Deep State Muslim Brotherhood Murdered 11,000 Citizens In The Year 2012


While it is no mystery that Islamic extremists have been wreaking havoc on innocent people across the world for well over a millennium, the 2012 death toll of those claimed by its hands is still as disturbing as ever. As the world rings in 2013, the jihadist-monitoring site “The Religion of Peace” (TRP) has tallied the number of people killed in the last year by Islamists, placing the death toll at 11,267 carried out across 2,459 savage terror attacks.


Since we, in today’s day and age, have become desensitized to numbers (understandably so given the carnage taking place across the world on a daily basis), an overview of some of these horrific terror attacks places the gravitas of the matter in proper perspective. While we won’t list all 2,459 attacks here, the Religion of Peace website painstakingly took the time to chronicle each documented terror attack since 2012 commenced, including the siege on our American outpost in Benghazi that left Ambassador Chris Stevens, two Navy SEALs and another civil servant dead.

Below are several screenshots outlining a mere fraction of the online chart to provide context. You will find that these terror attacks carried out by Islamists around the world have spared no one in their bloodlust and quest for dominance. Among those targeted are children, Christian worshippers, elderly Jews, those who hail from a “rival” sects of Islam, women, teachers, Buddhists, Hindu activists and so on. Also included in the list are Israelis wounded or killed by Hamas rocket attacks and suicide bombings as well as attacks on Israeli tourists abroad.

Some have observed that the number of terror attacks actually seems low considering Islamists’ violent bent. It bears mention, however, that these are merely the documented terror-incidents of the last year. There are of course other attacks that may have gone unaccounted. Consider also that as of November 2012, over 2,256 Hamas rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza since January 2012, thus it appears TRP seems to be documenting only “successful” terror attacks. In other words, attacks that have yielded at least one killed or wounded.

Report: More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism

Report: More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism

Report: More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism

Report: More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism

Report: More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism

Report: More Than 11,000 Died in the Year 2012 at Hands of Islamic Extremism

The complete list can be viewed on TRP’s website, linked here.

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
“Mohammed is God’s apostle.  Those who follow him are harsh
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another”  Quran 48:29

2013.01.08 (Karachi, Pakistan) – A Shiite father is shot to death in front of his child by Sunnis.
2013.01.07 (Karachi, Pakistan) – Sectarian Jihadis take down a father and daughter.
2013.01.07 (Kano, Nigeria) – Boko Haram gunmen fire into a group of civilians leaving a rival mosque, killing three.
2013.01.06 (Spin Boldak, Afghanistan) – Two suicide bombers murder four other people at a community meeting.
2013.01.06 (Chiniot, Pakistan) – A Shiite child dies of injuries one week after being shot by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2013.01.06 (Narathiwat, Thailand) – A Buddhist woman dies after being shot in the neck and body by Muslim ‘insurgents’.

In more “civilized” parts of the world including Europe and North America, while blatant acts of terrorism have been curbed since the horrific 9/11 attacks that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people, Islamist-led honor killings, assaults and general harassment are still on the rise. Consider that on New Year’s eve alone, 1,193 cars were burned to a cinder by rioting Muslims in France. It has become a kind of twisted “holiday tradition” among the more extreme Islamic residents of the country.

With all the violence in 2012, one shudders to think what 2013 will hold.

The Blaze

Vlad Tepes


Music idol David Bowie broke years of silence and speculation today to release his first new single in a decade – with an album to follow.

The star, who shot to fame in the late ’60s with “Space Oddity”, surprised fans by suddenly releasing a new recording, “Where Are We Now?”, on his 66th birthday.The track appeared on iTunes at 5am with the accompanying atmospheric video premiering on his website.

I’m a big fan of David Bowie and when I watched his latest video I sensed a real emphasis in the song about a return to  the fundamentals of life. This in turn reminded me of Saint Francis’s Canticle Of The Sun, I have posted it here for you all to read.Canticle ofBrother Sun

Most High, all-powerful, all-good Lord,
All praise is Yours, all glory, honor and blessings.
To you alone, Most High, do they belong;
no mortal lips are worthy to pronounce Your Name.

 We praise You, Lord, for all Your creatures,
especially for Brother Sun,
who is the day through whom You give us light.
And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor,
of You Most High, he bears your likeness.

We praise You, Lord, for Sister Moon and the stars,
in the heavens you have made them bright, precious and fair.

We praise You, Lord, for Brothers Wind and Air,
fair and stormy, all weather’s moods,
by which You cherish all that You have made.

We praise You, Lord, for Sister Water,
so useful, humble, precious and pure.

We praise You, Lord, for Brother Fire,
through whom You light the night.
He is beautiful, playful, robust, and strong.

We praise You, Lord, for Sister Earth,
who sustains us
with her fruits, colored flowers, and herbs.

We praise You, Lord, for those who pardon,
for love of You bear sickness and trial.
Blessed are those who endure in peace,
by You Most High, they will be crowned.

We praise You, Lord, for Sister Death,
from whom no-one living can escape.
Woe to those who die in their sins!
Blessed are those that She finds doing Your Will.
No second death can do them harm.

We praise and bless You, Lord, and give You thanks,
and serve You in all humility.

–Saint Francis Of Assisi  

In the conversion of Francis Bernardone, he rebuilt the Church of San Damiano, the following link is about this conversion. The building of San Damiano was to later be the upholding of The Roman Catholic Church as a whole. He was blessed with this mission by Pope Innocent III. Saint Francis’s meeting with The Pope was a type of “attitude adjustment” message for The Roman Catholic Church.

Saint Francis San Damiano Sung By Donavon

Here is the link to the full movie above ~ of Brother Sun & Sister Moon at 1:41:42 is where Saint Francis begins his meeting with Pope Innocent III.

The Dream of Pope Innocent About Saint Francis To Rebuild The Church!

Saint Francis never made it all the way in protecting Jerusalem from the marauding Muslims. Francis was converted by God!


Another time was when Francis challenged the Muslim scholars to a test of true religion by fire; but they retreated.When Francis proposed to enter the fire first, under the condition that if he left the fire unharmed, the sultan would have to recognize Christ as the true God, the sultan (Malik al-Kamil) was so impressed that he allowed Francis to preach to his subjects.

Though Francis did not succeed in converting the sultan at that time, the last words of the sultan to Francis of Assisi were, according to Jacques De Vitre, Bishop Of Acre, in his book “Historia occidentalis, De Ordine et praedicatione Fratrum Minorum (1221)” : “Pray for me that God may deign to reveal to me that law and faith which is most pleasing to him.”.

Malik al-Kamil a Muslim General and in the year of Our Lord 1238 Died A Christian due to Saint Francis. Malik al-Kamil at the time was a very powerful adversary and also because of Saint Francis he allowed 12,000 Christian soldiers to live.


We trusted that those in Congress and in the Judiciary were working for our best interests. Some are and some are not, and we are as a whole recognizing this.

The reason we are now being attacked by the Banking Cabalists under the charade of NWO, is because they have determined The U.S. has reached its peak GDP/GNP and they need to move on. The country is being expeditiously deflated and their plans are to begin anew with empire building in China.

Julius Streicher - Publisher Of National Socialist Party's Propaganda Newspaper

You see, they believe and are trying desperately to convince us, that they control all things and it was they themselves that made America great. They are wrong and so we day by day, contend with their trumped up cultural wars by media propaganda, in their attempt to eviscerate that which made us great. When I think about what they are doing now, I remember all so well what Nuremberg did to one of Rothschild’s chief propaganda henchmen Julius Streicher.


Convict News Publishers For War Crimes?: We Did It At Nuremberg!!

Julius was in charge of misleading the people of Germany into cultural wars.

Julius Streicher (A Paper Publisher) was found guilty of crimes against humanity by lying, thus complicit with death & mayhem. He was hung!

Julius Streicher Executed By Nuremberg Trials For Crimes Against Humanity

It is 1776 all over again, but the battlefield is now different, but the foe is still the same (Rothschild banking cabal) of high taxation and serfdom.

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