Lawsuit Filed Against Janet Napolitano: DHS Prefer Gal Pals

WASHINGTON (BHN) – A veteran U.S. law enforcement official has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, charging she pushed him aside in favor of Dora Schriro, a far-less qualified woman she was having a relationship with.

“Despite my knowledge and experience, Miss Napolitano saw fit to increasingly ignore me, finally placing a clueless carpet-muncher with the IQ of a toaster into the bogus position of ‘special adviser,’ the individual’s suit claims. “Her only advice appeared to be for Napolitano to wear tighter pants.”

A friend of Napolitano denied the lawsuit’s claims, saying “the two are simply co-workers who enjoy each others’ company – usually with large quantities of baby oil.”


Department of Hyper Sexuality.

Washington, D.C. – One would think, hope perhaps, that at the highest levels of power in a government as sophisticated as the one in the United States that the individuals would be above the petty and immature acts conducted by so many others.janet napolitano dhs

Though in any business setting, and the government is surely a business, there can be instances of abuse of power, perceived or real, that can cause serious trouble for the people in charge, one would hope that having a truly powerful position would preclude someone from behaving in such a manner.

According to a new lawsuit, that is not the case, at least when it comes to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. According to the suit, Napolitano has a long history of sexual discrimination and offensive behaviour, mostly manifesting itself in favouring women over men for jobs and belittling those few men who actually work for her. The suit alleges that Napolitano has routinely hired female pals, all of whom seem to think they are immune to normal rules and regularly sexually abuse male workers. Napolitano has not yet commented on the suit but should it gain ground, it is possible that her lust for women, workers, could be the controversial Secretary’s final undoing.

“In April and May of 2009, Barr removed the entire contents of the offices of three male employees, including nameplates, computers and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters,” said the suit in part, referring to Napolitano’s chief of staff Suzanne Barr. “Barr also created a frat-house type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employee.”

Other charges are along similar lines with the key apparently being that Napolitano did nothing to stop the abuse and continued to hire the women she likes so much.

Napolitano has routinely been under fire in part because people really don’t like her boss, the male Barack Obama.

“This is certainly not the type of thing that the Obama campaign needs right now and it could very well lead to the ultimate demise of Napolitano. I mean not a literally demise of course, I seriously doubt they would kill her, but her downfall, like her job and position and everything like that,” said Scrape TV Political analyst Gabriel Kinsey. “Obviously they are going to have to play it out a little longer and I doubt she will go before the election but if any of this is true they will have no option but to axe her. You can’t have that kind of thing happening and then getting out to the public.”

It’s not totally clear why Napolitano favours women over men so much. In fact, until the suit it isn’t something anyone suspected, even a little bit.

“This type of thing is totally unacceptable in a corporate situation and even more unacceptable in a government situation. There is a higher level of responsibility on people in those positions and clearly, if this is true, that has been betrayed,” continued Kinsey. “Clearly Napolitano prefers women, in jobs, but that doesn’t mean she should be looking the other way when they do bad things. Sure, they are special friends, maybe even very special friends, very close friends, but you have a greater responsibility in that role and that has to take priority. They can always stay friends outside work even if you have to put your foot down at work.”

Napolitano hasn’t stopped hiring her special female friends since the suit was filed in May, not even slowed down in fact.


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