The Deep Hate Of The Deep State: Power Rests In The Hands Of The Public

Deep State Treasonist ~ FBI Robert Mueller 6th Director

The leakers are pressing the send button to overthrow the will of the American Public.

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The deep state has deep hate towards Trump. The deep state has been trying to take down President Trump from the very beginning. Former Ambassador to the United Nations:

  • Samantha Power had unprecedented POWER, in the waning days of the Obama administration when she requested hundreds of names to “unmask”.
  • Ben Rhodes, former National Security Advisor to former President Obama has also been reported to be a person of interest, in the House Intelligence Committee regarding unmasking.
  • Disgraced ex-FBI Director Jim Comey [7th Director] is allegedly writing his memoir and cashing-out on his time in the swamp. Comey admitted to leaking classified intelligence to a colleague, and no one in Congress investigates that? No one investigates Susan Rice unmasking hundreds of names either?
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Just recently, the Washington Post released full transcripts of President Trump’s phone conversations with the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto. Should people be taking this seriously?

The answer is absolutely, yes.

These leaks make the international communication between President Trump and other world leaders extremely risky. The point is to make it impossible for Trump to govern, and it’s absolutely unacceptable.

Leaks of classified intelligence are illegal, as defined by the Espionage Act of 1917.

There is a difference between leaks of classified intelligence and leaks of lesser things, like a reception dinner, or names that have been talked about for different positions within the White House.

We are talking about knowingly, leaking classified intelligence to embarrass the President, abolish his agenda, and to damage this White House and its ability to conduct the nation’s affairs.

  • Obama-hold-overs are also a very big problem, with many of Trump’s cabinet members not yet approved by the Senate. This is the way Washington D.C. works, slow and inefficient.
  • Democrats are obstructing simple nominees for no apparent reason.
  • The bureaucracy of the swamp has grown exponentially, especially under the last administration (when the EPA deemed a puddle as a body of water).
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  • There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a clearly defined deep state campaign to impeach President Trump, the expansion of the Russia probe is just the beginning.
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Not only is the deep state being defined by these leaks, but it is also defined by the Washington establishment, where back-scratching is the name of the game. Robert Mueller and Jim Comey are well known friends. There is a leak-campaign at the highest levels of our government to impeach the democratically-elected forty-fifth president of the United States: Donald J. Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on August fourth that the Department of Justice is ramping up its efforts to try to catch leakers and put them in prison. The Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats made it very clear that the leaking will not be tolerated, and leakers who are caught, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Attorney General Sessions also identified leakers as “criminals” which is extremely important. Sessions also said to the potential leakers: “don’t do it”. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats also made it very clear that the leakers who leak classified intelligence, will be hunted down, found, and prosecuted.

Jubilant Russians Toppling Deep State Founder Of Homeland Security In USSR ~ Felix Dzerzhinsky.

It’s about time that this happened. The campaign to crack-down on these criminals feels like it is finally going somewhere, although the Attorney General said that these cases are not easy to prosecute. It will be a difficult challenge ahead for the administration, but moles always come out from their burrows. It’s just a matter of time, and determination.

The leaking is also putting the president’s agenda in jeopardy, what if these transcripts with these world leaders were different in their classification, such as movement on North Korea or Iran? It is damaging to national security when you have these leakers spreading classified intelligence to the press for the whole world to know. It makes you wonder, what else could they leak? If they can leak private phone calls, what else can they do?

Meanwhile, the people who are really being short-changed by these illegal acts are the people who voted for the president. The goal of these leakers is to make it impossible for the Trump administration to even function. The main objective is to remove the President from office.

Many Democrats have been disturbed by the leaks, and have denounced them, except for one member of the House of Representatives (specifically), Maxine Waters, a Democrat. On “The View”, Maxine Waters encouraged the leaks, and praised the leakers.

How does someone so stupid end up in Congress?

Washington D.C. is trying to take the power away from the voters who elected President Trump.

The armies of lawyers that have been hired by Mueller is staggering. The bureaucrats believe they hold the power, they will soon be reminded that the power rests in the hands of the voter.

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D.C. thinks that Trump supporters are just going to forget about the Russia story and all the obstruction. They think we will just forget about everything that has happened up to where we are now.

Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!

WRONG! We vote.

The leaking campaign must stop, before something crucial is leaked out of the White House that is irreversible. The press is attacking Trump, and there are no signs of it stopping. The deep state is attacking him, the Democrats continue to attack him, and now members of the Republican Party are not defending him.

Leakers are playing games in the White House, and think that they are above the law. This lawlessness is endangering the Constitution, and the foundation our nation was built on.

When professional bureaucrats think they can take the law into their own hands, it is a situation that if not stopped, will lead to a Constitutional crisis.

If these leaks are not stopped, our Constitution will be subverted, and its principles will be broken. The worst thing about this scenario (should it happen) is that we won’t even know who is destroying our country.

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This is the definition of the deep state, they hide behind their security clearance, and continue to leak like a faucet.

The time has come to fire these rats, who are obviously there for themselves and their own agenda(s). YOU’RE FIRED!

The time has come for the Attorney General to pursue these criminals with every tool, and at every opportunity. It’s game over for the leakers! Lock these criminals up, and throw away the keys.

Taylor Foland is a Volunteer Coordinator for ACT For America, the nation’s largest grassroots national security group. ACT has over 750,000 members and 1,000 allied volunteers groups across America.


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