Russian Turkish Oil Stream.

russia turkey oil stream

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said he is hopeful Greece will play a big role in the Turkish Stream pipeline project, making it a hub between Turkey and the European gas market, after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday.

“The new route will provide for European fuel needs, and would allow Greece to become one of the main power distribution centers on the continent, and could help attract significant investment into the Greek economy,” Putin said at a joint news conference with Tsipras.

Russia Gazprom
Russia Gazprom & Turkey

This is interesting because when the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from Egypt by the people’s military they went to Turkey to continue NWO attempts at controlling the Middle East Banking System. Looks like Russia is wasting no time in out maneuvering their scheme. At the same time, China’s AIIB’s Financial Silk Road is right there competing against Rothschild’s NWO IMF.

Saudi Arabia

Now don’t forget Saudi Arabia is no longer using the US petrodollar exclusively. This is why the NWO US brought in al-Qaeda into Yemen to agitate a nation state over throw just like they did in Ukraine. Ukraine is where they want to get back into Russia ~ just like in Yemen they want to get back into S. Arabia exclusively.

This is why Egypt who dealt with the NWO Muslim Brotherhood trying to control their state and finances just sent Jet fighters to Yemen to help S. Arabia get rid of the US al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda are a gaggle of mercenaries trained and outfitted by US tax payer’s dollars by NWO Obama puppet. ~ Volubrjotr

Egyptian Government Arrests & Sentences Chief Of The Muslim Brotherhood & 20 Other Jihadists To Death By Hanging: Arrest Warrants Issued For Obama & Hillary!

The new Turkish Stream pipeline will travel to the Turkish town of Ipsila close to the Greek border. The possibility is that 47 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas can be delivered to Central Europe, the Balkans, and possibly Italy via the new pipeline.

The Greek PM sees the project as a way to boost jobs and investment in the Greek economy, which has been in recession for the last six years.

“Our pipelines will receive gas from the Turkish border, and will provide energy security for both Greece and the European market,” Tsipras said.

Greece is interested in attracting investment, from Russia and others, to construct the pipeline on Greek territory.

Its Happening In Greece Too!  Greece Military High Fives Fellow Citizen Fighting Banker's Crime Of Austerity.
Greece Military High Fives Fellow Citizen Fighting Banker’s Crime Of Austerity.

Russia is considering giving Greece funds based on future profits that Athens would earn from shipping gas to Europe, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing a Greek government official.

The source added that Greece would pay back the prepayment after the pipeline started operating. Lower prices for Russian gas would also be linked to the project, the source said.

Russia Today

Russia Turkey Greece Oil AIIB Money

This Is What The AIIB Is About

Until March 31 countries can submit for membership of the Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank (AIIB), a financial institution proposed by China, which has the purpose of being a multilateral framework to finance infrastructure projects in the wide Eurasian region. In recent weeks many Western countries have submitted for membership, the US rejected application as it fears strong cooperation between Asia and Europe will weaken the US dollar hegemony. On April 15 the final list of the founding members will be disclosed.

In October 2013 the initial idea for the AIIB was first put forward by Chinese President Xi Jingping “on constructing a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to promote maritime cooperation”. The strategic vision has currently developed into the New Silk Road Economic Belt, of which the AIIB is one segment. Another segment is, for example, the Silk Road Infrastructure Fund.

The New Silk Road Economic Belt Strategic Vision

As early as February 2014, Xi held a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to establish better ties between China and the Gulf, for free trade and to secure China’s oil supplies.

That same month China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi went on a flurry of trips to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Saudi Arabian crown prince, the Iranian Foreign Minister, as well as many nations in the Gulf and North Africa.

But, ole Netanyahu works for the Zionists aka; NWO Rothschild Banking Cabal and just fraudulently absconded Syria’s Golan Heights oil and sold it to Jacob Rothschild And Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch. Who are they going to sell their oil too now?

This is all in the Levant Basin which is primarily owned by Rothschild. This is why they are wiping out the Palestinians for unobstructed ownership. This is the why for the Syrian chaos ~ they are murderous vipers. Hamas is a moniker from the NWO Muslim Brotherhood to foment the spectre of war which develops the pretentious excuse for wiping out the Palestinians.  ~ Volubrjotr

gaza hamas palestine

Obama Sends $40 Billion Arms Deal For Netanyahu: Obama vs Netanyahu Scheme ~ Wanton Disregard For Truth!

West Asia is the region where more than 30 ports of various sizes and functions allow China to both import 60% of its annual requirements of oil and export goods destined for Europe, the premier market for “Made in China”, as well as transport to and from Africa.

It was agreed Beijing will finance a three hundred kilometers high-speed rail between the cities of Eilat and Ashdod, connecting the Red Sea coast to the Mediterranean.

As explained in a study by the Center for Research in International Affairs in Herzliya, the Chinese focus to build new ports and the high-speed rail in West Asia will, inter alia, service an alternative transport route that could continue to operate in the event of a crisis blocking shipping in either the Suez Canal or Strait of Hormuz.

The Balfour Agreement which is completely fraudulent was all about controlling the Suez Canal by Rothschild in 1917. ~ Volubrjotr

Read More Here ~ Israel’s Midnight Cowboy Jon Voight: While Babies Are Bombed ~ A Rothschild Caliphate.

UPDATE April 1, 2015: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a letter of application for Israel to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)…

This is REAL interesting now! Is it real or memorex?

  1. China Sentences 6 Bankers To Death For Looting.
  2. Chinese Government Cracks Down On Corruption: Executes 13 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists
  3. China Begins Eradication Of Corrupt Police, Judges, Prosecutors, & Bankers.
  4. China Warns Kerry: Sanctions Against Russia Will Bring “Retaliatory Action” Which This Time Kerry Will Loose!
  5. China Breaking The Back Of The Petrodollar: China Signs Increasing Currency Yuan Swap With Qatar & Canada.
  6. China Protects Whistleblowers Exposing New World Order Corruption: President Putin ~ America Do Not Give Up Your Guns!
  7. Doubling Down Against Rothschild’s New World Order: Russia, China, Egypt, Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, Iran, & Crimea.

Also in February 2014, Xi and Putin reached a consensus on the construction of the Belt and Road project, as well as its connection with Russia’s Euro-Asia railways.

In May 2014 Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited four African nations; Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya to boost ties.

Chinese vice-minister for foreign affairs told reporters that about 60 agreements have been signed during Li’s trip, which ”highlights the great importance we attach to China-Africa relations”.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has said Li’s visit would be a “game changer” and the region requires “a strong partner who will not only support it in economic ventures but also in peace settlement”. It’s estimated 85 % of Africa’s export to China are raw materials, such as oil and minerals.

The AIIB is very much about developing infrastructure in Asia. For China the New Silk Road Economic Belt strategic vision is about importing (/securing) resources such as oil, have strong export channels and to strengthen ties with trading partners.

The main significance of the AIIB is non-US cooperation which will further weaken the US dollar hegemony and change the international monetary environment in the years to come.

Read More Here ~ BullionStar

Economic Bubble

China’s Baggage:

Was this caused in large part by China building ghost cities? I suspect China was following the protocols of zionism aka; NWO in doing so by reducing rural agricultural living [middle class] for urban dwellers which are much easier to control. I believe China put a stop to this when the vision became clearer of the shear lunacy and destructive nature of this NWO ploy.

Protocols of Zionism is what The US is currently undergoing by the NWO Banking Cabalists.

America MUST nullify the fraudulent debt!

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