Whistle Blowers: Barack Obama Violates Federal Court Order ~ Charlotte N C. Indictments And Impeachment.

This is the fourth installment of Fred Mauney’s first amendment civil rights lawsuit against then candidate Barack Obama, Councilman, Police Department, Bahakel Communications of the City of Charlotte North Carolina also known as the Queen city.

This video informs the public at large that Fred Mauney filed his state complaint as pendant action in District Court. Fred further explains that State Court Judge Lane F. Williamson, case # ll-CVS-87S4 broke the law when he did not examine the order issued by District Court Judge R. J. Conrad, Jr. case # 3:11cv215-RJC.

Fred Mauney attempted presentation of a court order to the state court judge but he refused. However Fred Mauney did hand the defendants attorneys a copy of said order to which the defendants attorneys took no action.

As I was sitting with professor William W. Van Alstyne, Lee Professor of Law, in his office at William & Mary College and him going over the 1st and 3rd documents mentioned… He sort of gazed at me for a few moments as he was carefully selecting his words and said as best as I can quote.

“Fred, Let me put it this way…If anybody were to walk into a courtroom where litigation was going on and announce to the court that they had an order from a superior court to it that put a hold or suspension on that courts proceedings, that the judge has a duty to look at and confirm it. Not to do so is “Misconduct” and further more unacceptable conduct that can’t be allowed in a judge.”

“And for the attorney’s not just for the plaintiff’s or defendants in said case, but any attorneys in that courtroom to allow a judge to not only disregard, but to not even look at the order was ‘Misconduct’ of all the attorney’s and also unacceptable conduct that shows not only their disregard for the “Rule of Law” but a predisposed mind to do so….this is remedied by permanent removal from the bar as officers of the court.”
The only explanation is that there must be quid pro quo bribery going on between the attorneys involved and with the judge.

What about the 20 million dollars a councilman expressed his concern for in the Fred’ video titled “The DNC, Charlotte, N.C. is Obama’s, ‘No First Amendment Zone'” posted on Fred’s YouTube page.

This is a continuation of Fred’s You Tube video “The Quid Pro Quo/Bribery of State and Federal Judge’s” in which Fred appears before the Charlotte City Council and gives them documentation of the federal lawsuit against the city Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Center which will be hosting the DNC’s presidential convention this September with the wholesale rape of the American Citizens First Amendment Right’s.

The only reason that Gonzo Fred, “The Phoenix” can keep coming up with as to why everybody involved is acting in such a corrupt and criminal way is the possibility that he has inadvertently stumbled into or onto some sort of sinister, wicked and yes evil plot against the Presidency of United States. All this over Fred trying to display his banner at the Democratic National Convention primary rally on May 2nd, 2008 held at the Bojangle’s Coliseum.

Does this mean that at that time candidate Barack Obama’s lawyers acting on his behalf have willfully and wantonly committed conspiracy misconduct whether knowingly or unknowingly to now President Obama?

President Obama being a noted law professor surely he understands the consequences of his attorneys actions. That being The President of this here United States of America Obama must act in the Country’s interest according to the color of law.

Any inaction by The President either directly or by way of his attorneys, the defendant’s attorneys to act in the name of their sworn oath to uphold the integrity the court and to the Constitution of the United States must be considered conspiracy misconduct and therefore fraud to the court.

They should all be indicted for obstruction of justice and serve time in a federal prison.

Fred Mauney