World News: Time To Break Up the United Kingdom

Most Americans Do Not Know That Britain Declared War Upon America On May 14, 2010 Should The McCain-Cantwell Bill Pass, which was a watered down version of The Glass Steagall Act.
The Good People Of Britain Are Subjected To This Same Derivative Bailout Scheme And Are Also Fighting The Rothschild/Monarchy Banking Cartel In Their NWO Scheme. Same With Iceland, Greece, Germany, etc.

British Foreign Office Declared War

March 1, 2012 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche on Feb. 26 declared that the time has now arrived to break up the British Empire and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a farce. The British Empire still exists in the form of the global monetarist system, which is on its last dying legs. It is that monetarist system that is the very essence of the British Empire today. There is no reason for the people of the British Isles to remain as slaves to a monetarist monster. LaRouche declared that all patriotic Americans will support him in this call. There is growing and widespread sentiment among patriotic Irish and Scottish, as well, to end the United Kingdom.

The British Monarchy is now desperate to destroy the United States, Russia, China, and India in an orchestrated thermonuclear confrontation, which they believe will be centered in Eurasia and North America, and will wipe out six out of seven billion inhabitants of this planet. That mass genocide has been the policy of Prince Philip and his ilk for a very long time, but now it comes down to a matter of absolute desperation, given the accelerating disintegration of that monetarist system, particularly the so-called Eurozone.

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Iran and Syria are the mere triggering events. The British Empire’s objective is a global thermonuclear holocaust. In their sick delusions, they believe that they will survive this thermonuclear World War III and that their imperial system will be preserved. “Their way” will survive. Don’t they understand that the first retaliatory strikes by Russia, if it detects a launch of Western nuclear weapons, will be on London? Have they not been paying attention to what Putin, Medvedev, and the Russian generals have been saying for weeks and months?

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