Obama Destroys Middle Class: 9.1% Currently Receiving Unemployment Insurance ~ While +22% Currently Have No Unemployment Insurance ~So You’re Given Food Stamps! Productivity Falls, Government Debt Goes Up ~ Perfect Socialism!

June 1, 2011 – The number of people depending on the government is increasing at a dramatic rate.  More than 44.5 million Americans, nearly 21 million households, are now receiving food stamps.  This is an increase of 11% from one year ago and a 61% increase from just four years ago.

Here is just another example of a government program that has grown out of control.  When established in 1964, the Food Stamp Act appropriated $75 million to 350,000 individuals in 40 counties and three cities.  At the time, the Agriculture Department estimated that participation in the program would eventually reach 4 million, at a cost of $360 million annually.  By 2010, it reached over 40 million Americans costing $68 billion in one year.

The seasonally-adjusted SGS Alternate Unemployment Rate reflects current unemployment reporting methodology adjusted for SGS-estimated long-term discouraged workers, who were defined out of official existence in 1994. That estimate is added to the BLS estimate of U-6 unemployment, which includes short-term discouraged workers.

The U-3 unemployment rate is the monthly headline number. The U-6 unemployment rate is the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) broadest unemployment measure, including short-term discouraged and other marginally-attached workers as well as those forced to work part-time because they cannot find full-time employment.


The unemployment rate that is released by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), propped by media and socialist politicians is the narrowly focused 30 Day ~ U3 rate, which stands at 9.1 percent as of June 2011. The U3 rate is the best sounding scenario when it comes to reporting unemployment to America, because it doesn’t include workers (over 30 days who cannot find work) and the underemployed (those that are working part-time, but cannot find full-time work anymore). Note that part-time workers that are counted as employed in U-3 calculations, could be working as little as an hour a week to help bolster the U3 for the media.

When workers can no longer find employment and or have become underemployed outside the 30 day period, you end up with the 4 Month ~ U6 rate, or the “REAL” unemployment rate. As of June 2011, that rate for the unemployed up to 10 months +39 weeks, is at 15.8 percent. The SGS or Long term discouraged workers usually off of any unemployment insurance is near +22% up to June 2011.

Who is counted as unemployed?
Persons are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work. Actively looking for work may consist of any of the following activities:

  • Contacting:
    • An employer directly or having a job interview
    • A public or private employment agency
    • Friends or relatives
    • A school or university employment center
  • Sending out resumes or filling out applications
  • Placing or answering advertisements
  • Checking union or professional registers
  • Some other means of active job search

Who is not in the labor force?
Labor force measures are based on the civilian noninstitutional population 16 years old and over. Excluded are persons under 16 years of age, all persons confined to institutions such as nursing homes and prisons, and persons on active duty in the Armed Forces. The labor force is made up of the employed and the unemployed. The remainder—those who have no job and are not looking for one—are counted as “not in the labor force.” Many who are not in the labor force are going to school or are retired. Family responsibilities keep others out of the labor force.

Its interesting to note that when the socialists were screaming for health insurance for all, they tallied the millionaires who were self insured and incorporated them into their 46.577 million uninsured statistics. Do you know how many just did not want insurance at the self insured level? Approximately 1/3 of 46.577 are self insured which equals approximately 15.5 million people. Now the number is down to 31 million people. Now we need to subtract the criminal aliens/aliens who are not citizens, this number is at 10 million which the socialists used to derive 46.577. This now brings the 46.577  from 31 million to now 21 million people uninsured. When all is said and done only 8.2 million are uninsured for up to two years, this is a vastly different and more accurate number than the socialists put together for bamboozling the American Citizen.


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