United States Sheriffs Uniting To End State And Federal Tyranny!

Group Photo January 30, 2012

Group Photo Taken at January 30, 2012 Meeting

Thank You Sheriffs & Peace Officers Who Made the January Meetings Such a Success!


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January 30, 2012 Banquet Room
The January 30th, 2012 Banquet Hall at Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Thank You Orange County OathKeepers & Volunteers Who Made the Sheriffs Feel So Welcome!

Orange County CA OathKeepers Volunteers

January 30th, 2012 Agenda


10% Can Turn the Tide!

Dear Friends,

What would you do if you knew you had just one chance to save your family and country from complete and utter destruction? What would you do if you knew there was a lawful and peaceful way to restore the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land?

As a former peace officer and county sheriff, if I were to take the stand in court right this minute, and be sworn to tell the truth, I would, without any hesitation or ambiguity, testify to you and every American, that there is a solution, that there is in fact a way to secure liberty, protect ourselves and our families, and once again live in peace and freedom.


The solution is in your hands, it is within your own backyard, it is right in your own county.  The solution is state sovereignty and each county acting in accordance with the principles established in the 10th Amendment. It’s you working with your county sheriff and locally elected officials to stand up for the Bill of Rights and to stand against the out of control federal government and its agencies.


New Mexico Residents Defy Federal Government


Sheriffs Rising Up