British Monarchy’s Debt Loading Of The United States: Turncoat John McCain Repudiating American Citizens!

We have now been pushed into an incredibly dangerous situation after the vote in both houses of congress this week. Lyndon LaRouche addresses that situation and offers an ultimatum: either the American people mobilize to sink Obama and what he represents, or we lose the nation, and that, soon.

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1.46 Minutes Of Orchestrated Deception By John McCain Who Is Owned And Operated By Rockefeller!

  1. MSNBC Hired Psychologist Stanton Peele On Tea Partiers: Analysis Of Tea Partiers Correlates With Vampire Movie ‘Blade Trinity’. Hilarious!

Why Has Obama Slashed $108.8 Billion From The American People’s Livelihood?

  1. Sorry Tommy Coburn: Obama & The Banking Cartel Already Cut Education Assistance By $100 Billion, Already Cut Food Stamps By $2.2 Billion, & Health Care By +$6.6 Billion.

  1. Congressman Ron Paul Introduces H.R. 2768: Immediately Strip $1.6 Trillion From Rothschild’s Federal Reserve.