopped,” he added.

“There is a gigantic bandwagon run by governments who want to control world energy supplies and hold back development in the third world. This thing they are doing now is just the same as they are doing in the banking crisis, it is creating a whole bubble of false values,” Corbyn explained.

Corbyn said the ClimateGate revelations further revealed that man-made climate fears are not scientifically valid.

“Their claims are false, I repeat, they are false, and this theory they’ve got is like the titanic and it will crash. I would suggest that honest green campaigners who want to preserve biodiversity should get off this [man-made global warming] bandwagon before it sinks,” Corbyn explained.

“Carbon dioxide levels are driven by temps, not the other way around. There have been big peaks in CO2 in past…carbon dioxide is actually a good thing for the world,” Corbyn explained. “More CO2 makes plants and animals more efficient,” he added.