Russia Unfolds Massive Combat Operations In Syria

The Russian missile cruiser Smetlivy. Protecting Syria
The Russian missile cruiser Smetlivy. Protecting Syria

“Today, we started a large-scale operation on launching massive strikes on ISIS and al-Nusra Front targets [a U.S. & Israeli proxy army] in the Idlib and Homs provinces in Syria,” Shoigu said, Sputnik reported.

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According to him, Admiral Grigorovich frigate, Bastion coastal missile systems and “for the first time in history of the Russian Naval Forces” Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser take part in the military operation.

Admiral Grigorovich frigate takes part in the operation. Today, it launched Kalibr cruise missiles on terrorist targets that had been confirmed by intelligence data and determined in advance,” the minister said at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with top officials of the Russian Armed Forces.

Russian Warships Fires Caliber Missiles
Russian Warships Fire Kalibr Missiles ~ Previous Russian Caliber Missile Attack On 30 Israeli Intelligence Officers Killed in Aleppo, Syria on 9/22/2016

Shoigu said that the Russian Armed Forces launch strikes on terrorists’ plants in Syria, especially those producing poisonous substances.

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“It’s clear that it’s a well-organized industrial production, that’s why we carry out strikes on terrorist plants.” “Ammunition depots, terrorist training centers and plants producing different means of unconventional weapons are the main targets of the strikes.”

Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Begins Combat Operations in Syria Russia will continue strikes on terrorists’ industrial and military sites in Syria, Shoigu said.

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The minister reminded that a large group of Russian troops were sent to the country to determine what kind of chemical weapons [U.S. Israeli proxy] terrorists in Syria were using.

“The terrorists used them twice this week. In one instance, 27 people were hospitalized and three were killed, in the other case 30 were hospitalized. I mean the fighters of the Syrian army,” he added.

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On November 12, the commander of the Admiral Kuznetsov said that crew of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov group which arrived in the Syrian coast started training flights.

On October 15, Russia’s Northern Fleet’s press service said that a group of warships headed by the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov accompanied by the Pyotr Veliky battle cruiser, the Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov anti-submarine destroyer, and support vessels was sent to the Mediterranean to hold drills.

FARS News Agency

America, out, out, Syria will stay free’; chanted a million-strong march in Damascus on Wednesday
America, out, out, Syria will stay free’; chanted a million-strong march in Damascus.

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