California’s Victory Over Agenda 21 Scapegoats ~ The Tora Tora Tora Of Frog & Toad: Rothschild’s Federal Mafia Sent Back To Their Washington D.C. Offices.


Opana Pearl Harbor
Countdown To 4,000 U.S. Murders In 90 Minutes. Pearl Harbor 1941

The Japanese Crossed 4,000 Miles Of Ocean ‘Undetected’ ~ The Japanese then Within 230 Miles of Pearl Harbor Launched Two Waves Of 350  Assault Aircraft Killing 4,000 Americans In Less Than 90 Minutes.

The Two Waves Of Aircraft were Picked Up On Radar, But Dismissed By A Senior Officer as B17s From The States. An Hour Later, The US Military Suffered One Of The Worst Attacks In Its History.

After learning that the aircraft which they picked up on the 5″ Oscilloscope was in fact the Japanese, Pvt George Elliot & Pvt Joseph Lockard returned back to the Opana Radar Station after breakfast at Kawailoa.

George E. Elliott Jr. continues…..

Arriving at the Radar Unit we were informed that a rumor had spread that the enemy had dropped paratroopers on Oahu dressed in blue denim fatigues – which was exactly what Lockard and I were wearing.

Order was given to “Shoot anyone on sight in blue denims!”

We immediately stripped down to our shorts and t-shirts and stayed that way until we were given a fresh supply of tan-colored standard issue. In a food container I found the breakfast of flap jacks that had awaited us in Kawailoa. I never touched it.


After all, F.D.R. was illegally & covertly sending military equipment to Winston Churchill way before U.S. got suckered into WWII.

Tora frogs Pearl Harbor

If the citizens in the most socialist state in our Republic ‘California’ blocks Rothschild’s totalitarian NWO, then the citizens of every rural County and State must rise up in support of the Constitution.

The People of Fresno County are standing up. In this symbolic chain cutting, these patriots and friends of mine are helping to educate people to the fact the public lands belong to the People, not to our government employees. Knowing so many other patriots across so many other counties and states, I am certain their messages will resonate with Americans across our country. I respect you all for what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

It is time We remind ourselves We are the sovereigns, and that in our country governments are instituted by the People to protect our rights and properties, not destroy them. We also need to be reminded the Supreme Court is an appellate court, not the supreme law of the land as our attorneys have been led to believe, chartered to protect the Constitution not abolish it, and that its jurisdiction is limited to those enumerated items spelled out in Article I of the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers never intended that 9 people wearing Halloween costumes should control the rights, properties, cultural values, religious values, social values, healthcare, education, and decisions of 350 million people. We The People, as authors of our Constitution, are the final authority as to what it means.


The Constitution is timeless, and it means now what it meant then. Supreme Court decisions that have altered the course of our country from what had been practiced amount to unconstitutional, unratified, and therefore null and void amendments to OUR Constitution.

40 Million Starved To Death During The Unbelievable Evil Period Of MAO TSE TUNG'S Great Orchestrated Famine That Resulted From The 'Great Leap Forward' - CHANGE!
40 Million Starved To Death During The Unbelievable Evil Period Of MAO TSE TUNG’S Great Orchestrated Famine That Resulted From The ‘Great Leap Forward’ = CHANGE!

Agenda 21 Is Used By The Centralizing Mafia For Depopulation ~ The Sociopathic Mentally Disturbed Elite Use This As Their Best Defense ~ A Deadly Form Of Genocidal Offense To Remain Free From Citizen’s Prosecution!

Rothschild Agenda 21 Did This!
Rothschild Agenda 21 Did This!

Rothschild’s version of the Holocaust came to fruition in what history has dubbed, the “Holdomor,” in which millions perished in only a two year period when the Rothschild Stalin Soviet government began to exterminate the Ukrainian population by taking control of land [agenda 21] and controlling of food and food production.

50 State Flags In Their National Cathedral
50 State Flags In Their National Cathedral

In addition to the U.S. Constitution, State Jurisdiction is conceded to by the federal government’s own admission.

According to the 1962 Eisenhower Report, 95% of the open two-thirds of the Western States commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as “federal lands” are already under STATE jurisdiction. Only 5% of lands that qualify as federal enclaves are under federal jurisdiction IOWs, The Borders Of Our Nation which the fed offices were employed to protect using our STATE resources.


What The NWO Agenda 21 Henchmen Tried To Do:

The U.S. [Agenda 21] Fish and Wildlife [Crony] Service sent out a notice of intent to expand the closure of California’s forests.

This addition spans 2 million acres, 14 counties, and 9 national forests along the eastern spine of California. It is an area 30% larger than the state of Delaware.

Federal employees in their D.C. offices are attempting to Control Their Boss ~ The States Of The United States Of America ~ The Sovereign Citizen

Rothschild Czar Soviet Communist Mikhail Gorbachev. He had to resign because the people were getting fed up with Rothschild's communism bilking operations.
Rothschild Czar Soviet Communist Mikhail Gorbachev. He had to resign because the people were getting fed up with Rothschild’s communism bilking operations.

They use the means of ‘printing money’ to finance legal battles, purchase State property fraudulently, lobby aka; hire cronies to assist. The Main Driving Forces Of Agenda 21 In The United States Is Done By Michael Gorbachev And Nancy Pelosi.

Here Lately, Iran Just Hung One Of Rothschild’s Billionaires For Attempting To Usurp The Financial System To Install U.N.’s Controlled Agenda 21.

If transit corridors and buffer zones are added at a later date, the area could increase 10-fold. And this is only the start; there are 477 more species in the queue for consideration.

The reduction in frog and toad populations is not a mystery. It has already been studied. By far, the two main causes are the planting of trout in mountain lakes, and a virus being spread worldwide by the African Clawed Frog.

Loss of habitat is not the problem, and “habit restoration”―the removal of humans and every human development―is not the cure. The Endangered Species Act remedies are not relevant. The proposed actions will not fix the problem. They will only further hurt the people, their families, their communities, and our national self-sufficiency for food, water, energy, timber, and minerals.


Senile Dianne Feinstein’s Surreptitious Desert Wilderness Protection Act To Block Gold Mining: Agenda 21 Shutting Down The United States Gold Mining, Biden’s Anti Coal, & Obama’s Anti Oil.

At Risk:

This IS WHAT CALIFORNIA IS FIGHTING ~ AGAINST A very dark federal office that has gone wild! UFAA: United Front Against ‘Austerity’ aka; ‘Rothschildism’.

If this was allowed to happen, here is what was at stake:
•14 Counties Alpine, Amador, El Dorado, Fresno, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sierra, Tulare, Tuolumne
•9 Forests Eldorado National Forest, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Inyo National Forest, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Plumas National Forest, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra National Forest, Stanislaus National Forest, Tahoe National Forest
•Restriction of Human Activities Grazing, dams, water diversions, logging, fire management, mining, travel, sport fishing, hiking, camping, rafting, and more.



Obama’s Communist Czars: Illuminati Inside America ~ Pelosi & Gorbachev.

Jacob Rothschild Nazi Muffin
Jacob Rothschild Nazi Muffin

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