Russia Sends 60 Tons Of Humanitarian Aid To Eastern Ukraine: 110,000 Ukrainians To Date Have Immigrated To Russia

Rothschild Agenda 21 Did This In 1933 ~ Now Under The Moniker Of European Union History Is Orchestrated To repeat!
Rothschild Agenda 21 Did This In 1933 ~ Now Under The Moniker Of European Union History Is Orchestrated To repeat!

Ukraine Looses Control Of Their Water & Gas Supply.

Where Justice Is Denied: America Waking Up To American Rothschild Injustice In The Ukraine!

110,000 Ukrainians Leave Obama Coup Infested Ukraine For Russia While Another 54,000 Families Have Been Displaced By E.U. Nazi Coup In Kiev.

The NWO’s CIA Era Of Orchestrated Terrorism In 2014 Iraq: Murders 5,081 Sunnis In Just 5 Months & Displaces 65,000 Families ~ 2014 Thru June 2nd.

While Poroshenko extends today’s ceasefire (under threat of military action if nothing is solved by then); the phrase “hearts and minds” comes to mind as Russia announces providing ‘humanitarian aid’ to the eastern regions of Ukraine. While ‘asking’ Ukraine to help determine the route for the aid, the press release explains this is ‘aid’ for the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk following “numerous appeals” by the people. It appears that the “aid” does not include US-Iraq-style “special military advisers.”

  1. 9000 Dead In Iraq’s Deadliest Year 2013: While Obama’s Iraq President Maliki Pumps Oil To Muslim Brotherhood Strongholds Of Turkey & Jordan!
  2. Obama Continues War In Iraq: 1,840 Dead In January ~ 1,700 Dead In February 2014.


Battle For Tikrit Continues As Iraq Receives Russian Sukhoi Ground Attack Fighter Jets: President Putin, “America Don’t Give Up Your Guns”!

As Russia explains…

Humanitarian assistance to the eastern regions of Ukraine

June 27 the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine regarding the provision of humanitarian aid the eastern regions of Ukraine.

The note says that in connection with numerous appeals by the people of Donetsk and Luhansk requesting urgent humanitarian assistance, Russia has prepared to send a motorcade to deliver humanitarian cargo weighing 60 tons, consisting of food and personal hygiene products. Ttrucks will head out on June 28 toward Donetsk and Lugansk, and possibly also in other regions of Ukraine, where there are refugees.

  1. The Real Puppet Masters Behind The Ukraine Snipers: Lead By The U.S. Taxpayer’s Money!
  2. Obama’s Taxpayer Hired 400 – 800 Blackwater Killer Mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ In Ukraine!
  3. Obama Responsible For Over 100 Deaths In Kiev, Ukraine: Invested $5 Billion To Overthrow Government After E.U. Was Rejected By Ukraine.
  4. More Bells Ringing: Obama To Send $1 Billion Of U.S. Taxpayer’s Money To Coup Infested Kiev Ukraine In Violation Of The Foreign Assistance Act, While Detroit, Michigan Plans Mass Water Shutoffs!

The note expressed hope that such humanitarian assistance will assist the residents of the regions and refugees, and will help reduce the number of the latter in the future.

Russian Foreign Ministry appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with a request to assist in the implementation of humanitarian action, including in terms of determining the route of motorcade through Ukraine.

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