The $2.6 Trillion Immigration Scheme Of 33 Million Illegals.


Montana Sheriffs
Montana Sheriffs

Enrollment in the food stamp program has increased by 70 percent since 2008, to a record 47.8 million people as of December 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The biggest factor driving the increase is the stagnating job market and a rising poverty rate.

In 2008, at the onset of the recession, 28.2 million people were enrolled in SNAP aka’ Food Stamps. This equates to the 70% increase by 70% or 19.6 million people.

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Senators return to Washington next week to debate the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration bill. Heritage President Jim DeMint has said the bill is “unfair, it costs too much, and it’s going to make the problem worse.” We’ve put together an infographic that explains some of the major problems with a “comprehensive” approach to immigration reform.

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While Congress was on recess, a few states were busy passing immigration-enforcement legislation. In Georgia, lawmakers passed a billthat closes up several loopholes that resulted from the state’s massive immigration-enforcement bill passed in 2011. The bill prevents illegal aliens who were able to obtain U.S. passports when they had legal status to use it for ID purposes. The bill also prevents illegal aliens from obtaining driver’s licenses, grants, and public housing and retirement benefits.

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In Montana, lawmakers passed HB 297, which would require all Montana employers to use E-Verify and penalize employers that hire illegal aliens. The legislature also cleared for the governor’s consideration HB 50, a bill that would repeal local government prohibitions on cooperation with federal immigration officials.

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On the national scene, news reports indicate that the Gang of Eight is no closer to finalizing a bill, while union officials and business lobbyists and campaign donors continue to disagree on how big a guest-worker program should be and how much employers should be required to pay them.

Sen. Lindsey Graham made it clear this week in an interview with Bloomberg News that he’s more concerned about satisfying the selfish demands of cheap-labor lobbies than listening to his constituents. In responding to public pressure on his support for “comprehensive immigration reform,” including ads that we’re running in South Carolina, Sen. Graham said:

“If you want to talk about immigration, you’re welcome to come down and talk to me. If you want to run ads, spend all the money you want to spend. I’m not backing down.”

But, if big business doesn’t get the deal it wants, Sen. Graham said:

“I’m, not going to go for a guest-worker program that’s unaffordable and unaccessible . . .

“I don’t mind walking away from the bill if it’s a bad bill — I can do that.”

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

In other words, Sen. Graham doesn’t care about unemployed South Carolinians or veterans that are returning to the work force but can’t find a job or the impact of a massive amnesty on the federal budget. What he does care about, however, is whether or not business lobbyists can get access to a large pool of cheap labor.

You can read more about the Bloomberg News interview in Roy’s blog.

Anti-Constitutional Sleeper Cells For New World Order
Anti-Constitutional Sleeper Cells For New World Order

Also this week, Senators John McCain and Chuck Schumer visited the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. For Schumer, it was, surprisingly, his first trip ever to the Southwest border. Afterwards, Schumer and McCain came to differing conclusions — McCain pointed to the need for more border security, while Schumer said we’ll never have adequate technology to fully secure the border. Another potential divide between members of the Gang of Eight.

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