Obama’s “Fake War” Against CIA’s Islamic State ISIS: Protected By The US And Israel.

Promised Land Was Fulfilled And Ceased To Be After 70 A.D.
Promised Land Was Fulfilled And Ceased To Be After 70 A.D. Genesis 15:18 reads: “To your descendants I give this land from the River of Egypt to the Great River, the river Euphrates.” Moses announces to the Jews in Deuteronomy 11:24, that “Every place where you set the soles of your feet shall be yours. Your borders shall run from the wilderness to the Lebanon and from the River, the river Euphrates, to the western sea.”

First Some Background:

The NWO’s original blueprint for the M.E. was/is the Manifesto contrived by the disgruntled when the Promised Land ceased to be in 70 A.D. This man made manifesto [200 A.D. – 500 A.D.] for continued errors was called the “Talmud” that rejects 70 A.D. end of The Promised Land. The “Talmud” has been refined further into what is called “The Protocols Of Zion” strictly for the “Khazarian Mafia” aka; NWO usurpation of Jews.

Though the “Protocols” are separate from the “Talmud”, they work together for world supremacy. The “splitting” of today was not a “splitting” of Iraq and Syria in The Promised Land which was fulfilled and ceased to be over 2,000 years ago, but is now perpetrated as a reality by the Rothschild chartered Scofield Bible for M.E. banking control by usurpation of the Jew.

Out Of This Second Temple That Was Destroyed 70 A.D. ~ The Only Remnant Is The Western Wailing Wall In Rothschild's State Israel ~ Never To Be rebuilt
Out Of This Second Temple That Was Destroyed 70 A.D. ~ The Only Remnant Is The Western Wailing Wall In Rothschild’s State Israel ~ Never To Be rebuilt.

Synagogue Of Satan:

“The Talmud became “the defining document” of those who insisted that the advent of Christ had changed nothing and that the Old Covenant remained valid. Two versions of those rabbinical writings developed over several centuries; the one reached its final form in fifth century Palestine, the other was completed in Babylon in the seventh century AD. Modern Judaism, whether it flatly rejects the Messiah or seeks instead to reclaim a merely mortal, “kosher Jesus,” remains in a permanent state of denial, refusing to accept that God was finished with Old Israel in AD 70.”

70 A.D.

The first Jewish revolt ends. Romans destroy Jerusalem and the second temple. 1,100,000 killed. Siege for 134 days, April 14 – September 7 (Passover to Yom kippur).
Titus breached the walls of Jerusalem on 17th Tammuz.
Temple on fire August 2. Tisha B’av (9th Av) until the 10th

71 A.D.

The Romans cut down every tree and salted the land in Israel to punish the Jews -> This is very similar to what Netanyahu is doing to the Palestinians now by cutting down all their Olive Trees 2015 A.D.

73 A.D.

900 Jews flee to a fortress in Masada. Zealots commit suicide when Rome laid siege.

Pope Francis At The Western Wailing Wall Of The Destroyed Temple Mount 70 A.D.
Pope Francis At The Western Wailing Wall Of The Destroyed Temple Mount 70 A.D. As Prophesied By Jesus The Christ Matthew 24:2, Ezekiel 21:18-22, & Daniel 9:24-27. The Same Temple Where Jesus The Christ Laid The Whip Upon The Money Changers. Several Days Later The Sanhedrin Violated Every Jewish Law To Bring About Jesus’s Death 3:00 p.m on Friday, April 3, A.D. 33.  Jesus’s prophecy evidenced by Historical Commentary.

For a thousand years the Jewish priests had sacrificed, but after Jesus’ redemptive sacrifice the animal sacrifices stopped. Jesus had foretold that the Temple would be destroyed; in 70 A.D., it fell, never to be rebuilt.

“Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem”

Pope Francis’ crime is that he officially recognised the existence of the “State of Palestine” developed between February 2000 ~ May 2015.

The time to form a Goyim Defense League (GDL) is overdue!!

CIA Created al-Qaeda For M.E. Mercenaries.
CIA Created al-Qaeda as Mercenaries to do the bidding of the NWO in The M.E.

Obama Netanyahu Work In Concert To Usurp The Middle East Conscripting A “False Promised Land Paradigm” aka; ZIONISM For Rothschild’s NWO Banking Cabal.

One Year since the outset of the US bombing campaign “against ISIS” in Syria and Iraq. August 8, 2014 marked the onset of the bombing campaign.

UPDATE (August 22, 2015)

First published in February 2015.

According to figures released by U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), “the U.S. and its coalition partners have struck 10,684 targets including 3,262 [so-called] ISIS buildings, 119 commandeered tanks, 1,202 vehicles and 2,577 fighting positions.” The term “ISIS buildings” is a fake concept. Those buildings (including residential areas) are part of the civilian infrastructure of Iraq and Syria. The number of targets struck suggests an intense carpet bombing campaign geared towards the destruction of both Iraq and Syria.

Official figures confirm that over a period of one year (August 8, 2014 to July 31, 2015) approximately “20,000 airstrikes — close air support, escort, and interdiction — have been launched; about 5,200 of those involved the release of at least one weapon.” The cost of Operation Enduring Freedom, which has resulted in countless civilian deaths is officially of the order of 3.5 billion dollars. The overall budget of the DoD is of the order of 650 billion dollars

Israel Muslim Brotherhood ISIS Sunni Obama
U.S.-CIA & Israel-Mossad finance, train, outfit the Muslim Brotherhood who is the parent organization of the monikers > al-Qaeda, >Kosovo’s KLA, >al-Nusra, >Hamas, >ISIS, etc. etc.

Genocide Iraq ~ 17,073 Muslim Sunnis Have Been Murdered By Muslim Brotherhood’s ISIS In 2014

Meanwhile, the ISIS which is construct of US intelligence, trained and financed by the US and its allies (including Saudi Arabia, Turkey) [I have my doubts about S. Arabia because they have dropped the Kissinger petrodollar for sole settlement of oil and they are aligning with China] has not been defeated. On the contrary it has extended its grip throughout the Middle East.

The bombing raids in Syria, Iraq and more recently Yemen have not been the object of protests by the anti-war movement, nor has been considered a criminal undertaking under international law . The bombing raids have been portrayed by the media as part of a counterterrorism operation. The “Global War on Terrorism” has been accepted as a humanitarian undertaking.

The same terrorism was taking place in Egypt and in the summer of 2013 NWO puppet President Morsi was removed from office and sits on death row. The same process is now taking place with ex-puppet Prime Minister Maliki of Iraq. ~ Volubrjotr

International Criminal Court Proceeds On Charges Of Genocide Against Iraqi Ex-P.M. Nouri Maliki.

British Supply Planes For ISIS.
British Supply Planes For ISIS.

Since August 2014, the US Air Force with the support of a coalition of 19 countries has relentlessly waged an intensified air campaign against Syria and Iraq allegedly targeting the Islamic State brigades.

Iraqi Army Shoots Downs Two U.K. Planes Carrying Weapons For ISIS

Iraqi Doctors Call Queen (sic) Elizabeth’s Depleted Uranium Use “Genocide”

Two CIA Mossad Agents Arrested By Special Forces While Advising ISIS Inside Iraqi Borders!

According to Defense News, over 16,000 airstrikes were carried out from August 2014 to mid January 2015. Sixty percent of the air strikes were conducted by the US Air Force using advanced jet fighter and bombing capabilities (Aaron Mehta, “A-10 Performing 11 Percent of Anti-ISIS Sorties”. Defense News, January 19, 2015.)

The airstrikes have been casually described by the media as part of a “soft” counter-terrorism operation, rather than an act of all out war directed against Syria and Iraq.

This large scale air campaign which has resulted in countless civilian casualties has been routinely misreported by the mainstream media.

According to Max Boot, senior fellow in national security at the Council on Foreign Relations. ”Obama’s strategy in Syria and Iraq is not working… [ because] the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS has been remarkably restrained”. (Newsweek, February 17, 2015, emphasis added).

Americans are led to believe that the Islamic State constitutes a formidable force confronting the US military and threatening Western Civilization. The thrust of media reporting is that the US Air Force has failed and that “Obama should get his act together” in effectively confronting this ”Outside Enemy” of America.

Israel M.E.'s North Korea
Israel M.E.’s North Korea

Breaking => General Michael Flynn US Intelligence Confirms U.S. Support Of ISIS: Splitting Iraq For Israel.

According to CFR Max Boot, military escalation is the answer: what is required is for the president “to dispatch more aircraft, military advisers, and special operations forces, while loosening the restrictions under which they operate.” (Ibid)

What kind of aircraft are involved in the air campaign? The F-16 Fighting Falcon, The F-15E Strike Eagle, The A-10 Warthog, not to mention Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor stealth tactical fighter aircraft.

Why has the US Air Force not been able to wipe out the Islamic State which at the outset was largely equipped with conventional small arms not to mention state of the art Toyota pickup trucks?

Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra

From the very outset, this air campaign has NOT been directed against ISIS. The evidence confirms that the Islamic State is not the target. Quite the opposite.

The air raids are intended to destroy the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria.

We call on our readers to carefully reflect on the following image, which describes the Islamic State convoy of pickup trucks entering Iraq and crossing a 200 km span of open desert which separates the two countries.

This convoy entered Iraq in June 2014.

ISIS has convoys of brand new matching Toyota's the same vehicles seen among admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating everywhere from Libya to Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state- sponsored regional mercenary expeditionary force.
ISIS has convoys of brand new matching Toyota’s the same
vehicles seen among admittedly NATO-armed terrorists operating
everywhere from Libya to Syria, and now Iraq. It is a synthetic, state-
sponsored regional mercenary expeditionary force.

What would have been required from a military standpoint to wipe out an ISIS convoy with no effective anti-aircraft capabilities?

Without an understanding of military issues, common sense prevails.

If they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have “carpet” bombed their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq in June.

The answer is pretty obvious, yet not a single mainstream media has acknowledged it.

The Syro-Arabian Desert is open territory. With state of the art jet fighter aircraft (F15, F22 Raptor, F16) it would have been –from a military standpoint– ”a piece of cake”, a rapid and expedient surgical operation, which would have decimated the Islamic State convoys in a matter of hours.

Instead what we have witnessed is an ongoing drawn out six months of relentless air raids and bombings, and the terrorist enemy is apparently still intact.

(In comparison, the NATO bombing raids of Yugoslavia in 1999 lasted about three months (March 24-June 10, 1999).

And we are led to believe that the Islamic State cannot be defeated by a powerful US led military coalition of 19 countries.

The air campaign was not intended to decimate the Islamic State.

The counter-terrorism mandate is a fiction. America is the Number One “State Sponsor of Terrorism”.

The Islamic State is not only protected by the US and its allies, it is trained and financed by US-NATO, with the support of Israel and Washington’s Persian Gulf allies.

Global Research

Franciscan Catholic Church Atop The Mount of Beatitudes.
Franciscan Catholic Church Atop The Mount of Beatitudes.

The Law given by Moses at Mount Sinai was a Law by which the people were to live in the “promised land.” The new law that Jesus gives in His Sermon on the Mount is the law for the new promised land, “the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3,10)

In 1947 The United Nations Unilaterally & Illegally Annexed Land Away From The Palestine Region Where Jews, Arabs, & Muslims Lived Side By Side And Rothschild Created A ‘State’ Israel aka; ‘Zionism’ For Jews. It is here the Jews were Usurped by The Banking Cabal.

British Landmark Case ~ Rothschild Zionism Is Not Abrahamic Judaism!!

This Illegal Annexation For A Jewish State, Is In Violation Of The Torah Since The Jewish People Are In Exile [70 A.D. Deuteronomy 11: 13-17] And Only God Can Grant His People Divine Redemption Romans 11:23.

Zionism is based on a distorted and erroneous reading of Scripture, and began with the English preacher John Nelson Darby. Zionism was perpetuated in America by Cyrus Scofield during the early 20th century, who published the [Heavily Distorted] popular Scofield Reference Bible in 1909.

Zionism is based on the faulty assumption that God still owes the Jews the land He promised to give to Abraham’s descendants. Scripture, however, teaches that God has already fulfilled His promises to the Jews. For example, regarding the land in question, God says through Joshua:

“Thus the LORD gave to Israel all the land which he swore to give to their fathers; and having taken possession of it, they settled there” (Jos. 21:43).

God also declares through Solomon that all his promises to Israel have been fulfilled:

“Blessed be the LORD who has given rest to his people Israel, according to all that he promised; not one word has failed of all his good promise, which he uttered by Moses his servant” (1 Kings 8:56).

God further says through the prophet Nehemiah that His promise to grant the land to Abraham’s descendants has been fulfilled:

“Thou art the LORD, the God who didst choose Abram and bring him forth out of Ur of the Chalde’ans and give him the name Abraham; and thou didst find his heart faithful before thee, and didst make with him the covenant to give to his descendants the land of the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Amorite, the Per’izzite, the Jeb’usite, and the Gir’gashite; and thou hast fulfilled thy promise, for thou art righteous” (Neh. 9:7-8).

Rothschild Parasites Off Of Nation States By His Banking Cabal And His Mafia PsyOp Modus Operandi. In 1917 A Scheme Was Hatched Called ‘The Balfour Agreement’ By The British For Rothschild To Usurp [Annex] This Land.

31 Years Later And Contrary To The Torah, The People Who Practiced Judaism aka; Jews Were Usurped To A State in 1948, This Was The Same Year Gandhi Removed Rothschild From India And The Same Year Gandhi Was Murdered. Rothschild Owns Oil rights Throughout His State Of Israel Region. Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.

Sermon on the Mount
Sermon on the Mount Of Beatitutdes

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