Imminent Launch Of Russia’s Silver Rouble

Russia’s Silver Rubles

This was going to be about “helicopter money” because a ton of precious metal literally fell out of a Russian plane. But now its way more than that...

Please connect the dots below, but first, please do this math:1+1+1+1=? (Answer: 4, every day of the week).

While it has been known that China and Russia are relentlessly stacking gold, a recent turn of events point to something big going on under the surface with silver.

Russia’s Silver Rubles

First the background (and the first “1” in our mathematical equation):

Two summers ago, Hugo Salinas Price gave a presentation in St Petersburg, Russia about silver.

Here’s some of what he said:

The Russian silver coin to be monetized would contain 1/2 ounce of pure silver, alloyed to .900 or .916 purity, for durability.

The silver coin would be minted and monetized in Russian roubles by the Treasury of the Russian Federation, by a monetary quote issued by the Treasury. The coin would bear no stamped monetary value.

The monetized silver coin would become a parallel currency, which would circulate in parallel with the rouble currency issued by the Russian Central Bank. The Silver Rouble coins would form part of “M-0” (“M-zero”) which is the narrowest gauge of money supply. Thus M-0 would be made up of Russian Silver Rouble coins, along with the banknotes and base-metal coins issued by the Central Bank.

For the Russian Silver Rouble coin to remain in circulation as money, and form part of M-0 indefinitely, it would be indispensable that the coin receive its monetary value in roubles by means of a “monetary quote” which would be issued by the Treasury.

This quote would be communicated to the population daily by the Media. Otherwise, a traditional stamped value on the coin in roubles would soon be surpassed by rises in the price of silver and the coin would be demonetized, as were all its predecessors in the last century.

The creation of the Silver Rouble coin would mark an important precedent, because at present, no government in the world issues currency: all governments have abdicated from that right, in favor of their respective Central Banks, each of which belongs to the world-embracing syndicate of Central Banks headed by the Federal Reserve of the USA.

The present worldwide system of Central Banking has exhausted its possibilities, as is evident in the fact that 17 countries in the world are now suffering “negative interest rates”, that is to say, interest rates below zero for large depositors in banks, which amount to a punishment on savers.

The “negative interest rate policy” is a logical aberration and serves to demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy of the world’s Central Banking System.

The economies of the world are in a slump and there is not one country in the world that is enjoying a worry-free prosperity.

It is time for a change, and the Silver Rouble coin would mark a necessary change, because:

a) The creation of the Silver Rouble coin by the Treasury of the Russian Federation would signify that Russia affirms its sovereign right to create money, a right which has been usurped by the Central Banks of the world, and

b) because its monetary value in Russian roubles would reside in the value of the silver it contains.

His whole speech can be found by following that link. I just wanted to present enough to make the point.

Seoul, South Korea
Russia’s Silver Rubles

Now on to the second “1” (1+1):

Tie Hugo’s presentation in to those sweet pics we saw of Russia’s stack, and what was there to notice?

That’s right: The Russians have been busy stacking mad amounts of silver:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s a lot of silver.

Why is Russia stacking silver?

The United States used to have a silver stack, called a “strategic stockpile”, but that has since been depleted. Yesterday in an interview with Greg Hunter, David Morgan talked a little about that.

Back on track.

Two summers ago, Hugo Salinas Price told the Russians how to introduce a Silver Rouble.

This is important to understand – not a silver-backed rouble, but an actual silver coin!

For lack of a better term since its still unofficial, we’ll call it the Russian Silver Rouble.

He told them how to make the coin, and what did he tell them? Think of our pre-1965 coinage. Hugo told the Russians to use a 90% silver alloy.

Russia’s Silver Rubles

Which brings me to the third “1” (1+1+1):

What did Half Dollar break just on Tuesday and why does it all now make sense?

Refiners are making more money by melting down U.S. 90% coinage and selling it as melt bars than selling the U.S. 90% silver coins.

Why on earth would they do that and what purpose does that serve?

Well now, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

The Russians, either directly or through some type of “agent buyer” are just being efficient and getting prepped silver bars.

Buying the melt bars instead of bags of 90% coins also serves the purpose of not having an accident which could turn into a geo-political blunder at best or a powder-keg nightmare at worse by giving the perception that the Russians are removing pre-1965 silver coinage from the United States.

If the Russian plan is to launch a Russian Silver Rouble, and if the formula for this Russian Silver Rouble launch is to use a 90% silver alloy, well heck, those melt bars are exactly what the Dr (Hugo Salinas Price) ordered!

Russia’s Silver Rubles

And this brings us to the fourth “1” (1+1+1+1):

Take a good look at this bar:

That’s not a 1000 oz .999 fine COMEX silver bar. Oh no.

That looks like a dore bar, which would be a type of crude quick cast bar of lower purity, as in perhaps a 90% melt bar from the United States?

Scroll back up and look at those silver bars in Russia’s stack – they have Russian writing on them.

That dore bar directly above, on the other hand, has what looks like an English “A” as well as some English numbers.

Now, this article was originally going to be a “Helicopter Money Russian Edition” Thursday Humor post, because a cargo plane in Russia literally dropped a bunch of gold by accident on take-off.

Here’s more from RT:

Gold bars and gems worth millions of dollars have fallen out of a plane taking off in the Russian region of Yakutia, famous for its rich natural resources and diamond deposits, local media report citing witnesses.

Photos circulating on social media appear to show gold bars wrapped in material scattered on the runway at Yakutsk Airport, in the country’s major diamond-producing region.

The precious metals fell from the Nimbus Airlines An-12 plane when its cargo hatch accidentally flew open upon takeoff, Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed on Thursday.

Here’s a picture of some of the gold that dropped upon take-off:

Yakutia, Russia Precious Metal Drop

Here’s more (red bold for emphasis) from the same RT article:

The plane was carrying more than 9 tons of “concentrate containing precious metal that belonged to the Mining and Geological Company in the neighboring Chukotka region, the committee said, without naming the metals. The ill-fated hatch fell on the local auto market, causing no injuries.

Now, anybody who reads this site knows that the “official” story most likely is not the real story.

We only get bits and pieces of information which may or may not tell the accurate, complete, or true story.

In other words, we get information dumps from time to time (pun and no pun intended) like this one which on the surface is a story about precious metals falling from a Russian plane upon take-off, but under the surface this story could be a whole lot more than that.

So let’s bring it back to our original mathematical equation: 1+1+1+1=4

What do we get when we add it up?

We get the Russian Silver Rouble!

Now I’m no mathematician, so I could be off on the calculation.

And before you say “Half Dollar, you’ve definitely fallen off your rocker now”, at least connect the dots and think about it a little before arriving at that conclusion.

After all, we keep hearing “global reset”, “monetary reset”, and “financial system reset” everywhere we turn, whether it’s from precious metals advocates, central bankers, governments, or whomever.

And then there’s that Rothschild owned 1988 Economist Magazine telling us to get ready for a world currency.


So this seems odd:

The world, especially the U.S. and the U.K., are absolutely heck-bent on either holding Russia back at best, or completely annihilating them off the face of the map at worse, which is the perfect cover as they quietly (and possibly by working together) go about their plans to launch the Russian Silver Rouble as the U.S. Dollar bursts into a ball of flames.

I have said before that the black swan everybody is looking for could actually be silver.

And after connecting these dots and doing the math on this page, especially considering the events over the last 2+ years and especially of late with the downright nasty sentiment in silver right now, it’s surely starting to look like silver is the black swan.

In summary:

If China is all about the gold, and if clues keep coming in that Russia is all about the silver, and if both are ditching the U.S. dollar because it’s going to burst into a ball of flames, and considering that Russia has been sanction bound for years anyway, well then, it is all lining up and making perfect sense.

The Russian Silver Rouble.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar

Silver Doctors

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