Convicted Van Jones Went To Convicted Felon George Soros’s Center For American Progress ~ A Banker’s Scheme Think Tank!


“James Carville Predicts Democrat Scandal Streak”  Beginning With Obama inauguration – NewsMax Saturday, January 3, 2009 10:50 AM

Convicted Of Fraud In France - George Soros The Puppet Master
Convicted Of Fraud In France – George Soros The FELON Puppet Master

This is like watching ‘Lost’. People don’t seem to stay dead.

You did not suffer under the delusion that Democrats are ashamed of their America-haters, cretins, adulterers, racists, perjurers, thieves, tax cheats, and other criminals, did you?

Did you now?

September 6 – Van Jones resigns under pressure as Obama’s ‘Green Jobs Czar’.
September 9 – He’s back at the Center for American Progress, where he was previously a Senior Fellow.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (NTTAWWT), of course.

Make no mistake. Van Jones is well taken care of. Just like Louis Caldera, the fall-guy for that Air Force One fly-over stunt over Lower Manhattan, who also now works at CAP. Tom Daschle is getting along just fine, as is Perjurin’ Bill Clinton. And don’t be surprised at all if convicted felon William Jefferson (D-LA) is well-taken care of once he’s done his time. He’ll land some fat-cat do-nothing job under some leftist umbrella group. No Democrat is ever shamed out of public life; they’re merely transferred to a less visible position from which to continue the same subversion.

CAP is not just *any* old think tank. It is Soros-backed and operated by Clintonista John Podesta. It has a 180-person staff, including at least 10 full-time bloggers, and a $27 million budget. Podesta ran Obama’s transition team. CAP holds policy briefings that are reportedly packed full of reporters and lobbyists who want to get a feel of where the administration is going. They write policy that ends up in these 1,000 page bills Obama keeps trying to shove down our throats.

It is hard to tell where the Obama administration stops and Center for American Progress starts, no? The sad, sick truth is that this nut-job America-hating 9/11 truther will be allowed to influence policy and legislation probably no less than from his position as Green Jobs Czar.


Democrats are primarily about the accumulation and securing of power to themselves, and the advancement of government control over the lives of America’s citizens. It is the fatal flaw of flatulent braying camels like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Trent Lott, Bill O’Reilly, populists, independents, Rockefellerians, and RMSP toads that they assume otherwise, in spite of decades of finding “Kick Me’ signs on their backs and having the Lucy-Charlie Bown-football scene played out too many times to count.

When you understand the nature of the enemy, you have a chance to defeat it — loosely rendered Sun Tzu. Driving Van Jones out of his position was a good thing. Success breeds success, and conservatives are lately on a tremendous roll that may yet topple the entire leftist gameplan, from top to bottom. Just don’t think because we take down a leftist orc that he’s *actually* down until we see his rotting political corpse burning in a pile with the other ones.

democrats_jackass (resized).JPG

Posted by E Pluribus Unum (Profile)

Tuesday, September 15th at 1:30PM EDT

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