Stopping Agenda 21: Obama & United Nation’s Surreptitious Attack Upon America To Control America’s Farmland.

  1. Why We MUST Act to Secure Our Freedom
  2. Oklahoma Legislation Would Nullify Agenda 21

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Taking America's Land And Giving It To Centralized Federal Government - Agenda 21
Taking America’s Land And Giving It To Centralized Federal Government – Agenda 21
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  1. Victories Over Agenda 21: The Seditious, Treasonist, & Surreptitious U.N. Attempt To Destroy The U.S. Constitution!
  2. United Nations Told To Stay The Hell Out Of Economic Issues!
  3. Defunding The United Nations: “It’s A Rogue’s Gallery A Pariah State” “..That Needs Congressional Action”
  4. Leftwing Extremists With United Nations Absconding Our Children Of Tomorrow.
  5. United States GOP: Defunding Of Communist United Nations aka; The British Monarchy
  6. Pedophilia Amnesty International: United Nations & DynCorp ~ Indictments For Failure To Protect Children Forthcoming?
  7. Petition: United Nations Is A Pariah State ~ Declaration Of Independence From The Corrupted United Nations
  8. Communist From Montana Senator (sic) John Tester: Introduces Bill For Obama To Confiscate Land In The Name Of NAZI Paradigm EPA aka; Agenda 21.
  9. Senile Dianne Feinstein’s Surreptitious Desert Wilderness Protection Act To Block Gold Mining: Agenda 21 Shutting Down The United States Gold Mining, Biden’s Anti Coal, & Obama’s Anti Oil.
  10. China’s Agenda 21 Prebuilt Depopulation Ghost Cities: Honoring Genghis Khan ~ Personification Of Rothschild’s Khazars Scheme!
  11. Obama Enforces United Nations Agenda 21 by Shutting Down 259 Fed Agriculture Offices ~ Ending Initially 7,000 American Jobs (which is still increasing) While Importing 80,000 Islamic Immigrants.
  12. The Goldwater Institute Suing Obama’s Agenda 21 Scheme: Blocking Water To Tombstone, Arizona USA!
  13. U.S. Sheriffs Block New World Order: Absconding American Citizen’s Property By Colluding With Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Order For U.N. Agenda 21.
  14. Obama Signs His 86th. Executive Order #13575 Agenda 21: Ron Paul ~ Executive Orders Being Taken Too Far!
  15. Constitutional Sheriffs: Rural America Project & County Sheriff Project ~ Battle U.N. Agenda 21 ~ Their Attempt To Take Over Of Our Rural Land!
  16. Rothschild’s Obama ~ Establishes Domestic Terrorism Group By Signing His 86th. Executive Order #13575: Agricultural Dams Being Removed In The USA U.N. Agenda 21.
  17. Peddling Monsanto Poison To Our Most Innocent Our Children: Michelle Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda ~ Impact Nature of Food With Monsanto!
  18. Dismantling Obama’s Agenda: Bringing To Justice The Corrupted Politicians.
  19. Karl Marx’ 10 Point Program of Communism And The Democrat Agenda
  20. United States Is So Broke By British Monarchy’s ‘Obama Agenda’: That U.S. Was Made To Be Subjugated To China, Who Is Now Paying Our Unemployment Checks!