Wisconsin Taxpayers Come Through: Democrat Recall Effort Fails ~ States Have Constitutional Duty To Balance Their Budget.

RUSH: We’ve got the Wisconsin recall elections. The Republicans held the Senate, four out of six seats. The Democrats are claiming voter fraud.  By the way, how could it happen without me, El Rushbo, even talking about it?  This is another thing that has to worry the Democrats.  They spent 35 million, and the unions are already planning on protesting. They’re already planning their own London-type reaction to this.  They put $35 million in there.  This a big, big deal.  They spent $35 million, and it is a salient point that I did this on purpose, folks.  I didn’t say a word about it.  I had e-mails from people, “Rush! Rush! Wisconsin is important! You gotta remind people,” and I was tempted.  But I figured if the people of Wisconsin don’t know what’s going on, it’s hopeless.

If the people of Wisconsin don’t know what’s at stake, if I have to tell ’em, it’s over anyway. So I backed out.  I didn’t say a word about it. I wanted to see what the people, what the voters of Wisconsin thought. I wanted to see where they were on their own without anybody then coming back and say, “Well, yeah, but, of course, Limbaugh was in every day trumping the thing up; lying to the people in Wisconsin.” I didn’t want any of that charge leveled.  So that’s why it is really good and exciting news what happened there.


RUSH: Let’s move on to Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin recall.  By turning back the Democrats’ attempt to recall — and I tell you, those were heroic Republican state senators that voted against all the union activity in Wisconsin. You know, ending the collective bargaining and making ’em pay a little bit toward their own retirement and so forth, that was big stuff when it happened — and it was gutsy and it was courageous. Not only the Republican governor, but these Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature.  By turning back the Democrat attempt to recall — there were six Republican senators that they were trying to recall, four of them were victorious, four Republicans won — they maintained control of the Senate in Wisconsin.  This means that the people of Wisconsin have fended off what amounted to a government-union takeover.

The unions were trying via the recall election to take over the state of Wisconsin.  The people of Wisconsin rejected it.  The Democrats and the unions and their allies in the media (which is to say the media) tried everything.  They pulled out all the stops.  What was it, $35 million?  They had all their goons running around, and they still lost, all of which should be very inspiring to the rest of us.  I mean, if the taxpayers of Wisconsin can win against all those odds… You know, Wisconsin is only recently a red state, and that’s why this was important.  Only recently.  Would its new status as a red state hold? It did.  If the taxpayers of Wisconsin can win against all those odds, we should be able to do the same thing in every state, and in Washington, DC.

We ought to be able to roll back Obamacare.  In fact we ought to be able to roll back everything Obama has given us over the last two and a half years.  We should be able to roll back the whole Democrat agenda for the last 65 years.  Yes, we can!  There are two recall elections left, both Democrats.  And if they lose, there will be the exact makeup of Democrat-Republicans in Wisconsin as before the recall elections, after 35 mill.

BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH:  Okay, on to the audio sound bites out of Wisconsin.  Last night, MSNBC had a special edition of a program they have called The Last Word, and the fill-in host was Sergeant Schultz, reporting live from Madison.  They were so excited, folks.  (Excuse me.  I have something in my left eye.)  They were so excited out there.  They thought this was going to be the night that they rolled it all back. “The unions retook power” and MSNBC, and Sergeant Schultz — fresh from the railroad car graveyard where he films promos — was sent out to Madison Wisconsinto chronicle this great comeback.  I mean think of how bad it would have been without Sharpton’s inspiring speech.  If they hadn’t had Sharpton on MSNBC inspiring people in Wisconsin, my gosh, this could have been a landslide.  At any rate, they’re talking to Wisconsin Farmers Union member Tony Schultz.  Sergeant Schultz said to Tony Schultz, “The magic number’s three, but you got two so far.”TONY:  I’m encouraged, but we need three.  We need three, and we can’t have Florida-style shenanigans calling for —

FOLLOWERS: (crazy cheers and applause)

TONY: We need democracy to call this race!

RUSH:  Okay.  That was before the results were known.  Then when the results were known and they came in and they lost, they began demanding investigations.  Last night on MSNBC’s special edition of The Last Word, the fill-in host, Sergeant Schultz — again, they brought him off the railroad car graveyard and sent him in to Madison, Wisconsin — talked to John Nichols of The Nation magazine.  Sergeant Schultz said, “When you mention the name of what county official was in charge of the votes in Waukesha County, you heard the response of the crowd. Been down this road before.  What does it mean, John?”

NICHOLS:  It comes down to Waukesha County —

FOLLOWERS: (groaning)

NICHOLS: — the county that has been the trouble zone in getting our votes counted.  When you have trouble election after election after election, you start to get to a point where maybe Tammy Baldwin, the congresswoman from Madison, was right when she asked the US Justice Department to come in and look at Waukesha County.

RUSH:  All right. See, they lost, and that can’t possibly be, not in Wisconsin. So there have to be investigations.  And then finally, Sergeant Schultz himself…

SCHULTZ:  You can’t make this stuff up.  You’ve got six recall elections tonight, three go to the Republicans, two go to the Democrats, and one that hasn’t been called and yet, just so happens to be the one that has some shenanigans during the Supreme Court race. (gagging)  I mean, you couldn’t write this.

RUSH:  Right.  And then when it was all over, a victorious Republican stood up to the unions, Alberta Darling.  Last night in… I guess Thiensville is how you pronounce it. Thiensville, Thiensville, Wisconsin, at her victory party, state senator Alberta Darling.

DARLING:  Very proud to say we stood up against the special interest groups, we stood up against the union, and we said, “The voters count! Their words count!”

RUSH:  So, there you have it: Four to two, the Republicans hold the Senate in the state of Wisconsin, beating back the recall. And again, the unions put $35 million in there, dwarfing whatever was spent by the Republicans.

BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH:  This sounds like a broken space satellite.  What is this?  Well, then it is.  It is a broken satellite.  That’s what it sounds like. This is the intro to the Flock of Seagulls and “I Ran.” Remember that video on MTV?  You don’t remember that video?  You people are too young to remember. It’s this dork looking white-haired guy, spiked hair, singing “I Ran” for four minutes.  Yeah. Flock of Seagulls was one guy, a MIDI machine, and a synthesizer.Anyway, let’s go to the phones.  La Crosse, Wisconsin.  William, hello, sir.  You’re first today.  Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER:  Yes, yes.  Nice to speak with you.  Mega dittos! I’m feeling a little ambivalent today.  I’m both happy and I’m sad because here in La Crosse we lost a good senator.  We lost Senator Dan Kapanke who actually voted for the budget repair bill.  We lost him today but at least the Democrats did not take the majority in the Senate.

RUSH:  Yeah, you can’t win everywhere.  I understand your guy lost in Wisconsin. That’s your point, right? That’s why you’re unhappy?  Yeah.

CALLER:  It kills me because the unions came in here and they started pushing their agenda around, wanting to get more union dues and keep feeding the Democrat Party. But I just don’t understand how anybody could possibly vote for a Democrat yet complain that taxes are too high.  It makes no sense.  Why can’t these people be reached?

RUSH:  Well, take a look at what’s happening in London.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  There’s a reason.  In fact, I didn’t print this out because it’s 11 pages, and I’d be tempted to read the whole thing.  There is the best explanation of who, what, when, where, and why. The London rioters: Who they are, what they’re doing, why they’re doing it.  When you read it, you could swear you’re reading about parts of this country as well.  So I e-mailed it to myself but I didn’t print it out.  I guess I could print it out. Now that I mentioned it I’m gonna have to read some of it.  It’s 11 pages long.  I mean, it touches everything.  These people are basically, the people rioting in London are basically human only by virtue of DNA, but they don’t live human lives.

Their thought about the day is their next meal and sex.  They have had no training, they have had no upbringing, they have no manners. They don’t have any concept of it. They are the product of a liberal welfare state.  They are where we end up with socialism.  It is… (interruption) Yeah, it’s 999 over there, yes, but… No! When there are no nuggets over there, they go burn down the McDonald’s. It’s not they call the cops. In Port St. Lucie they called 911 and complain about no McNuggets.  In London if there aren’t any McNuggets, they call their friends on some social network, on their BlackBerrys — that’s what they use over there — and they burn the place down, which is what’s happening.

It’s a fascinating piece, and now that I’ve alluded to it, I’m gonna have to at least excerpt it.

BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH: Tracy in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, welcome, and it’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network.  Hi.CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thank you.  I love you, and thank you for covering Wisconsin the way you do.  I really appreciate it.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I appreciate your saying that.

CALLER:  Question:  President Obama says, daily, he’s laser-like focused on job creation. Could you answer me a question.  Why does he send Organizing for America, SEIU, Richard Trumka, and all the rest of the thugs that he hangs out with to my state to destroy my Republican governor who has done nothing but turn this state around? In six months, he has created 39,000-plus jobs, reduced a $3.6 billion deficit, put us in the black for the first time in 15 years. We have a AAA credit rating, which President Obama does not. He paid back all of our debt. The collective bargaining is profiting every single school district in the state that took advantage of the tools he gave them. They’re actually hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of where they had been, which is putting money into the classroom.

RUSH:  Right.  Let’s answer the question:  ‘Cause Obama doesn’t want any of that.  Obama doesn’t want 39,000 private sector jobs created; he wants union jobs.  Those are the only jobs he cares about.  Union jobs pay dues.  They end up back in his campaign coffers, the campaign coffers of other Democrats.  He likes money laundering operations.  Obama doesn’t care about private sector jobs.  Those are a threat.  Governor Walker’s agenda, successful agenda, is a threat to Obama, a threat to liberals everywhere, a threat to the government.  And you have done a great job of recounting the success that Governor Walker has had to date.

CALLER:  And there’s many more.  We’re calling it the miracle in Wisconsin — and those crazies in Madison? That’s not what democracy looks like.  It was at the voting booth yesterday, sir.

RUSH:  That’s exactly right.  I’ll tell you, it’s even more important to say this again.  Folks, I had people in the last week or two sending me e-mails at my website e-mail: “Rush, these recall election Wisconsin, we can’t afford to lose these, Rush! We can’t afford to lose these! Why are you not talking about it?”  Folks, I must tell you: This was very hard for me to not talk about.  I itched, but I had a theorem — I had a gambit, I had a stratagem, I had confidence — that the recall elections would be won by Republicans.  I had confidence that the Republicans would hold the state, and I wanted those elections to take place without any outside influence.  It’s great today that all these union people and all the Democrats are not running around saying that…

They’re charges fraud, which of course they always do, but they’re not saying that this vote was not legitimate opinion of the people of Wisconsin who voted.  They’re not able to say, “Well, they’re just doing what Limbaugh told ’em to do! They just doing what somebody else told ’em to do.”  They can’t say that.  I must admit to you now, it took a lot of discipline to stay out of it.  ‘Cause it was crucial.  If the Democrats had won — if they had won the state senate back and had succeeded here in this recall — oh, I shudder to think.  It was crucial.  But I also wanted to get a genuine reading of where people are with all this going on

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