The $6.3 Trillion New Taxpayer Debt For Immigration Amnesty!


Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Gang of Eight Bill, 13-to-5

The Senate Judiciary Committee completed its markup of the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill, S.744, this evening, approving the bill 13-to-5. Three Republicans, including Gang of Eight members Senators Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham along with Sen. Orrin Hatch voted with the Democratic majority. While the Committee did approve several bipartisan amendments, all amendments to increase the enforcement provisions or reduce the future flow of legal immigration were rejected.

The Gang of Eight was able to win the support of Sen. Hatch in the final hours of the markup after agreeing to accept a package of his amendments. The amendments removed many of the safeguards for American tech workers in the bill, giving tech companies more flexibility when applying for H-1B visas.

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Rothschild Stooges ~ Iowa Billboard
Rothschild Stooges ~ Iowa Billboard

In the final day, the Committee rejected an attempt from Sen. Ted Cruz that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving green cards and a number of amendments from Republicans that would have prevented amnesited illegal aliens from receiving welfare beneifts while in Registered Provisional Immigrant Status. The Gang of Eight remained unified throughout the five days of markups in defeating most amendments.

“Ironically, the only promise the sponsors of this legislation have kept is their promise to block any attempts to improve the proposal,” Sen. Jeff Sessions said. “As a result, we are left with legislation that is fundamentally unchanged and fatally flawed. It will not become law… Amendments offered by Republicans to put enforcement first were all rejected…

“A second immigration enforcement union–United States Citizenship and Immigration Services–has also come out against the bill, warning: “like the ICE Council, the USCIS Council was not consulted in the crafting of the Gang of Eight’s legislation…

“What about the promise that illegal aliens would not be eligible for federal benefits? In just the last 24 hours, this committee has rejected three amendments–including two I offered–to prevent illegal aliens from getting means-tested financial assistance.”

The bill will now move the Senate floor for debate. The timing of the floor debate and vote are still uncertain.


Senate 1

Your Rothschild Soviet Senators!

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The Con game Of The Banking Matrix.
The Con game Of The Banking Matrix.

Amnesty For 11 Million Will Increase Debt By $6.3 Trillion: Amnesty Scheme For Slavery ID Cards To Banking System ~ Amnesty For Bernie Madoff First.

Amnesty For Bernie Madoff First.


Heritage released the results of its exhaustive study of the NETCOSTS OF GIVING AMNESTY to 11 million illegal aliens.

We knew it would be big. But the total costs — AFTER subtracting every form of tax they are likely to pay over that time — are startling.

The Heritage Foundation reports that the $6.3 trillion is probably the lowest possible net cost to the federal government over the lifetimes of the amnestied illegal aliens. It could end up being much higher.

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Force Senators to Fact Facts

MANY SENATORS ARE DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO PRETEND THERE WOULD BE NO PRICE TAG FOR MAKING SOME 80 FEDERAL WELFARE PROGRAMS PLUS ALL ENTITLEMENTS AVAILABLE TO MILLIONS OF MOSTLY LOW-EDUCATION, LOW-SKILL ILLEGAL ALIENS.The Senators have heard from lots of billionaires and special-interest lobbyists who stand to make money off the cheap-labor aspect of the amnesty.Today, each Senator needs to hear from thousands of taxpayers who say NO to subsidizing that “cheap” labor with $6.3 trillion of taxpayer funds.

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Please make sure your Senators’ fax machines are full of messages of urgency to stop an amnesty that is sure to plunge the nation deeper into a debt crisis.

You can call your Senators using this toll-free number that goes to the Senate switchboard. Just ask for your Senators by name.


If you have trouble getting the Switchboard to answer your call (because of high traffic), click the red phone button above and use the Phone Note on your Action Board which has talking points and also direct numbers to your Senators’ offices in D.C. and in the state.

Rector is just now at the press conference noting that the costs are predicted primarily by the education level of the illegal aliens. The study assumes, for example, that amnestied illegal aliens with only a high school degree will have roughly the same net costs to government as American citizens with only a high school degree.

Because 75% of illegal aliens have no more than a high school degree and because the average education level of illegal aliens is 10th grade, the income levels simply won’t come close to paying taxes that are as large as the services they will receive, Rector says.

The $6.3 trillion number is so high that it may be difficult to contemplate the extraordinary magnitude of it. But it amounts to an incredible financial liability that this Congress would hang around the necks of our children and grandchildren to pay for this amnesty the rest of their lives.

Senators who support the amnesty will hide behind the trick of most of the costs of the amnesty being pushed beyond the first 10 years. They tend to talk about the first 10 years when the bill forbids use of most welfare and entitlements. In fact, Rector says, the net costs will go down to about $50 billion a year the first decade as many illegal aliens start working ON the books.

But Rector says the costs will explode around the 13th or 14th year and grow worse over the decades, especially as the amnestied illegal aliens start collecting medicare and Social Security.


Rector says he used the methodology developed by the National Academy of Sciences and that all the variable costs are pulled from official government studies.


Some critics of the Heritage numbers claim that maybe the amnestied illegal aliens will cost a lot of money but that all of their kids will make a lot more money and pay taxes to cover the costs of their parents.

Rector says he studied that and found that the children are likely to have better education and be less costly to the government. But he says all data suggests that the children of illegal aliens will also be a net cost to government over their lifetimes.

In fact, he says, if every single child of an amnestied illegal alien were to get a college degree, they wouldn’t be a cost to the government, but their net tax additions still would not come close to paying back the $6.3 trillion price tag for their parents.