Rothschild Puppet Macron: Zionism Is The Same As Semitism ~ Courts Disagree

Bibi embraces his new puppet. Macron could not have made his supplicancy more obvious.
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Speaking at a ceremony commemorating the victims of the mass roundup of Jews in Paris in WWII, the French president assailed Le Pen and said France must take responsibility for the Vichy regime and Nazi collaboration.

[Editor’s note: Macron is showing his true colours as a thoroughly compliant stooge for the Judeo-Zionist organised crime cabal. The term ‘anti-semitism’ has long been weaponised and used to defame anyone who dares to criticise the Zionist criminal enclave known as Israel; by stating that criticism of Zionism and Israel is a new form of anti-semitism, Macron is doubling down on the weaponisation of language on behalf of his criminal Zionist masters.

By kissing up to Israel, and the Zionist criminals so blatantly, Macron is staining France’s dignity just as much as Petain’s Vichy did in WW2. Clearly, France is now completely under the thumb of the Zionist crime cabal and will follow whatever agenda has been laid out for them, so do not be surprised if Macron involves France in the Syrian debacle in the near future and expect France to staunchly support Israel at every opportunity. Ian]

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Macron: Anti-Zionism Is a Reinvented Form of anti-Semitism

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered forceful remarks on Sunday at a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the deportation of Jews from Paris, attacking his political rival Marine Le Pen and other figures who claimed that the Vichy government which collaborated with the Nazis during WWII didn’t represent France.

Rothschild’s Crafted Lenin! Rothschild Cabal Hired Marx to craft a social political scheme [Marxism aka Communism, aka Sovietism, aka Socialism, aka Rothschildism] to ‘centralize’ a nation’s wealth to the coffers of the BOE Rothschild’s Bank Of England.

[1912 Anti-Semitism And Vladimir Lenin:

Anti-Semitism was made illegal and punishable by death, and the only time [Rothschild’s Hired Thug] Lenin’s voice was ever recorded, was to make a widely distributed record denouncing anti-Semitism as “counter-revolutionary.”

On Lenin’s initiative the Bolshevist faction in the 4th state Duma (1912–1917) proposed a law to annul all restrictive measures against Jews, including education, state service, the Pale of Settlement in part, and others.

How convenient was this, that Rothschild hired thug Lenin, would make such a proclamation for his benevolent boss? Non-Jew Rothschild who financed the overthrow and murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family in Russia, was given a golden shroud by Lenin to hide behind, now Rothschild is extra special as the ‘protected’ Pseudo Jew.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the ceremony in Paris alongside Macron.

“There are those who say Vichy wasn’t France,” Macron said. “It’s true that Vichy wasn’t all of France, but Vichy was the government of France and the French establishment It was responsible for deporting French Jews, and not the Germans.”

Macron said that denying or hiding France’s role in WWII is a disgrace.

“We have a responsibility to realize where and when we have failed,” he said. “The underground and those who rescued Jews saved France’s dignity, but the Vichy government was the reality. It’s convenient and easy to see Vichy as something perpetrated by foreign agents but it was the reality. You can’t build pride on a lie.”

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Macron condemned Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in France today, saying that it has taken a new shape, and that anti-Zionist and anti-Israel expressions should be opposed. “It’s a new type of anti-Semitism,” he said.

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At the ceremony, Netanyahu lauded Macron’s statement from a few days ago that France in a war of civilizations against radical Islamic terrorism.

“Your struggle against militants Islam is our struggle,” he said. “We must stand against them together and defeat them together.”

Following the ceremony, Netanyahu arrived at the Élysée Palace for a sit-down with Macron.

Veterans Today

The issue is to silence TRUTH pure and simple.

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[ In 1913 Jacob Schiff sets up Rothschild’s ADL [Anti Defamation League] In The U.S. To Reinforce The Idea The Americans Should Not Be Anti-Semetic. Rothschild Mafia’s Motives Were To Hide Behind The Name Jew In The U.S.

Coincidentally In The Same Year 1913, The Rothschild Federal Reserve Is Surreptitiously Forced Upon America.]

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