President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Army Crushes Rothschild’s NWO Terrorists In Aleppo; More Areas Liberated.

Syria 672014MAJOR NEWS ALERT: (7-6-14, 12:10 p.m.) The towns of Kafr Sagheer and Tal Sha’eer are hours away from liberation by the legitimate Syrian government as the Syrian Army continues its massive, unstoppable onslaught in northern Aleppo after destroying the [banker’s] criminals cannibals in Al-Shaykh Najjaar and its Industrial Zone. A huge battle is taking place now. Our prediction of a full encirclement and annihilation of the Nusra rats within 11 days remain on track.

News just in confirms the SAA has completely liberated the Infantry College near these 2 towns.

Fearing a complete meltdown, the Joint Operations Room of the [NWO Misnomer ->] Syrian People (yawn. Al-Ghurfa Al-Mushtaraka Li-Ahl Al-Shaam) has risibly called for a “full mobilization” while the Council of Free Aleppo is being monitored as it calls for “immediate assistance” to stop the [Real Citizen’s] Syrian army.

Even their communications now can be heard by ham radio operators just to show you how broken the [Rothschild’s Hired Terrorists] defenses of northern Aleppo have become. The Turks can do nothing. These criminals are about to face justice.

Assad’s Syrian Army Crushes Rothschild Mercenary Terrorists.

Syria: McCain’s Terrorists Take A Pounding ~ Pravda.Ru

Industrial Zone at Al-Shaykh Najjar: The news has been out since Thursday and you all know that the pincer is closing rapidly around the remaining [Obama/rothschild] terrorist cannibals in northern Aleppo. We predicted this and will adhere to our timetable given to you a few days ago: Aleppo, the city, should be liberated completely in another 12 days. The evacuation plan has been partially successful, but, many will not leave their valuables or real estate to the predations of the remnant scavengers still waiting for their pot at the end of the rainbow – a rainbow which is becoming increasingly incendiary.

Obama & The NWO Black Flag Of Jihad. Here He Is With The NWO Monikered ISIS.
Obama & The NWO Black Flag Of Jihad. Here He Is With The NWO Monikered ISIS, Who were Called Out Of Syria To Help President Maliki To Stay In Office via a “state of emergency” declaration. NWO wants [shiite minority] Maliki remain in for a 3rd term in order to attempt “sharia financial law” to control Iraq.

The delousing of Al-Shaykh Najjaar also brought the clean-up of the towns of Al-Muqbila, Al-Raheema, Al-Rahmaaniyya and the hills surrounding all these locales.

Fighting reported intense in all these areas: Old City, Al-Sha’aar, Hanaanu (about to fall), Maare’, Layramoon, Al-Mallaah Properties, Kafr Hamraa (terrorists almost out of ammunition), Al-Zurba, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbuh, Bani Zayd, Tal Rif’aat, Al-Muslimiyya, Al-Jubayla (remants only), Shaamer, Faafeen, Baabees, Ba’eedeen, Al-Jandool, Tal-Qurraah, Huraytaan, A’zaaz.

Tal-Jabeen: Confirmed, an 8-vehicle convoy loaded with arms and ammunition was destroyed. The warehouse to which the convoy was headed, in some fanciful resupply plan hatched in Turkey, was also vaporized by SAAF. The number of terrorists killed is in the 20s with many wounded and captured. No more details about this evolving incident.

Russian Aid To Syria
Russian Aid To Syria
  1. Kuwayris near the airbase: A 23mm cannon mounted on a Mitsubishi flatbed was made salvageable for junk yards and its 3 terrorist passengers on their way to a pleasant eternity with 72 Virginians.
  2.  Ibteen: A 23mm cannon and its flatbed were rendered useless last night by NDF. No details.
  3.  Al-Haadher: Another Saudi Arabian miracle of engineering was sent to the Modern Art Museum in Hell when a pickup truck carrying a 23mm cannon was destroyed by SAA.

Uprooted Palestinian

Rothschild Mafia Family
Rothschild Mafia Family

Middle East Rothschild Banking Puppet Regimes Are Collapsing: Kissinger’s Petrodollar Going Down Faster Than A Whore On Overtime!

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